The Great Valentine's #NetflixNightIn Hijack.....

So, Valentine's Day is almost upon us and I wonder, do you have any plans on how to spend this most romantic night?

Perhaps you plan on a lovely, romantic night out?

Or maybe a romantic night-in - all loved up on the couch, children all tucked in and a bottle of wine or bubbly at the ready is for you. Or perhaps it's a girly night-in with girl-friends, or mother and daughter(s), watching some fun romantic-comedy or other. Or maybe you plan on a whole family ensemble gathering!

Whatever your preference the Netflix people have put together some romantic viewing suggestions for that cosy night-in! Delights such as these:

There's also Chocolat (a favourite of mine) The Apartment (with the formidable Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine), Boy Meets Girl (a transgender love story) and Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List ( a similar love story). There's even family favourites to watch like Enchanted, Spice World (available from 10th February and is going on my list..... shhh, don't tell!) Noah and Muppets Most Wanted. Something for everyone this weekend on Netflix.  I may never leave the house.....

In that regard, and as a special Valentine's treat, us streamteamers received  a lovely Netflix Goody Box this week. Containing such necessary delights as popcorn, chocolate, special teapig tea temples and a very large one-size-fits-many, super-snuggly, Netflix blanket. Just add a bottle of bubbly and enjoy!

And I would, if I could. I would also try to join in with the #NetflixNightIn challenge that we've been presented with: photographic evidence of how many family members and friends can fit under said one-size-fits-many, super-snuggly, blanket.

However I have a little problem with this challenge, apart from being a very small family of three.

You see a certain furry family member has taken a bit of a shine to this gift.

A little unsure she sidled alongside.......

She then bravely tested it out - curiosity getting the better of her and all .....

Then promptly moved in! For good!

So you see, our Netflix super-snuggly blanket, and of course the box it came in, has been hijacked!!

All the same though, as my good friend 'C' puts it: it was very thoughtful of Netflix to send our Pretty Cat a bed for Valentine's Day now, wasn't it?

And no, she's not sharing. With anyone!

So it looks like I'll be leaving the house on Valentine's Night after all.

Well, what else is  a Valentine Birthday girl  to do? ;-)

 DISCLAIMERAs a member of the worldwide #Netflix #StreamTeam I received a years subscription and an Apple TV device in exchange for some reviews. All opinions, thoughts and words are honest and mine alone. 
Netflix images above appear courtesy and with kind permission of Netflix.


  1. I never did come up with a word for 2016 but I do have some 'intentions' and one of them is to watch more films.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Well, intentions are good to.... once we don't put ourselves under too much pressure to achieve. Life is too short for that! And I too want to watch more films.

  2. It looks like a very comfy bed too! Enjoy your Valentine's night out :) xx

  3. @Looking for Blue Sky: She certainly seems to think so! Thanks :) xx

  4. That cat is adorable. How could you go out for the night and leave her? ;) xx

  5. Replies
    1. @Bright Side of Life: Very easily as it happens! But yes, she is very adorable, and pretty. Thanks, so glad you like the new look :) xx


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