'Tis The Season...... Almost.

Not that it feels much like it at the moment but the silly season that heralds what can be the mayhem of Christmas is right around the corner. It must be, as the calendar tells me so.

 I do love Christmas, don't get me wrong, but I have been rather bah-humbuggy about it all so far this year. It really turns me right off the season of goodwill when the retailers decorations go up immediately after Hallowe'en. In fact that tends to make me rebel a little!

That said, the closer we get to December 1st the more I start to feel a little of the Christmas joy and fun that is hopefully to come.

Of course while 'bah-humbugging' all around me I have been secretly plotting ahead, just a little, in recent weeks. Well, Christmas gifts, baking delights and a decorated house don't happen by magic you know. Though some may believe that that's exactly how it happens!

The last couple of weeks have gone by in a bit of a flurry of forays for the odd gift or two, ahead of time, just to take a bit of pressure off. Although had I realised how big 'Black Friday' has become in Ireland I might have planned yesterday's foray for another day entirely. And because I enjoy it so much I must also admit to have gotten myself lost in a bit of  a Christmas knitting and crocheting frenzy recently. Which, if you follow me on social media you might be aware of. I had to post the odd photo you see, otherwise people might think I'd disappeared completely and at least it somewhat explains my absence from here too!

I now go forward into the lovely month of December in a positive frame of mind. Determined not to stress or obsess about the buying of gifts and the food preparations. It is only one day in the year after all and Christmas is about far more than that. It is nice to buy nice gifts for family and some friends but in so doing you don't have to break the bank. It is also nice to simply spend time with the people in your life. In fact my friends and I don't exchange gifts at all, preferring instead to just meet up for a catch-up and a bit of Christmas cheer. My diary is starting to fill up already!

The more I write the more I can feel that Christmassy feeling invade my being. I think this invasion may have gotten a bit of a kickstart with last night's viewing of Ireland's legendary annual Late Late Toy Show on RTE last night. This year I had the enjoyable company of my very amusing teenager, to whom this TV offering has become cool to view again. Now that he can laugh at it all that is! It was a fun night, I have to say, and as always I enjoyed the many talented children who gave us some wonderful live performances, including this one which I truly adored.

Okay, so now that I've written talked myself around I'm really starting to get excited! I want to put up my Christmas tree and deck the rooms with tinsel and baubles. And lots of sparkly lights. But I need more seasonal screen offerings to keep my now slightly evident Christmas spirit intact. One simply cannot be expected to deck any tree or room with anything without a Christmas movie on in the background, now can one?

As this will be my first Christmas with them I've turned to Netflix to see what Christmas movie delights they have to offer, at any time I choose. Quite a few as it turns out. There's the usual and wonderfully timeless 'It's a Wonderful Life' and the funnies like 'Scrooged' and 'Beethoven's Christmas Adventure' for example and some animated children's ones too. And on December 4th we will all be wished a very #MurrayChristmas in the humorous style of Bill Murray when his movie 'A Very Murray Christmas' airs exclusively on Netflix! This start-studded comedy is based on a classic variety show organised by Bill Murray (played by himself) but he harbours fears that no-one will turn up due to bad weather conditions. The show must go on I'd say and I very much look forward to watching it happen. It sounds right up my street. Oh, and if you're stuck for a last minute gift this year then Netflix can help you out with the launch of their Gift Cards available in GameStop stores!

So, that's what I'll be viewing next week.

You'll know where I am if I go missing again.

Just follow the Netflix and knitting wool trail and there I'll be.

Wrapped in twinkling baubles and knitted delights, with perhaps a little glass of something sparkly by my side!

I do hope some Christmas cheer is right around the corner for you too.

DISCLAIMER: As a member of the worldwide #Netflix #StreamTeam I received a years subscription and an Apple TV device in exchange for some reviews. All opinions, thoughts and words however are honest and mine alone. 


  1. Even I get excited about Christmas at eh beginning of December and we are so far removed from it. We may go to the local YMCA to see the tree though.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: You love so close to the origins and birth of the very first Christmas, yet feel so removed. That is quite profound and fascinates me! Hope that Christmassy feeling embraces you soon and that you get to see that tree :)

  2. I've never really watched the seasonal offerings: my favourite Christmas film is Jason and the Argonauts, but maybe I should check these out and introduce them to the children too! xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: I think you have very alternative viewing choices to me. And I very much admire that. I'm quite boring and LOVE the oldies and the fun childrens/santa movies! I am a bit disappointed that Netflix doesn't stream 'White Christmas'. I did see somewhere that it does but I looked and can't find it. I also miss the magical 'Polar Express' from their list but I'm sure there's enough there to keep me amused! xx

  3. Christmas is my favourite time of year - I'm trying hard to enjoy more and stress less this year though! How are you getting on with the Apple TV?! May have to put that on my list ;) Merry Christmas to you! xx

    1. @Steph Curtis: Yes it is mine too... once I get into the zone of it all! I'm loving watching Netflix through the Apple TV device, and the fact that I can link my iPhone onto it too! I do need to explore it more as you can view lots more like movies, YouTube and news stations etc. Hope it makes it on your list and that Santa is good to you..... Merry Christmas! That's the first time I've said that this year :) xx

  4. You are so good. I haven't even thought about Christmas until today, when I saw that Rotary are selling Christmas trees down next to the doggy/soccer field. Best I think of a few presents for my family. Lovely post to read. xx


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