Inside the Busy Mind of a Serial Procrastinator.....

I recently posted the photo below on Instagram. Admittedly it's not a particularly good photo but I wanted to show the knitting and crocheting projects that I am currently working on. Flitting haphazardly between all three as I go, on a daily basis.

My 'knitocheting' projects as I called them! Good, huh?

The more I looked at that photo, and the more I thought about it, the more I realised that this actually symbolised  my whole life.

This photo not only revealed my knitocheting projects, it also allowed a glimpse inside my terribly busy mind.

Not important-busy mind you, more of a busy-busy mind really. A mind that rarely stops running. Sure it's no wonder that insomnia constantly lurks in the background!

I can never seem to do just one thing at a time you see, or complete one task before I move to the next. When I'm knitting or crocheting I'm also watching TV or sitting in the sun; alternating between needles and book. On the rare days that the sun deigns to shine warmly, that is. When I'm writing a blog post I'm also flicking through emails, facebook, twitter etc., or even crushing a candy or ten! Especially if I'm stuck on a sentence, or on the whole damn post. When I'm swimming lengths I cannot possibly do the same stroke, length after length in a monotonous loop, I'm driven to vary it. And when I go for a walk it's like I'm squeezing it in to my day, which I am, and thinking of what's next on my list. Not necessarily jobs to be done, it could even be something nice that's next in line.

I need to live more in the moment. Enjoy what I'm doing, when I'm doing it. Like taking the time to watch the sun filter through the branches as I walk and feel the fresh air tingle my senses. Although it must be said that over the years many a blog post gets written, or a dance routine set, on these walks. In my head that is!

I need some Mindfulness in my life I reckon. And in that vein I downloaded Headspace two days ago..... I've yet to try it out as I moved on to something else and never got back to it. That right there is a perfect example of  my hectic brain! That and this rambling post.

I've come to the conclusion that it's not just a busy mind that impacts on my life but a hugely disorganised one. One that repeatedly procrastinates.

I do mean to get things done, really I do. Sometimes I even write them all down on a nice to-do list, and sometimes they even get done. Like this blog post for example, that along with others has been sitting neglected on a shelf in my disorganised mind for some time now. Sometimes I think that it's just getting started that's the issue? You know, stop thinking about it and just do it type of thing?

Sometimes I think I'm just easily bored.

Then I thought, maybe not so disorganised after all?  I mean a serial procrastinator with a haphazard brain couldn't possibly organise 120 plus Panto children into groups, choreograph and rehearse them and have them performance-ready to a deadline  now could she? I did that for at least five years and then moved onto smaller groups of teenagers.

I can organise and schedule myself to successfully promote anyone's business or charity on social media and I can even be one of Santa's Elves, if required!

Maybe I'm more organised if I have a defined job to do? A job that I'm passionate about? Perhaps I left my organisational skills behind in the office I left ten years ago, in order to more apply myself to the the most important job that I have ever done. That of being a mum. And I have definitely not been a disorganised mum, of that I am absolutely sure!

So this is where my busy mind has been going lately, and then I read Barbara Scully's piece in the Irish Independent espousing employers to grow up, that 'Middle-aged women are in their prime'! She's right too, in a lot of what she says. Some of us may have stayed home to raise our children and run our homes (I refuse to use the term 'housewife' as I most certainly am not married to my house) but our brains didn't entirely turn to mush in that time. We've kept busy with other things too and a lot of us have also involved ourselves in our children's schools and in our local communities, thereby enhancing our life's experience even more.

We certainly do have a lot of skills to offer.

Maybe I need to get myself back into the paid workforce then? Or perhaps it's enough to remind myself that I can be super organised if I really, really have to be!

I certainly need to calm my busy mind a tad, whilst also keeping both it and my body active. That's life's key I believe. Or a very large component of it.

I may also need to be a little more understanding when my teenage son procrastinates about starting homework/study and any household chores.

He didn't lick it off the stones after all!


  1. I must admit that I don't always feel in my prime, but I thoroughly enjoyed Barbara's article nevertheless, and as you know, I would love to return to a paid job, hopefully one day. Of course I'm procrastinating right now in the blogosphere instead of tackling something on my 'to do' list. But then it IS the day of rest xx

  2. @Looking for Blue Sky: But, when I procrastinate I do nothing on any list - in fact there usually isn't even a list - and I don't even peruse the blogosphere, or social media! And I barely write one blog post a week! I need to get my act together.......
    And I hope that one day you get that job you desire :) xx

  3. Just reading that I can feel how busy your mind is. I hope you manage to find some space to feel a little more calm. Mich x

    1. @Michelle Twin Mum: I am certainly making more of an effort to! thanks :) x

  4. Wow, you do have lots of things on the go! Mind you, if you are enjoying what you are doing, then it really doesn't matter. I have just set myself the challenge of filling a rubbish bag full of old stuff once a day. I also want to write a little bit each day. Oooh, I also want to get in a photo as well. Then there is poor neglected Nick.... sigh, I think I am in the same boat as you! ;-) xx

  5. @Bright Side of Life: Now that's a good idea. Organising your busy mind! That's exactly what I need to do. In fairness I do make to-do-lists, some days but I really find it hard to stick to one task at a time...... sigh! xx


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