A Catch-Up with Honky Tonk Jazzy......

Hasn't the the weather for the past ten days or so been amazing? It's like we were given a late reprieve for the appalling summer we have suffered. A last hurrah at the tail end of September before the more seasonal autumnal weather envelops us. Not that I can blame this recent lovely sunshine on my lack of blogging but I certainly made the most of it by getting out and about! We'll be long enough muffled up in dark coloured winter woollies and warm footwear, after all.

I had a particularly lovely start to this week, when my return journey home from an early morning drop-off for a friend led me slightly astray to witness these beautiful views.....

   A stunning sunrise..........

                           A much-used iconic view of the Dart through this arch

It Definitely kick-started my week with positivity I can tell you. And I sincerely hope that this late weather reprieve - which seems to have now concluded - helps these forlorn blackberries that I recently noticed to fully bloom and produce a late harvest. Here's hoping. 

Last week saw the start of a perfect techie placement for my teenager as part of his Transition Year (TY) work experience options. I have to admit at being unexpectedly a tad emotional when dropping him off on that first morning. It was like that first junior school morning and his first secondary school start day all rolled into one.  Except this was like his first day at 'work'. Yet another step on his life's journey I guess. I think TY is a very helpful step in this process. It's also a perfect year to take the time to teach another important life skill. A skill that I believe a lot of teenagers have yet to master and one that will be important in their working lives. The skill of which I speak is of course alien to most of them right now - and currently the bane of my life - and goes by the name of 'timekeeping'. I mean, we can't exactly be responsible for hauling them out of their beds when they're adults now, can we? Best to start now I reckon, and it's a skill that I'm determined to teach. It can be taught the long laborious easy way, or the short sharp hard way. I'll leave you to guess which route I'm taking on this!

The final piece of catch-up news I have for you concerns this ex-dancer who really has Gotta Dance and has been determined to do so again after a recent injury. It was part of my recovery goals you see and saw me take part in a great event last weekend. Gosh, there's such a world of a difference between both those old posts of mine I've linked to and this one! One that I didn't believe I would be able to do, and promised myself that I wouldn't even attempt! But I couldn't resist, dancing being very much an integral part of my DNA after all. There was a build up to this event with my need to return to 'proper' dance classes this summer. There are exciting plans afoot for such dance classes you see, but before I could even think of attempting those classes I needed to prepare myself with some 'easier' dance classes. Pre-dance, dance classes, if you will and dance/exercise classes just wouldn't cut it for me. I wanted, and needed to see if I could learn proper dance routines again, so I went to the only available local adult dance classes I could find and spent the months of August and September learning Line Dancing! 

I have to say that I have enjoyed these classes enormously, mainly because of the lovely ladies (and one gent) that frequent them but they were not easy! They were preparing for their event last weekend you see, a Line Dancing Marathon for a cancer charity, and were pretty much flying through their three-year repertoire of dance routines. The dance instructor kindly facilitated me in keeping up, when she could, and I pretty much picked up as many routines as I could on the hoof, whilst also doing some you-tubing at home! At least my ability to quickly pick up dance steps is kind of intact, however my ability to retain them needs some work!

The marathon last weekend was such fun. I took part as much as I could by getting up whenever a dance I knew was played, or repeated, and even staying on the floor to learn some new ones. I did mind my back by taking some time-out too though. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching the seasoned-pros in action. While we're all of similar age, some are younger of course but some of these ladies have ten years or so on me; and they are all fantastic to watch. As was a younger guy with the rhythm and feet of a dancing angel - and the rest of him wasn't too hard on the eyes either! - whom we were all watching in awe. A sea of syncopated dance movements from all. Wonderful to watch. And some much needed funds were raised in the process too.

I have to tell you that it feels really, really good to be donning those dancing shoes once more, and I intend to keep dancing for as long as I can.

I'll leave you now with this facebook photo that a good friend kindly tagged me with this week.

I share this because it's oh, so true ..... and it's a also photo that I intend to re-enact with some dancing friends some day!! 

You know who you are.... get ready now!

Keep Dancing....


  1. @Looking for Blue Sky: Thank you for your comment, which t'internet promptly swallowed whole! Here's a copy of it:

    'Well as you know, I am now convinced that everyone should dance! And so delighted that you are now back doing that thing that you love so much. Great news about your boy, and fingers crossed that the time-keeping campaign works, and please share any tips! xx ,

    It is so wonderful to be back dancing, I can't believe that I actually thought it would never happen. In fairness though I was on a lot of medication back then! As for the timekeeping I'm happy to share tips, if they work. Be warned though..... it ain't pretty!! xx

  2. So wonderful that you are back dancing. It's been a long year in that respect. Over a year if you count two summers I think. And I wish your son a great year with his tech experience - valuable, successful, and fulfiling. xxx

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Yes, it has been a very long year and I am very glad to be at the other end of it! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. xxx

  3. Sooo pleased for you, that's fantastic news! As I look out onto a very rainy Bavaria your beautiful pictures have cheered me up too, gorgeous! :) xx

    1. @BavarianSojourn: Thank you. So glad my photos brought you some joy! xx

  4. Ohh well dne, I think I could enjoy a spot of line dancing too. I was watching some lindy boppers the other day and that looked fantastic. Mich x

    1. @Michelle Twin Mum: Oh yes, that would be a lot of fun too! The advantage of line dancing though is that you don't need a partner. Handy if you're life partner doesn't enjoy dancing!!xx


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