The Despondent #GE16 Voter .......

I've given it a bit of thought and it seems that this is what I've become.

I don't know why, or how.

It just happened.

I'm not a knowledgeable, political hack by any means. But I do have my own thoughts, beliefs and a sense of justice for all.

For example and in no particular order - just as they tumble from my addled brain - I care about the following:

Insomniac Maniac

                Another night spent in hopeless pursuit of sleep.

                Going to bed with eyes barely open, does not some slumber guarantee.

                And yet again some musical chairs with beds and sofas is in store.

                Desperately Seeking the magic place where my mind and body might finally succumb.

                And wondering why I even bother.

Don't Panic: Just be Vigilant and Stay Safe....

Reading and watching the news stories recently would make one think that Ireland is a very scary and unsafe place to live right now. Which wouldn't be a fair assumption. In all fairness.

There was the recent, awful Dublin Gang Land shootings; the first one perpetrated by men impersonating GardaĆ­ (Irish police force) and, equally as worrying, reports of some 999 calls going unanswered.

There has also been reports of lone women drivers being stopped at night by men, in some cases also impersonating GardaĆ­, complete with flashing blue lights on their veh-icles.

Then there was the report of an alleged attempted abduction of a teenager outside a local school. Prompting the dreaded text received by parents believing they had passed that particular concern at primary school level. And leading to a reminder, and a more mature, 'stranger-danger' talk with my son. It saddened me to have to warn him, among other things, not to run to anyone's assistance, who might ask for his help with their dying baby/animal/favourite Granny, in that house/car/van 'over there' ......

The Great Valentine's #NetflixNightIn Hijack.....

So, Valentine's Day is almost upon us and I wonder, do you have any plans on how to spend this most romantic night?

Perhaps you plan on a lovely, romantic night out?

Or maybe a romantic night-in - all loved up on the couch, children all tucked in and a bottle of wine or bubbly at the ready is for you. Or perhaps it's a girly night-in with girl-friends, or mother and daughter(s), watching some fun romantic-comedy or other. Or maybe you plan on a whole family ensemble gathering!

Whatever your preference the Netflix people have put together some romantic viewing suggestions for that cosy night-in! Delights such as these:

The Joys and Pitfalls of a Blog Makeover!

I did it! My blog make-over is finally complete and I can now welcome you aboard. You can also join me on my new facebook and twitter pages if you like - it's very lonely over there right now!

I have been plotting and planning this for many months now, doing my usual procrastinating and agonising. As I tend to do. The biggest hurdle for me was the name-change ..... more, should I do it than what it would be. I started this blog over seven years ago you see, when my now teenager was only eight years old. A lot has happened in that time and we've both 'grown up', as some may put it.

I think I've outgrown my beloved 'Jazzygal' moniker, if I'm honest. That name choice was influenced by my much-ingrained interest in shows and dancing, and was not intended to belie a more youthful me. Besides I've been continually mis-represented as 'Jazzy Girl' over that period,  which I really disliked!

Yes, time for a name change......

*Out of Service*

After much aforethought and ado about all sorts, this blog is now going: 'Out of Service'.

For a bit of a much-needed over-haul and some prettying TLC, as I reckon it is long overdue. One might even call it a 7 year blogging itch..... given that I'm into my 8th year of blogging.

Wow, hard to believe. I will have to keep re-reading that last sentence......

But this break-in-service is just for a short - I hope - duration, you'll be glad, or sorry - I hope not! - to hear.

Although that very much depends on on my very haphazard techie skills.