The Curious Case of the Invisible Visitor..... and the Incurious Cat!

We  had become aware of the presence of a visitor in our house recently. A mysterious type who left little signs of their occupation, in one spot only, whilst remaining totally anonymous and utterly invisible.

The ripped plastic rubbish bag under the sink, a couple of mornings ago, was the first sign. Was that Pretty Cat of ours rummaging where she shouldn't be again, we wondered? Hmmmm.... a possibility, I guess. I will admit to an immediate suspicion lurking in the back of my mind, one that I did not want to come to the fore, but if I was right it would be best to know for sure - right?

'Only one way to find out', I thought to myself as I gingerly placed three cubes of cheese in the contained under-sink area - before quickly slamming the doors shut! 'Eeek' ..... a sound uttered silently by me..... and not so silently by our visitor some time later upon devouring said cheese!!

It was official - there was a mouse loose about our house.

With a disinterested Pretty Cat snuggled up in her favourite daytime snuggly place, and no sign of  her moving - ever - it was up to us to sort things out, it seemed. I was not impressed I can tell you. This is the same cat who insists - insists I tell you - on bringing home a menagerie of critters, sometimes on a daily basis, for our approval. There have been birds, some of whom were almost as big as herself, teensy frogs and meeces of all sizes. There was even almost a squirrel to present to us one day, only I helped save it from her clutches. And dare you toss away any of her 'play things'? Why, she'll go over the back wall to retrieve it, bringing it back in through the window and laying it joyfully at your feet once more! Numerous times!

But a mouse loose about her house? Couldn't give a care...... curiosity suddenly being very dangerous for cats!

So we used a mousetrap instead and came down the following morning to an empty trap.... that had been triggered. A bit of a Houdini was our invisible visitor.

Subsequent cubes of cheese strategically placed in various locations over the next night, with Pretty Cat locked in the same room, were left untouched. Which begged the question: had our visitor departed of it's own accord? Hardly. They can burrow anywhere, right?

Okay, at this point I have to stop for a minute to tell you that I am shuddering as I type this and my skin is veritably crawling! But I must continue, for there is more..... are you ready?

Last night turned out to be a bit of a sleepless night for me, yet again. One of the many such nights during what has been pretty much a sleepless, and sunless, summer. So down the stairs I crept, book, glasses and phone in hand at about 5 am to be met at the door by our Pretty Cat; who was looking especially pretty and adorable as she wanted some food. 'Food for you and tea for me',  I mumbled as I put the kettle on. Then as I reached for her food I saw her suddenly taking an interest in the area behind the kick board .... near the sink. I'm shuddering again! Aha.... there ya go pretty girl! I'll get that kick board taken away when everyone is awake, I reckoned, and she can have at it.

Oh, how naive am I? Like, having finally taken an interest she's, like, gonna wait?? Really??

So, in my innocence, I snuggled down on the sofa, head buried in a pile of cushions which lay on the arm rest, reading my book and drinking my tea. Tiredness was hitting ..... eyes were closing .... closing ..... closed. Briefly awaking long enough to put the book away - with eyes still closed, it's my latest sleep-trick - only to snuggle deeper and to fall into a gentle slumber.

'What was that noise', I thought to myself as something tried to break through my slumber? 'Get off the fish tank' I sleepily admonished Pretty Cat, without even opening my eyes. Mistake #1.

'Oh,' I muttered a short time later as I felt a weight landing on the arm rest behind my head. 'Ah, Pretty Cat finally coming to settle down beside me for some cat cuddles' I thought. Only 'she' never got any further than the arm rest. I half opened my eyes to look but upon seeing nothing I settled down for some more glorious sleep. Mistake #2! I really, really am shuddering here!

The background noises continued, then came one noise that I simply couldn't ignore - the inevitable, undeniable and very audible 'eeeek' of a mouse VERY loose about my house .... with a Pretty Cat finally giving chase!

Oh my goodness did I leap off that sofa! And leaped about the room with squeals of horror and 'go do your thing pretty girl', in equal measure!

What happened next can only be described as the most unusual cat and mouse routine that I have ever witnessed; though in fairness 'Tom and Jerry' cartoons are my main comparison. And speaking of that cartoon, much favoured in my childhood home, I must tell you that I was only short of hopping up on a chair, donned in a dressing gown as I was, with my broom in my hand!

Although she'd obviously kept at it while I had dozed, and wouldn't let it out of her sight, our cat only seemed interested in catching the mouse if it ran. Definitely a play thing to her it seemed, I shouldn't have fed her!

So I 'helped' by gently 'encouraging' the mouse to move with my broom - with accompanying yelps of course! - before leaving the two of them alone in the room, with the back door open, while I made my escape to another room. Ooh... the noises, the squeaks and squeals that came from that room!

Eventually help arrived and our no longer invisible visitor was 'moved' out into the garden. Our cat was then joined by another, much younger and definitely hungrier, cat. Things were really getting interesting. I swear watching this trio in action was like watching a David Attenborough programme or taking a field trip in the Serengeti National Park!

Our cat lost interest but wasn't quite sure if it should let the other cat, a regular visitor here, hunt her play thing on her territory! So there were a few half-assed hisses and swipes at both visitors before she took a back seat to watch the proceedings. It was hilarious! The younger cat didn't quite know what to do with this indomitable play-thing of a tutter that just wouldn't give in, or run away. In fairness it was injured but I swear to you it faced up and fought back! Astounding.

Eventually both cats walked away leaving an injured mouse behind, but before we could dispose of it the younger cat crept back about ten minutes later and, like the robber's dog, swiped the mouse, quick as you like, and away with her over the neighbouring rooftops!

And just like that it was all over and our visitor is no more.

I'm just hoping there are no 'relatives' left behind?

And I will be checking my pillows before I sleep!

How about you?

Sweet dreams!!


  1. Eeek indeed! I wouldn't have slept for fear of the mouse crawling on my face or something! We did have one in a guest house years ago, and caught it with the help of a glass milk bottle propped up on a book, and a big chunk of chocolate in the bottom! :D x

  2. @BavarianSojourn: I was that exhausted...and I never for one moment thought that the mouse would show itself!! Silly me! A few years ago one was stuck in our bathroom for a good few days and I refused to shower going to the local gym instead! That is a very clever idea.... I must remember that because the traditional mouse trap didn't work the last time either! xx

  3. There's a cartoon in that by the sounds of it and I bet you're glad that the hungry cat got the mouse and removed it once and for all. And let's hope you never have to write a follow up to this post! xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: Oh God, I hope not! xx


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