*Out of Service*

After much aforethought and ado about all sorts, this blog is now going: 'Out of Service'.

For a bit of a much-needed over-haul and some prettying TLC, as I reckon it is long overdue. One might even call it a 7 year blogging itch..... given that I'm into my 8th year of blogging.

Wow, hard to believe. I will have to keep re-reading that last sentence......

But this break-in-service is just for a short - I hope - duration, you'll be glad, or sorry - I hope not! - to hear.

Although that very much depends on on my very haphazard techie skills.

The plan is that a bright, shiny and....ummm..... 'vibrant'?!... 'new' blogging me, with all it's 'accessories', will re-open soon in this very space.

Or the past 7 blogging years will simply disappear into the ether.....

I'll take my leave now, off to study my many online 'how-to-do-a-blog-over-without-losing-EVERYTHING' 'manuals'.

And I very much hope to....

So, stay tuned now, ok?!

Just don't hold hold your breath, I could be a while!

And please...... wish me some much- needed luck!


  1. I got a fright there for a minute - before I read the next sentence after 'out of service'. Good luck! I look forward to seeing the Vibrant you back again soon. xxx

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Sorry if I gave you a fright and thanks for the good luck wishes! Even after 7 years of blogging I 'm not quite ready to give up just yet...... xx

  2. Good luck with this: I can't wait to see the makeover xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: Thanks. It was your makeover that inspired me to do do something about mine :) xx


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