Reflection and Forward Optimism: Happy New Year 2016

It's that time of year again. Time to bid farewell to the year that has been and to greet the new one with hope and optimistic appreciation. Time also to reflect a little on the year that is just about to pass and to maybe savour a few of the positive moments, while letting the more negative ones float away having learned all we can from them.

I do hope your year has been a good one. When I look back on mine, as reflected here on this blog, 2015 really has been pretty good to me. I start each year by listing some aims and aspirations - not to be confused with resolutions! - for the year to come, finding that it's interesting to look back at year-end to see what's been achieved, with no recriminations whatsoever for what is not. I like ticking off lists I guess!

Me being me I have somehow misplaced my written aims for 2015 - it's most likely in my 'safe place' along with all my other misplaced items! However I can remember some of them. For starters I achieved my recovery goal last April by being finally 'Over The Hill',  eventually going on to getting back dancing again - even if it is Honky Tonk dancing! And while it may have taken the whole year I did get my version of a Healthy Eating Plan in place, finally reaching my much desired goal weight just before Christmas! Admittedly I kind of abandoned my regime over the last week or so but am pleasantly surprised to see, now that I'm back on track, that any 'damage' has been relatively minimal. Phew! 
I'm also very pleased to have completed some knitting and crochet projects in 2015; most notably the crib featured below, which was some months in the making!

The Teen Wonder has had a great year with some fantastic achievements too I must say, and we're naturally very proud of him. He put in the work for his Junior Certificate getting great results, built his own PC from scratch and had some independence-building trips away without his Parents!

This year we've been very lucky to enjoy some lovely little trips away, including my Netflix prize-winner launch trip to London last March! Our trips this year were mostly in Ireland and I share some photos here highlighting some lovely scenic moments forever etched on our memories.

     From l to r: Gold Coast Dungarvan,  Lanzarote, Sligo, Glendalough and the Cliffs of Moher.

No year goes perfectly for everybody and there are always things concerning us and people we worry about, floating away in the backs of our minds. But we cherish the good and try to learn from the not so good.

Personally I have been very lucky to have mostly enjoyed this year 2015, and I do indeed look forward to 2016 with much hope and positivity. As usual I have some things noted to aim for; most notably to finally solve my penchant for losing things and to reconnect and meet up with friends more.

On a global level 2015 has brought some great hardships for people in this world; from the new generation of homeless in Ireland (including entire families), to the terror reigned upon Paris, Belgium and other countries, to the awful, unfathomable situation in Syria.

But we must always remember too that there is much, much good in this world.

So, as the sky colours up for the final descent of the sun this year I give you my wish for all in 2016....

It is relatively simple: understanding and tolerance of all our neighbour's beliefs and traditions, be they in the house next to us or the village, town or country. With education and compromise delivered where necessary. If we all practice this, and return this tolerance and understanding to each other then hopefully some form of peace will grow?

Or to put it more succinctly in twitter-speak ......

#NewYearsResolutionsIn5Words : Education, Understanding, Tolerance, Compromise, Peace.

May 2016 be good to you all and bring you much joy and peace.

Take care......


  1. Oh I do like the Twitter version of new year resolutions, how did I miss that! Wishing you a wonderful 2016, full of friends and finding things xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: Thank you, and the same to you. It's not the finding of things I'm working on..... it's the not losing them in the first place! And so far - as of day 2, Jan 2nd - it ain't going too well!! Really need to get my head in gear and simply be more aware :) xx

  2. You are so right. At times it seems like we are overwhelmed by the badness in the world, when actually there's an awful lot of good too! Love all your knitted creations you talented thing you. Wishing you and yours a very happy 2016 xxx

    1. @BavarianSojourn: And sometimes the bad things that happen bring out even more good in people. Though of course we wish the bad things didn't happen! Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to completing more projects in 2016. Happy New Year to you and yours too :) xxx

  3. Education is definitely key :) wishing you a happy and peaceful 2016 xx

  4. @Steph Curtis: Yes it is, in many, many situations. Thank you Steph and I do hope 2016 is kind to you all :) xx


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