Insomniac Maniac

                Another night spent in hopeless pursuit of sleep.

                Going to bed with eyes barely open, does not some slumber guarantee.

                And yet again some musical chairs with beds and sofas is in store.

                Desperately Seeking the magic place where my mind and body might finally succumb.

                And wondering why I even bother.

                Tossing and turning, mind churning.

                Pages turned, a book completed.

                Problems solved and thoughts sifted.

                Wishing there was a proper 'App for that'.

                And lying frustrated with all the efforts.

                Cursing all and sundry.

                A house full of sleeping man and man-child.

                A Pretty Cat, and some fishes too.

                How very dare they?

                To sleep so, when I cannot?

                Awake so long now that hunger beckons - a fast is early broken.

               'Tea and toast' being this insomniac's middle-of-the-night feast (it could be worse!)

                Cursing too the menopause and it's raging hormones.

                Dipping and rising unforewarned, whenever they damn well please.

                Causing mayhem with sleep and body temperatures.

                Resistant to everything I toss at them.
                How very dare they too?

                Well, damn them all.

                A mere two hours of sleep was yet again snatched pre-alarm.

                And the recent midterm school break took away my gym time.

                Insomnia and the menopause will not do likewise.

                I forbid it.

                I will stomp that treadmill and swim those lengths.

                I will languish in the Jacuzzi and laze in the Steam Room.

                A second breakfast of porridge and Red Bull may be required.

                And I'll have a trowel with that foundation please.

                Plenty of time to sleep later after all.

                If sleep so chooses to visit.

                Tonight though it may receive some medical assistance!



Note: Written in desperation and as a release. That's what blogging is for, right?!


  1. Insomnia is frustrating and can be anxiety filled if you have a busy day ahead of you that you need to be awake and refreshed for. I've heard it said that if you can't sleep you should get up and do some work or whatever jobs you need to do (as long as it's quiet enough not to wake the others obviously). You can't make yourself sleep but at least you won't have wasted the time and you can maybe grab an hour's kip the next day without guilt.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Yes to the getting up; hence my game of musical beds and sofas....and a middle of the night feast and blog post! I've also been known to iron, and watch TV/Netflix. It's important not to do too much though; so as not to wake yourself up too much.

      It's also important not to take too long a nap during the day, especially with ongoing insomnia (like mine) as that will mess up your body clock entirely.

      And yes anxiety can cause insomnia. Menopausal hormonal surges can exacerbate anxiety and therefore insomnia, or cause insomnia all by themselves. I believe a stray pimple was the menopausal hormonal warning that heralded this particularly bad onslaught!

      There is NO winning this battle methinks!

    2. You have obviously studied this far more than I have. Good ponts about napping in the day setting you up for another sleepless night. My advice was all based on theory a insomnia is not one of my afflictions.... yet.

    3. @Midlife Singlemum: Oh your advice is good. And that's where I started too. When it doesn't work is when the need for further research is necessary! I have intended writing about this for so long now, haven't the energy to be honest. This was the only way I could do it! Thanks fr taking the time to discuss :) xx

  2. That level of insomnia sounds absolutely intolerable, I can imagine that you must think about little else at times. I hope tonight is better - even if you do need a bit of medical assistance xx

  3. @Looking for Blue Sky: Yes. At times. I do try not too but it has been going on for months! xx

  4. I really feel for you as insomnia is so debilitating. Sometimes it is necessary to have medical assistance... I have gone that route for the dreaded menopause! :/


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