Netflix Nights: Bumper Catch-Up and a Sad Farewell.....

I have been remiss of late on all things blogging, but particularly with regard to my Netflix favourites and responsibilities. Life got in the way you see, and my blogging mojo went astray for a bit. So let me try to remedy that now and share with you some of the shows this midlife blogger and her teenager have been watching recently.

In the past few months here are some of the shows I have watched:


Eight seasons of legal wrangling, peppered with the usual hard-to-believable *shock* plot lines that makes these TV series SO watchable; and hook you right in from the very first episode. Oh, and there are some very funny one-liners here too. I loved this series and enjoyed most of the characters. I was particularly, and regularly, 'Litt Up' by Louis Litt. Brilliant character with fantastic facial expressions and delivery, with the best one liners of all! He even has own facebook quotes page too, for heaven's sake!


I really enjoyed this thriller/drama show about a well-heeled family and their ever-growing secrets. More suspension of belief required to enjoy this show, but that's how these shows go. The backstory is drip fed via the medium of flashbacks. From different and ever-varying perspectives, right from the first episode of Season 1 to the last of Season 2, making it highly addictive. I was late to this series, as I am to most Netflix shows, but got to watch one season right after the other which was actually perfect timing. The Season 3 release date is apparently in 2017. I can't wait...


Oh, how can one not be bowled over by this extremely funny, engaging and experienced septuagenarian lead cast! The younger cast members certainly add so much to this series too of course, and are a perfect foil to their elder's follies. And such follies for this famous female pairing! Who look scarily well for their ages, it must be said. Work has to have been performed of course, but I do not dwell on that - not for a moment. I was thoroughly entertained by Season 2, finishing it in just one week. Even re-watching some episodes to catch the one-liners again, just one more time! So amusing but the episodes are way too short.... or perhaps that's what makes this work so well? Mortality and age-related issues are not ignored here, and there is such hilarious talk of palm oil, Yam Lube, vaginas etc; etc,. Oh, and the season ends with the announcement of a very astute business plan from these two ladies. Borne out of frustration, 'necessity' and plain elderly wiliness, no doubt! Oh, do bring on Season 3. As soon as possible, please!


Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore the detective, thriller, legal and CSI aspects of the psychological thriller 'whodunnit' genre. I have watched most of them, including some really old ones but I do quite enjoy the newer ones, which can have very interesting twists. I also very much enjoy foreign crime productions; even those that are subtitled.

I have only watched three or four episodes of Season 1 of this show and although set in the UK the show originates in France. It involves two brothers, with dark childhood pasts, who re-unite after some years apart .... and definitely has a twist or two in it's telling. It's from a completely different angle than any of the above-mentioned aspects of shows from this genre. Told from the perspective of the guy, and his firm, who are the professional crime scene clean up merchants; after all the detectives and CSI crowds have departed. Leaving the scenes 'spotless', as it were. It's quite brutal at times - I have watched some scenes from behind a cushion - and is offset with some dark humour. All I'll mention for now is a camper van has been driven from France, with a dead body - in the refridgerator! And so the story unfolds. With no subtitles. Definitely worth watching.

My teenager's summer watching has included the following:


I don't claim to know anything about this show, it really does not interest me at all but the teenager seems to enjoy it. There are seven seasons and he has only watched some of it so far. Here's the blurb:

'After seizing control of its town, gun-running motorcycle club the Sons of Anarchy soon butts heads with rival bikers, racist groups and the law. In Central California's most notorious biker brotherhood, the rules are simple: you live and die for The Club.'

It's rated 15s and to date the teenager remains polite to his elders (mostly) and kind to animals, small children, plants and insects. 'Nuff said. And it's good for him to have some TV time to himself at this stage.

Together we have enjoyed watching the following:


We've started watching Season 2 and we are quite enjoying the continued journey of Marco Polo's experiences in China. Personally speaking though I still find it hard to keep up with the story lines. Particularly since it moves from province to province and I can never quite figure out which sector is which. This is not a subtitled show and I feel that all the character's integrity  are  possibly diminished by the casting? There doesn't seem to be any ethnic or accent consistency. Or perhaps that's just me? The boy quite likes it and it is very well made! And I do enjoy watching it with him.


We finally got to check out a couple of movies and comedies are always our first, shared preference. The interest in this one, I think, was because his friends watched it. It really is quite a funny, feel-good movie and we had such a good laugh watching it. It's basically about a chef who leaves his dream restaurant job because he gets devoured, as it were,  by a food blogger's review. A food blogger that 'sold their blog to AOL for $10 million'..... imagine that! So chef takes to the road with his foodie dream and his son, plus some others, and hilarity and social media engagement ensues. I mean, a movie about food and social media? Totally works for me. And I want the soundtrack!


This is a totally wacky movie. Ridiculously funny. If you like slapstick humour reminiscent of the 'Airplane' and 'Anchor Man' type movies then you should enjoy this. We both so love the belly laughs that these silly movies provoke! You know, when you can see the hammy lines coming a mile away and you're guffawing before they're even uttered! A perfect parent/older teenager movie. Loved it!

So there you have it, a mere flavour of the many Netflix shows that have recently engaged us....

However there are more, many more shows that we want to watch.

We both want to finish the series we've started above for starters, and I anxiously await the release of the next seasons of my favourite shows. Like 'Bloodline', 'Grace and Frankie', 'House of Cards' , 'Narcos' and..... 'Making a Murderer'! For example.

New shows are constantly being released and I have yet to see 'Stranger Things' and 'The Get Down'. And you'd want to see the list of imminent Autumn Netflix releases.

There is clearly so much more Netflix viewing to be done, but sadly I have run out of Netflix viewing time :(

I cannot believe that my year of fun viewing has come to an end, but it has. We are both disappointed..... needless to say! We have enjoyed it so much.

Thank you for the TV joy Netflix.

It has, typically as these things do, ended just when I need it most! What with being unwell at the moment and on steroids - which will see me awake for most of the night every night, for the next wee while.

I am now on the hunt for a six month Netflix membership card I won in a goodie bag before, and was sure was somewhere in the house.

Somewhere 'safe' no doubt, never to be seen again.

I must find a solution soon though, in the interests of saving my sanity from my current fare of bad TV!

I mean seriously, a regular evening TV diet of Miss Marple Murder She Wrote in Midsommer Murders with Law and Order is one thing, but in the early hours of a lonely night I'm being subjected to .... wait for it.... 'The Waltons' and 'Little House on the Prairie'!!

I clearly need a survival plan here!

DISCLAIMERAs a member of the worldwide #Netflix #StreamTeam I received a years subscription and an Apple TV device in exchange for some reviews. All opinions, thoughts and words are honest and mine alone. 


  1. I must check out spotless. It sounds right up my street. And I do hope you find your six month subs card.

    1. @Muuka G: Oh do check it out, I think it's very good. I hope I find that card too... before I totally lose my mind!

  2. I really hope you find that subs card, Netflix is so handy when you are under the weather or just need to relax in your own time. But please don't scare us with headline like "A sad farewell"!! I thought it was something else entirely! xx


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