Reasons to be Cheerful : Holiday Return Delights #R2BC

I cannot tell you how many weeks I have promised myself - and others - that this was the week I would list the moments that brought some joy into my life.

I am very lucky, every week there's lots of little things to make me smile, and sometimes there are some big things too. Finding the time to blog has been a tad challenging though!

However it seems that this really is the week I'm going to do a 'Reasons to be Cheerful' post. Well, the week I'm going to start one at least -  on screen as opposed to just in my head. For a change.

Let's see how that goes then ....

Right so, I'll  kick this off with the really big thing. Which may also explain yet another one of my many blogging absences of late.

We've just returned from a family holiday in Portugal! That's a good start, right?! It was really lovely; a heady mix  of sun lounging, rest, relaxation and busy sight-seeing days. With wine liberally flowing in between, naturally. I hope to share more of this trip with you soon.

But the best part of this holiday? Apart from the many beautiful sights to behold? The one thing that put a really big grin on my mush?

Why, the fact that our 16 year old son still wants to holiday with his Jurassic parents, of course.

Well, this year at least.

Being treated to a marvelous welcome home from our Pretty Cat at 3 am this morning is definitely next on this week's list. Our feminine feline who seemed surprisingly unmiffed to have been 'abandoned' by her humans. She had of course been well fed in our absence and had a nice, warm, safe place to sleep, surrounded by all her favourite things.

But her humans are back! She seems reluctant to let us out of her sight today I must say. Reacquainting herself with all her favourite haunts in the house and snuggling down near wherever we happened to be.

Or maybe that's just where I happened to be? More specifically where I, the 'feeding person' ..... who happened to be in the kitchen .... a lot ..... making food!

                                                   You all owe me. Big time.....

In the realm of cheerfulness it's sometimes the most simple, delightful moments that can impact as massively as some big life events. Well, almost!

To open one's bedroom door for example - after a long day of travelling, culminating in a disconcerting landing in dense fog, followed by an even more disconcerting drive home in said fog - and being greeted by the freshly dressed bed, that you thank the Lord you had the foresight to do before you left, is one such moment I can tell you!

And as any Irish person will tell you, it's the first sip of that amber brew after a holiday abroad that brings such joy! Liquid gold. Honestly, two Liptons teabags abroad simply cannot replace the divine deliciousness of one Barry's Gold Blend bag at home. Left to infuse, just so. Not in my mind any way!


And would you look at that. No, not at the fabulous brew above.... although you may covet one just like it if you wish! I mean, look at what I've just done.

I've completed a blog post. And it's a 'Reasons to be Cheerful' one to boot.

Just like that. Before I even knew it.

And that right there is my final happy  moment for this week!

I am thrilled to finally live up to my promise to have a post to link up this week's 'Reasons to Be Cheerful' being hosted over at Lakes Single Mum. Pop over to have a look, or even to join in if you like.

Here's to finding as many reasons to be cheerful as we can, no matter what our days bring, in the week(s) ahead.


  1. Yay glad you made it! Sounds a lovely break and you've come back all refreshed. I agree making your bed fresh to come back to is a huge plus. Thanks for joining us

    1. @Becky Willoughby: It's always a pleasure to join in Becky! Such a positive, affirmative linky :-) xx

  2. Looking forward to hearing more about your fabulous holiday. I also related to the freshly made bed waiting for your return. I also have to leave the apartment spotless - nothing worse than coming home to a messy or dirty home after a relaxing holiday.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Oh yes, me too! I rushed around like a mad thing before we left so that we good be greeted with clean floors, counter tops, beds and no mess. Musty smell disappears pretty soon! xx

    2. @Midlife Singlemum: Oh yes, me too! I rushed around like a mad thing before we left so that we good be greeted with clean floors, counter tops, beds and no mess. Musty smell disappears pretty soon! xx

  3. Yay, well done. Good to hear that even when you are not writing an R2BC post you are thinking up the reasons in your head. Portugal sounds great and I can't wait to get away this year. Can also relate to the joy of fresh bedding! lol Mich x

    1. @Michelle Twin Mum: Pesky life getting in the way of my blogging again! Hope you get to have a really nice holiday this year. xx

  4. A lovely post and it sounds like a wonderful holiday and a joyful homecoming too: hopefully there will be plenty more reasons to be cheerful posts soon xx

  5. @Looking for Blue Sky: Thanks. I'm hoping there'll be ANY kind of blog post from me soon! I must not lose this momentum! xx

  6. LOVED this post V. Sounds like a truly wonderful holiday, and I agree with you on the bed linen thing, that is such a treat. I miss my own bed when I am travelling! :D x


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