Mother's Mutual Appreciation Day.......

Mother's Day dawned just as any other here. A quick 'good morning' being the only greeting. Just another day. Nothing to see here. Move along please.....

Even though it was Sunday an early school drop-off needed doing, for musical rehearsals, so I just did it.

I'm a mother, this is what I do. It's my job to do the little things. To care, to nurture. As best I can. The same as all mothers, before us and to come, the whole world over. Every day of the year.

And I usually get a 'thanks' for these little things too. Most days.

I don't really need Mother's Day for that.

Some mothers get smothered with cards, gifts and affection on this day. And some do not.

Some mothers have lost their own mothers so this day can be difficult for them.

Some mothers don't like this day at all and insist on 'no fuss' being made. For the record, I am not one of these!

Some elderly mothers are in nursing homes and get no visitors, let alone cards and gifts, on this day. As was evident by the cards bought and strewn over beds in our nursing home. Lest anyone felt left out. Such a lovely gesture I thought. 

And all of this really makes me dislike Mother's Day.

The commercialism of it puts pressure on and makes some mothers feel left out.

Just another Hallmark Day on the calendar.

Yet it is nice for children to be taught - yes, 'taught' - to appreciate their mums, even just a little. And their dads on Father's Day too. It is good for them to know that a whole universe exists in which they are not the centre piece!

But there is no need for any of this pressure.

Although a card would be nice I don't need all of this to feel loved. I can get (or rob!) a hug any time I want. Any day of the year.

I was pretty much ready to cancel this and all future Mother's Days from the calendar though.

But the day was to improve....

I was grateful for my early start this morning, for it facilitated me in making an early visit to my own mother. I'm lucky to still have her, for however long we will be allowed this honour. Being present yet absent is always a feature so visits can be fraught with competing emotions and confusion.

In I went armed with little gifts for her and my usual compartmentalised facade firmly in place.

But I needn't have worried.

Today was a wonderful, happy and relatively lucid day.

It was a day of mutual appreciation of one another.

A day of 'thank yous' and smiles.

A day of wishing each other 'Happy Mother's Day'. Repeatedly!!

It was unexpected and delightful.

On this Mother's Day it was as equally fulfilling and important being a daughter, as it was being a mother.....

So, maybe I won't cancel Mother's Day after all.

Maybe I'll just re-name it 'Mother's Mutual Appreciation Day'.

We can all appreciate each other, and be conscious of mums who don't get made a fuss off.

Of course if the children and teenagers want to join in, well and good. But no big deal if they don't.

Besides, I hear there is a card. In his room. And dinner awaits in the local public house!

However your day went on this Mothering Sunday I do hope you made it a good one ;-)


  1. It would be lovely if mother's day was more inclusive, wouldn't it? Mothers appreciating each other is definitely the way to go and glad your day worked out well in the end xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: Yes, it would. Thanks, so am I. Relieved if I'm honest! Hope your day went ok too :) xx

  2. Happy Mother's Day Val

    1. Thanks Sinead, and you too! Hope you had a lovely day :) xx

  3. We never kept Mothers' Day even when I was growing up and here it's been changed to Family Day (and it was a few weeks ago). I actually got a bit tired of all the outpourings of thanks and love on facebook - can't they just tell each other? I also feel it's a shame that we've lost touch with the history of Mothering Sunday. No one even knows what that is anymore.
    I love the photo of you and your Mum. I'm so glad you had a great visit. Happy Mothers' Day xxx

  4. @Midlife Singlemum: 'Family Day'..... I like that! And yes, I get a bit tired of that too. Maybe next year I'll just stay off social media. If I've nothing to say. Yesterday was such a lovely visit that I had to 'record' it. We don't know how many more of them we have, each special occasion we get seems 'borrowed'.
    Thanks for your Mother's Day wishes (same to you in spirit) and for your lovely comment :) xxx

  5. I wrote this as yesterday was such a special visit and I wanted to remember it, in years to come. And to recall at a glance the memory that this photo evokes. Thanks for the comments here and for the appreciation shown on my facebook and twitter pages. Unexpected but much appreciated :) xx

  6. Ohh that is lovely, how fab that you could boost each other. You are right there is far too much pressure for it all to be fabulous, I posted on INstagram that day that we all must remember how valid, loved and worthwhile we are whether our kids gave us a big card and flowers or not. Mich x


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