All Abuzz at Drone Expo Ireland 2016

It's been two weeks since this midlife, stay-at-home-mum/blogger was plucked from the comfort of a lazy Sunday afternoon in her own home, and deposited at this techie event in the RDS, Dublin.

Well I thought it was something that was bound to be of interest to my techie teenager you see, and we'd all do absolutely anything to get them out and about. Right?

Besides, they were bound to have a coffee dock/tea station where I could base myself - content with cuppa, book and phone - while my son went to explore all things drone-like. Weren't they?

At least that was the vague plan I had in mind.

But there was - if you'll pardon the pun - a distinct buzz in the air as soon as we arrived at this event. Which enticed me to have a quick glance around first, before I settled into a quiet little corner.

The first thing we saw, and heard, was a small drone in flight. In demonstration of it's tininess and durability.... and it's puchasability too. Naturally since tempting children, teenagers and techie adults to part with their dosh was the sole purpose! It was quite cool though.....