A Magical Dublin City, and Beyond......

I quite like living outside Dublin's busy city centre, where I have such lovely views to enjoy; green park lands, scenic sea-views with relatively small yet impressive hills and mountains nearby.

I get to enjoy lovely, peaceful walks that enable me to soak up all the surrounding sights and sounds. When I'm in the mood to get my ass off the couch, that is.

I was in such a mood the other evening. So much so that it was approaching the winter bewitching hour of 5 pm when I finally ventured outside, all cosily wrapped up, to squeeze in a quick stroll around part of our local park. The relatively dry and lake-free part that is, after all the recent storms.

I was instantly captivated by the interestingly, eerie colours of the dusky sky, as the dark night was about to claim it.

Suddenly a flock of extremely noisy birds swooped hither and tither, all across this magical sky. I can only assume they were sensing the imminent darkness and knew they had to bed down for the night. Not unlike some active children at bedtime, some might say!

Clouds gathered ever closer and darkness fell within minutes, the twittering birds were still to be heard loudly nestling into some nearby trees, and the sky transformed into an almost super-natural scene of great beauty.

It was an extraordinary few minutes of nature that I was lucky enough to witness. Who needs the hustle and bustle of a busy city centre, I mused to myself?

Then one day later, I had cause to travel right into the very heart of Dublin City's hustle and bustle, where this adult and her teenager enjoyed pizza and chats with another adult and her teenager. Said teenagers, with camera and camera phone in hand, wandered off just after the meal, for a short picture-snapping stroll alongside the River Liffey, which was very close by. After some time we followed suit and I noticed the very same colourful, dusk-approaching sky settling in around our urban city life; casting the same magical spell around the city's sights and sounds as it had around the more rural scene a mere 24 hours earlier.

The symbolic harp-shaped Samuel Beckett Bridge was looking splendid as usual.....

We saw the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship again, a replica of the ship that transported Irish emigrants to America through famine ravished times. It is therefore colloquially known as the 'Famine Ship' that is now a kind of history museum during the day and available for events at night.  The museum part is now firmly on our 'must-see' list for our next town meet-up.

    The Famine Memorial (and World Poverty Stone) situated close to the Jeanie Johnston

Next up to grab my attention was, strangely enough, a bank building. I think it was the interesting architectural shapes, somehow blending in with the surrounding buildings, with the backdrop of a magical sky, all shimmering in the river before it that did it for me....

And finally I was totally captivated by the lights reflecting from Butt Bridge, also shimmering on the waters below.

Two days and two completely different sights and sounds - from one city and surrounding area - captivated by the same magical sky. And all within a short distance by Dart.

There is so much more to Dublin than always meets the eye, isn't there?

Note: If you'd like more information about Dublin's many bridges, and  historical events, check out some of Annette Black's interesting and concise Bridges of Dublin stories


  1. How lovely! Winter walks can be ever so magical and captivating. It's a long time since I've been to Dublin so thank you for all the lovely reminders. Happy New Year! X

  2. @Older Mum: Yes, they really can be. It's also nice to get a break from the continual rain and storms! Thanks, and a Happy New Year to you and yours too. xx

  3. Dublin is on my list. I find I'm far more interested in discovering places closer to home with history and culture than I am in an exotic holiday.

    1. I really hope you do come to Dublin and soon, that would be amazing :)

    2. @Midlife Singlemum: I have to admit to liking type of holidays! I always like to absorb some culture of a place I'm visiting though. I too hope you make it to Dublin. I f you ever you will simply have to leave time to meet up with @Looking for Blue Sky and I! :-)


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