About Me

I am a married, stay-at-home-mum with a teenage son living in Dublin, Ireland. Muddling my way through a midlife rich with possibilities, as my teenager blossoms and grows.

 I have been blogging for over 7 years now, honing my learned skills 'on the job' as I go. The best way! I blog about life as I see it, about parenting a man-child and about my varied personal interests. Such as dancing and musical theatre, knitting and crochet, holidays and trips and Netflix. And I have been known to get on my soapbox from time to time, to opine about issues I feel strongly about.

An eclectic, hotch-potch mix and I do attempt to serve all my rambling ruminations with a side of humour!

I am also open to doing reviews on products that interest me.

Your visits and comments are always welcome.

Thank you.