Reasons to be Cheerful - Thinking Positively

Although I do like to have lazy days scheduled - or to occur organically, for any and no reason except I declare them so - in my life I do tend to be kept busy most days. Immersing myself in fun (to me) activities, projects and days out with my teenager. However, for the past week I have had some downtime enforced upon me. This saw me dozing on the sofa, after morning lie-ins, any chance I got - after all absolutely 'must-do' jobs were completed of course. I was sick you see. And sick mums don't get to take to their sick beds! It was a chest infection, that re-ignited my dreaded and incessant asthmatic cough from hell. Which I believe also led to a very painful toothache.... all that bone-rattling, body-heaving coughing I reckon! Which made taking my inhaler and a dentist trip quite impossible. Oh, I was quite the disaster zone.

Yet this brings me to my reasons to be cheerful this week.

Yes, being unwell gave me reasons to be cheerful!

Let's see now....

Well, first of all I got to relieve myself of even the tiniest hint of any guilty feelings for taking it easy and letting the housework completely slide. Rather than my usual pretend house cleaning attempts. I am a total convert to the proverbial cat's lick school of housework you know!

Although I did have to make some necessary and very quick trips; like the quickest ever school uniform purchasing trip and an emergency computer shop dash to replace a vital component that 'we' simply could not function without, I did delegate some other jobs. Says she rubbing her hands in glee!

See, when you're lying around you tend to notice more about unclean counters, floors and such like. And teenagers who like to get pocket money can't get it for free, right? Therefore the hoovering got done. The whole house this time. It's a pity that ironing is such a sedentary job isn't it? Then again, it is a skill that all teenage boys should learn. I will add it to my list. His future wife will thank me!

Cookies were also made and pasta sauce for dinner prepared, with minimal instructions from me. While I lay relaxing on the sofa like a present-day Cleopatra. Coughing relentlessly and working my way through endless packs of tissues though, as opposed to being fanned and fed grapes and such frippery. For that is what it felt like, getting out of some cooking duties! What's rare is wonderful, as they say.

While I do so enjoy lazy days and doing nothing I can never quite sit there, and do nothing. Therefore I am reading with such voracity that I am flying through a box of books loaned to me by a good friend, and I got a brilliant start on my new crochet project. Complete with the assistance of the ever helpful and curious Pretty Cat...

I also got to watch a lot of very bad and old style detective-like TV programmes. Yeah, I was like a veritable Ms Marple character, crocheting away while watching Miss Marple style TV. In my defense though let me just re-iterate....... I was SICK! There, that redeems me, right??!

Ironically, being inactive meant I had more time to be more socially active by chatting and engaging on social media. I even got two blog posts done this week. That's quite impressive, considering I've been averaging two per month since last April. I'm just so glad that I managed to squeeze in my Day in Court before I became unwell. It would have disappointed me so if I'd had to cancel.

Things slowly improved, on the infection front and I made an attempted escape from cabin fever by braving a ten minute walk to the beach earlier this week. Slowly, coughing and spluttering my way back home again. Oh but the sea view was so good for the soul, making it so very worthwhile.

Feeling even stronger I also braved a dance class later in the week, which in hindsight was probably not the best idea I've ever had, but.... I just couldn't resist!

Unfortunately the cough from hell persists but new medication is now in place and I will be back fighting fit, soon. Hopefully! Before all this bad TV gives me unwarranted ideas of becoming an armchair sleuth on a professional basis!

At least I have lots of fairly sedentary activities to keep me occupied, interspersed with not so sedentary ones. Well, I do have a teenager wanting to squeeze in some activities before the new school year begins, imminently!

And at least I still have an excuse to get more teenage hoovering done. And ironing ;)

That's quite a lot of reasons to be cheerful this week so I'm linking this up with this week's #R2BC over at Lakes Single Mum.


  1. So sorry you're not well, but I do hope that the delegation continues. As you say, teenagers need to learn independence skills! Get better soon xx

    1. @OftenCalledCathy: Thanks, absolutely! This is a great excuse to try to continue it. Espcially if he wants his pocket money :( xx

  2. Enjoy them stepping up to the plate! Make the most of the enforced rest and hope you are better soon x

    1. @Becky Willoughby: Thanks, I'll make the most of it as much as I can and when I can. Really enjoyed taking part this wee. Quite therapeutic :-) x

  3. Sorry you're poorly, but glad it's been a pretty positive week anyway!

  4. @Olivia Bushnell:Thanks and yes, quite a positive week considering. Thanks for visiting and commenting :-)

  5. Apart from the cough that sounds like a great week. I'll have to order one of those for when work gets overwhelming - just enough sickness to be able to read and watch tv but not enough to have to stay in bed all day. Perfect. Wish you better though, because one week of that is enough.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Yes that's it ...apart from the cough. Order anything that warrants a break but doesn't include the cough!! Heading into week 3 now and although the steroids have reduced the voracity a persistent and irritating cough (for me to do and others to listen to) is RELENTLESS! I'm thinking of 'ordering flu....or pneumonia next time.

  6. I am sorry that you have been sick, mind you, I am quite envious of all that blobbing time. So lovely to see that you are now writing on a more regular basis. xx

  7. @Bright Side of Life: Yes, I have enjoyed the lolling around part! The house does need some serious cleaning though. No reason not to continue the delegation of duties though, eh ;)
    You know, it feels good to be back writing. Thanks for that :-) xx


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