A 'Halo' of Autumnal Hues......

Well as the dreariness of the October Bank Holiday Monday seamlessly flowed into Tuesday, we concurred that 'so what'?, we still had some place to be, an important task to be fulfilled. So as the early morning arrived off we went walking, the teen wonder and I; wind and rain be damned.

We completed our most important task first then followed that with a much needed breakfast, before beginning our return walk home.

Miserable is as miserable does so we totally ignored the rain, preferring instead to wonder at the autumnal beauty that surrounded us.

We admired the enormous height of these ancient big-trunked trees that stretched eerily into the low grey skies....

And loved how they all lined up in their various shades of autumnal shedding....

We particularly admired the lovely panoramic view that lay just inside the park gates. Just as much as we enjoyed playing with my new iPhone camera in fact!

The colourful blanket of once crisp leaves that now lay seeping on the ground, yet emitting a sense of great comfort, was gorgeous.....

We adored the beautiful 'secret passageway' that creeps behind the trees in the park, and that kindly offered us some welcome shelter from the rain. We also marveled at how much we actually like to be close to nature, and even vowed to do this more often!

Although we were quite happy to be strolling along in this weather we did feel sorry for these horses, left out in the rain that was now falling with intent...

And so it was that we slowly meandered our way home, walking and talking as we went. The rain fell more insistently and our conversation flowed, keeping pace. How lucky we are to live where we do, we mused.

I really enjoyed this early start to our day and the chats that we had but as his presence will only be felt for essential feeding and such like in the next 24 hours, I may need to live off this memory for a while. 

You see there was a reason for this morning's early adventure. No doubt you were wondering at how on earth I got a teenager out in this weather at that hour of the morning.... and had him enjoy it too?

Well, today was a special day in the life of Gamers with the release of Halo 5. There was only one copy of the much-coveted limited edition being delivered to our local Gamestop store. 'First come first served' and all that.

Today was therefore a life lesson to my teenager - there is more to life than a screen and the early bird is sure to catch the best 'worm'!

Oh and gaming can, albeit very indirectly, promote healthy exercise and good interaction ;)


  1. I haven't heard. 'miserable is as miserable does.' for years. I love your poetic description - you do the beautiful photos justice. How I miss a more northern climate and the countryside that goes with it. Sounds like a well spent morning.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: It just popped right out of my memory, and really shows my age! Thank you for your kind comment. Very well spent morning indeed and I guess there is a lot to be grateful for with respect to our sometimes terrible weather.

  2. I don't even know what Halo is but my sonis gaming mad too, in fact he bagged himself a Guinness World Record on Tuesday for something he can do in Minecraft! Glad you got a nice walk together, I bet it was bliss whlsit it lasted. Mich x

    1. @Michelle Twin Mum: You don't know what 'Halo' is?? Nor does your son, I presume? Good. Keep it that way!! Minecraft is great. Huge congrats to your son...what an achievement! We get the Guinness Book of Records every year... it's my teen's 'annual'. We will be looking out for your son :) xx


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