The Dream Job and Just Another Panic Monday.....

I was a bit out of sorts this Monday morning. I guess another sleepless night didn't really help. I did eventually fall asleep but it was more of a drowsy half-awake, half-asleep kind of slumber. You know, the kind when you don't know which you are; awake or asleep.

Well I have to tell you, I awoke from this half-sleep condition in such a state. There I lay, wide awake with my eyes shut tight, in a right aul' panic.

I had to get up for work you see.

'What, you've gone back to work' I hear you ask? Yes, that's what I asked myself too. And I told myself to not be silly that of course I'd gone back to work, did I not remember?

Well I didn't really so in my panicked state I reminded myself over and over again that yes, I'd gone back to work the previous Monday  - to the job I left ten years ago -  and really liked it. Until Wednesday that is when I went out sick for three days.

The problem was, not being used to being back at work, I'd forgotten to go back once my sick leave was over!

Hence my panic.

Oh God, I have nothing ready. I have to get the teen wonder 'out of that bed..... NOW' ...... yet again!! What about his lunch? Can I get him to the bus in time for me to make the Dart? How do I explain myself in work? I'll be sacked before I've even gotten used to it once more. And how on earth do I get home on time for school finishing? I could give him a key I suppose..... and how did I manage all of this last week anyway?

Oh, my poor sleep-deprived and jumbled brain.

When I realised all that I had to do I couldn't believe that I'd actually gone back to work. What was I thinking? At that moment in time I was totally in awe of parents who do this every day, but I just wasn't used to it and had been hit unawares. So to speak.

Had I really gone back to work? I kept asking myself that question, and the answer was always the same.... 'Yes, now get the hell up and get sorted!'

So, I went to do just that and actually woke up.....  for real this time!

It took me quite a while to accept that this was all a terrible dream. A waking-sleeping nightmare really. Brought on perhaps by my recent  musings on procrastinating and middle-aged mums going back to work! And maybe also by my recent endeavours to secure Transition Year Work Experience for above-mentioned teen wonder.

Still - although there was admittedly a moment or two in there that I quite liked the fact that I was 'back-to-work' - I nevertheless breathed a huge sigh of relief when I finally accepted that I was back to being a desperate housewife and my usual Jazzy Mum self.

With a coffee/tea meet up with a friend beckoning, my Monday could only get better..... right?


Well, actually make that semi-wrong. My Monday was definitely saved from the scrap heap of panic by my lovely catch-up time with the fabulous, and blissfully unaware, Looking for Blue Sky! But not before another panicky moment a few hours later.....

I was only trying to do a quick Marks and Spencer food shop before my meet up and thought I was being very clever parking close to that shop in order to save my back when carrying the bags afterwards.

It was a good plan, really it was.

Until I couldn't find my damn car with mere minutes to spare before driving closer to the coffee shop!

There I was, the panicked lady, wandering lonely as a cloud  demented, headless chicken, balanced as I was like the scales of justice - with a heavy bag in each hand and a bulky handbag hanging off my ever-drooping shoulder! So much for parking nearby!

Oh how I traipsed from lane to lane, repeatedly, desperately seeking my black automobile everywhere and not finding it anywhere. I swore blind I'd parked it in this car park in that lane that lead to that shop door that I couldn't gain access to. That was my marker see, how I knew I was right.

Well, panic was setting in I can tell you, rain was starting to fall and tears were threatening to make an appearance!

Then the cavalry unexpectedly  arrived  when the couple that had been behind me in the shopping queue, upon seeing my desperation and aimless, panicky meanderings, stopped their car offering to drive up and down all the lanes in order to aid me in my search. And when that proved fruitless they beckoned the security man for me who was approaching in his van. Such lovely people I met that morning. In the rain. In  my panic.

Then the lovely and very patient security man drove me up and down the many lanes and had 'the man' back in the control centre check the cameras in nearby car parks for my car.

It wasn't long before it was found.

In a completely different car park, and in a completely different lane!

Oh the embarrassment...... and the absolute relief to find that my car had not been permanently 'lost'.

 I tell you, lack of sleep and 'dream jobs' really have an awful lot to answer for!

However, all's well that ends well, especially when it does so with a lovely catch up  and a very large mug of tea. And cake. naturally.... I was in 'shock' don't you know and in much need of such sweetness!

As you can see I did a bit of word play in this blog post title and as a result the following song appears to have become my ear worm for the week... so I thought I might make it yours too?!  I must admit though, it might have been more of a dream and less of a nightmare had I been 'kissing Valentino' in my sleepy-wakeful slumber!

Hope that wherever you are that you are having a good and very un-panicky week!


  1. I bet they have people in the car parks every week who can't find their car. The other way to find it is to take a taxi home and come back at midnight to find that it's the only car left. DD sometimes wakes up and says, "I think I had a dream inside a dream, or maybe it was a dream inside a morning, I'm not sure." I'm not sure what she means but dreams can be confusing sometimes.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Oh yes, of that I was assured! And no car had ever been stolen. I was just another 'hopeless female' I guess....and I hate that! That's a good idea, except I was miles away from home, a return taxi journey would cost in the region of €80-€100. Besides I didn't want Mr jazzy to know I'd lost the car....again!!
      That is such an adorable way to describe it, your DD is right and yes, it is very confusing!

  2. My week started well, helped a lot by our catch up, and there was very little sign of panic by the time we met! I hope your week has got better xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: It was a great catch up, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh there was panic, I hid it well at that stage..... and I had a little 'moment' afterwards trying to find my car for the second time! It didn't take long that time, thankfully :) xx

  3. Oh crikey I am feeling panicked for you! How wonderful that you had such kind people to help you out ~ that doesn't happen often.... well here anyway! xx

    1. @Bright Side of Life: Yes, I was very lucky indeed. People can be so helpful here, thankfully! xx

  4. Few Lol moments when I recognised myself in that car park and that dream state! I lost mine in Dublin Airports Blue carpark and thought the bus driver was losing it when he asked what time I came in to the carpark - turns out that they use certain areas at certain times probably for security reasons at night - and so he found the right area for me, not only that but he said the best thing to do is take a photo of the the sign for the row which I have done ever since much to passengers amusement. That saga didn't end there because like you I was seriously sleep deprived and had to get me out of the carpark and headed home, even though I know that when I am going on the motorway that I have to go south to get north I persisted that day in heading north every time I got to the roundabout (3 or 4 times). Eventually I gave up and decided that I was not going to get it right that day and so went into the City Centre instead, once on that course I finally knew I would make it home that day!

    1. @Karen Boyle: Oh Karen, you poor thing! Very funny though when reading your tale of woe! I always feel sorry for anyone who has a long drive from the airport after a long day traveling home from abroad. And that's only from Spain! I know you have been further afield so I can understand your 'panicky' moments caused by pure tiredness. I have a similar tale from 2 years ago. It involves my driving, alone as the others had all gone in the other car, from Belfast up to the Giants Causeway. There was pure panic when I couldn't get out of Belfast and then much confusion further on due to roadworks. Driving around the back roads of Northern Ireland in a Dublin registered car was a tad scary!! Most people were nice to me.... I played the 'dizzy blonde' part to perfection!!

  5. Ohh bless you, yes it sounds a baffling Monday. Thank goodness you got a catch up with Candi as the silver lining. Mich x

  6. That really does sound like a Manic Monday! What a horrible dream! My son's teacher insists on bright coloured cars for that very reason. Sadly someone bashed into her yellow car recently and wrote it off, but I had to laugh when the other day I spotted a brand new vivid green car. I knew immediately who it belonged to! :D

  7. Manic MOnday for sure
    How is your job going
    The most impt mantra for me to remember when starting up a new job is "This is very hard now.. it will get easier in the future"


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