Easter Sunday Centenary Parade:1916/2016

This Easter Sunday dawned much like most others in bygone years, and eras. Lovely sunshine infused with the coldness of a fresh spring-time air.

Yet this Easter Sunday in Ireland was very different to most. It was one hundred years ago to the time of year - given that Easter falls on different dates each year - that a band of patriotic Irish men and women took up arms and a strong stance against British rule. And they stormed the G.P.O. (General Post Office) in O'Connell Street, Dublin's main and very beautiful thoroughfare; known as Sackville Street back then. And so the Easter Rising 1916 began. Note: The 1916 Rising was planned for Easter Sunday but due to the capturing of arms en route from Germany it was cancelled, a decision was then taken to go ahead on Easter Monday, the actual date being April 24th 1916. There will be more commemorations on that date.

Home Alone and Happy Thoughts on St Patrick's Day #R2BC

In many ways my St Patrick's Day started off like most other days of the week. Well, maybe more like a weekend day that's been plonked in the middle of the week. Which it was. And thankfully it was without the early morning alarm. From my phone that is. My internal body clock early morning alarm is a whole other story!

It turned out to be a good peaceful day all round, but it was to differ from previous years. I had no idea how it was going to go though; or who would be doing what, and where, and when.

It started with..........

The Beach Walk

An almost deserted beach with the tide out is very much a rarity around here, so I take it as a wonderfully positive omen that I happened upon just that yesterday morning, of all days.

February Musical Theatre Treats.........

Anyone who knows me knows that dancing and musical theatre are integral parts of my DNA. I also love blogging, so I thought I might try to combine these interests a little; to carve out a little niche here to share the enjoyment of the shows I have the pleasure in attending. These will be honest and supportive reviews from me, with no mean-spirited utterances! The years may have made a picky attendee of me but I am also very easily entertained, and I always appreciate the massive efforts that Musical Societies put into their productions. 

February to April/May is one of the amateur musical seasons here - and I use the term 'amateur' very loosely - so I'll hopefully be a little busy being entertained in the coming weeks! I particularly appreciate amateur groups who bring whole communities of like-minded people together, and I consider them equally as important as sporting groups for the team spirit and self-esteem virtues they promote.

A little late I know but here's what entertained me in February:

Mother's Mutual Appreciation Day.......

Mother's Day dawned just as any other here. A quick 'good morning' being the only greeting. Just another day. Nothing to see here. Move along please.....

Even though it was Sunday an early school drop-off needed doing, for musical rehearsals, so I just did it.

I'm a mother, this is what I do. It's my job to do the little things. To care, to nurture. As best I can. The same as all mothers, before us and to come, the whole world over. Every day of the year.

And I usually get a 'thanks' for these little things too. Most days.

I don't really need Mother's Day for that.

If I Had an Attic.....

Ever since I was a teenager I've always wanted a proper attic. You know, one that could be converted?

You see, when we were growing up I had two cousins who's parents had converted their attics for them.

I thought they were simply the coolest bedrooms ever. One even had a built-in shower, for heaven's sake. And this was before the phrase 'ensuite bathroom' became the norm for an ordinary bedroom!

However it wasn't to be. There were enough bedrooms in our house for our little family, so no need for such expenditure. I was told. On the many occasions that I begged asked.

Fast forward a decade or three and I now have my own little house, and my own little family.

I love our little semi-d house and the lovely area in which we are so blessed to live.

We live beside the sea, you see. Although I can't see the sea from my house. If you see what I mean?!

And our attic is tiny, with a very low pitch. Not possible to convert at all. I was told. On the many occasions that I begged asked.