If I Had an Attic.....

Ever since I was a teenager I've always wanted a proper attic. You know, one that could be converted?

You see, when we were growing up I had two cousins who's parents had converted their attics for them.

I thought they were simply the coolest bedrooms ever. One even had a built-in shower, for heaven's sake. And this was before the phrase 'ensuite bathroom' became the norm for an ordinary bedroom!

However it wasn't to be. There were enough bedrooms in our house for our little family, so no need for such expenditure. I was told. On the many occasions that I begged asked.

Fast forward a decade or three and I now have my own little house, and my own little family.

I love our little semi-d house and the lovely area in which we are so blessed to live.

We live beside the sea, you see. Although I can't see the sea from my house. If you see what I mean?!

And our attic is tiny, with a very low pitch. Not possible to convert at all. I was told. On the many occasions that I begged asked.

A few years ago however, as our son was growing older, we reckoned a little extra space would be nice. So I agreed to sacrifice some of my beloved sun-trap of a back garden for a substantial one-story extension.

I truly adore this extra room. It has a pitched roof and four windows from the company Velux, which allows this room to always fill with light. Even on a dark, dreary day.

I love nothing more than to lie on my sofa and watch the world of sky pass by these windows. Even
the rain pattering against them is lovely to watch, and strangely comforting to the ear.

However the most beautiful sight of all has to be in the dead of night. All about is eerily quiet and a full moon shines brightly in the clear night sky above.

I could honestly sit for hours just watching the pools of silvery light shimmering through our windows from Velux, landing gracefully onto our wooden floors below.

It is truly magical.

Now, imagine we had an attic that we could convert and install some similar windows? However I'd put blinds from the company Velux on these ones, so one could sleep.

The moon would glimmer so, and I swear I'd be able to see the sea from up there.......

Yes, I know we don't actually need the extra space. But I'm sure it could be put to good use.

No doubt the teenager would command it. It could be his sky room equivalent of the American basement teen den. I immediately picture a wall-to-wall bank of computer monitors and some gaming chairs. A squidgy, comfy sofa and a mini-fridge filled with cold (soft!) drinks and treats. A 'Gaming Room' - as opposed to a 'Games Room'. It would be a techie-teen-man-cave of a room, that he and his pals could retreat to.

Heavenly, silvery pools of magical moonlight would be totally wasted on them! Although a telescope might prove popular? For about five minutes!

And when the teenager grows up and moves out - after I'm done sobbing my heart out - I would swiftly reclaim it as my own!

Oh yes, I can see it now.

The squidgy sofa and mini-fridge wine-chiller could stay, and the banks of computer monitors would be replaced with cubed shelving, in which my wool stash would be stored.

I could sit knitting and crocheting to my heart's content, with the odd glass of wine by my side. From this closer perspective I could watch my world of sky pass by and marvel at the shimmering moon, whenever I felt like it.

I can but dream!

This is a sponsored post and I received payment for writing it. The story and words within though are mine and remain true to me, and to you my reader. 


  1. If I had an attic (altogether now) I'd be attic in the morning, I'd be attic in the evening, all over this land. :)

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Exactly! You got it ;) We are so on the same wavelength....... :D

  2. Sounds wonderful, but my burning question is.... would you be able to see the sea from the Velux windows in the attic? xx

  3. @Looking for Blue Sky: Well, as I say '....I swear I'd be able to see the sea from there.....' but I guess we'll never know as an attic conversion is sadly not possible. I really do want one you know, especially now after writing this! xx


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