The Lull

After all the toing and froing the craziness of Christmas seems to tumult by in a heartbeat, doesn't it? That's certainly how it seemed here.

Of course our craziness of Christmas was punctuated with a 16th Birthday - a mere three days before the big day itself -  for a certain young man who has undergone many blog name-changes here as he grew up right before our very eyes. Time simply had to be found to celebrate this in the fashion it truly deserved; even if the makers of boy 16th cards, banners and balloons do not concur. I must therefore personally thank the makers of the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens for fortuitously releasing their masterpiece in the week of his birthday! That was much appreciated and provided the perfect platform for cinema evening of celebrations with some school friends! Which was promptly followed a day later with a lovely family Chinese meal. All parceled up with a much coveted birthday/Christmas present. Happiness reigned.

Before we knew it a busy Christmas Eve was upon us with many preparations to be completed. Then suddenly we were at Midnight Mass - which in Ireland is at any time other than actual Midnight - where I found myself wallowing in not just the peaceful Christmas atmosphere, but in the fact that I was actually sitting down for the first time that day! For a full hour! Oh, heaven indeed. A lovely and relatively brief, given the night that was in it, get together with some good friends afterwards rounded off this lovely day.

Christmas Day and St Stephen's Day were swallowed up with family get togethers, lovely gifts and scrumptious meals. And a deluge of precipitation as it bucketed down for two days solidly! But not even that could dampen our Christmas spirits, not in in the least. The loveliest thing to happen in those two days was a very fleeting visit with my mam. These visits can be very difficult but not on this Christmas Day, which saw her in the best form I've seen in a long time and resulted in the taking of a much cherished photo, that I cannot really publish here. I like to think of this visit as a well deserved Christmas Gift from above, for which I'm most grateful :)

So, here we are two days after Christmas and this day dawned with no rain and the more seasonal feel of frost on the ground. We are officially in the lull between Christmas and New Year's Day, when things calm somewhat and there is more time to chill and to enjoy.

And with those thoughts firmly in mind I took myself off for a long walk this morning. A proper walk, the first one in weeks. Outdoors in the open air, rather than a frenzied haul around a very large shopping mall or nearby town grabbing some presents here, some gifts there and some forgotten food item from wherever I happened to be. With no thoughts of the lengthy and daily to-do-lists of late clouding my brain; just the peace and calmness of a lovely stroll.

Down the lane to the beach I ambled, smiling and happily greeting all the joggers - most especially the singing-out-loud one! - dog walkers and family strollers as I went. There was even a pleasant 'Good Day' to a local well-known politician I met. I will never, ever vote for him or his party again but today he was a person out walking, not a politician; and it's his Christmas too. Peace and Goodwill to all..... 

I joined my fellow sea-gazers down at the beach. Just standing there we were, staring; allowing our senses to fill up with the maritime sounds and sights, washing  away the cabin-fever of the previous two days. Watching the brown churning and slightly frothy sea come crashing in over the stony beach; sounding for all the world like car-wheels crunching over gravel. And glancing through eyes hooded with hands at the sun gleaming on the waters ahead. Beautiful.

After that it was a lengthy walk through the park with more people and dogs to greet! The day was chillier than of late and was the first day this winter that I have felt the need for scarf and gloves. It was perfectly bright and fresh. Although evidence of the previous days' deluge abounded with 'lakes' where lakes where never meant to be!

It's been a fabulous Christmas followed by a lovely relaxing day today. I'm enjoying this lull very much. There are still family gatherings and days out ahead but these are now at a much more relaxed pace and we must drag this festive spirit out for as long as we can.

After all, once this lull is over what's next?

Normalcy and a dark, dreary January?

Enjoy the lull and the festivities, for as long as you can,  I say!

Take care,


  1. Happy Birthday to your boy, he is now the same age as Nick! :)
    I am so glad that the visit to your Mum went well, a lovely gift indeed.
    Look forward to seeing you in person in 2016! xx

    1. @Bright Side of Life: Thanks....and wow! Gas that they're the same age! Really looking forward to meeting you in person again :) xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your 16 year old!! Great that Christmas went well, especially the visit to your ban and I agree about keeping January at bay for as long as possible :) xx

  3. Sounds like an idyllic Christmas. Happy birthday to your sweet sixteen. I wish you many more lovely moments with your mum. And a healthy happy successful 2016. With much love xxx


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