Teens on Holidays and Lovely Lanzarote

Family holidays are usually  such memorable, fun occasions that change as our children grow older. I remember so well holidaying with our boy when he was younger and so on our recent family holiday I got to thinking....

Holidays with toddlers and younger children are definitely memorable, fraught as they are with tantrums, laughter, constant supervision, much joy and squeals and screams of over-excitement and tiredness. Quite the mix but ultimately good fun! Going prepared, choosing the right location and adapting activities to suit our children really make for an enjoyable holiday for all.

As our children grow older certain obligations can be relaxed, meaning that the constant supervision can be reduced as the years go by and that our children's tolerance levels for.... well, everything really ... are mercifully increased!

Then when our children become teenagers and, if we're lucky, still want to holiday with their Jurassic parents then the whole family holiday dynamic changes. However, while that may sadly mean no more kiddies disco - What?.... I liked to 'help' at these! - somethings remain similar in nature. 

Things I've discovered about teens on holidays......

*Teenagers have tantrums too. However these teen tantrums are perpetrated by gangly, taller than you young persons, and are accompanied by much improved and - *ahem* - 'expanded' vocabulary than their toddler equivalent.

*Teenagers can give toddlers lessons in moodiness. Although teenage hormones do help enhance these  frequent and without warning events it is far easier for parents to ignore the teen version; moving to another pool level - alone - if needs must. Poolside bar anyone?

*Screen machines definitely come on holidays with teenagers too. But only if they pack them, their chargers and all 'must-have' items themselves. If they don't engage in the packing process then any forgotten item is the fault of the teenager and not the packer! That said teenagers travel far, far lighter then younger children. Well, male ones that is! 

*If a teenager chooses to spend a lot of their time on holiday in the room playing on said screen machines well then, you do your best to offer alternative options then leave them to it. They can go unaccompanied up and down  to the room as they please, and it is your holiday too you know! 

*Teenagers are such cool, pretty much self sufficient young people to travel with, who bemusedly roll their eyes at any screaming/crying/noisy young child on board; safe in their knowledge that they never, ever behaved like that. Don't worry, I put him straight on that one! 

*Teenagers are also full of fun and energy and bring a young dynamic to your family holiday, facilitating trips and activities you may not have otherwise chosen. 

I have found that the trick for a successful family holiday with teenagers is no different than the one for younger children - location and available fun activities - but are more difficult to find. Most hotels have kiddies clubs but not many have the organised teen activities essential for the only child. Which is why we didn't waste much time looking for one this year, we just returned to where we knew we would all be happy.

This was our third stay in VIK San Antonio Hotel in Los Pocillos (tail end of Puerto del Carmen), Lanzarote and it didn't disappoint. It's a good quality and affordable family hotel and this year we noticed an increase in Irish families staying here. Half-board we find is a good option that makes a holiday affordable yet gives you the freedom to eat out and visit other venues some evenings if you wish - you can swap dinner for lunch on these days. Space is important when travelling with teenagers so this year we booked the larger family room; a junior suite which offered space and some privacy and a small balcony with a lovely sea view. The hotel pool leads onto the beach, affording a beautiful view from your sunbed also.

There's also a stunning view from the upper pool (my escape-from-everyone pool!) too - well, apart from the feet that is......

The big attraction for us of course was the range of adult/teenage activities such as archery, pistol and rifle shooting, darts, aqua aerobics etc., available There's also pool, table tennis and (across the road from hotel) mini-golf to play at your leisure and this made for a very successful family holiday....

There is lots to see and do in Lanzarote but as we've been here numerous times we've done most of the available trips, so what to do? Well, in an attempt to keep everyone happy, we eventually chose a very interesting trip to the Cueva de Los Verdes (Green Caves) and a very cool Waverider Lanzarote excursion which saw us buzzing along the coast, 'dancing' through the sometimes choppy waves and included beautiful scenery and a spot of snorkeling with the fishies for those who wished! I doubt we would have done the latter trip without our teenager's presence.

I'm not sure quite how many family holidays we have left with our young man but I do know that we enjoyed this one very much. 

And he must have too as he's talking about the next one already.......


  1. Glad you had a lovely holiday. I'm looking forward to teenage holidays. In fact I'm looking forward to any holiday when my travelling companion can choose her own food from the menu and eat it, shower and wash/brush her hair herself, read quietly to herself, enjoy siteseeing interesting places.... you get the picture. :)

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Oh I do indeed get the picture, like I say I remember it well!! I can't go into more detail but choosing off the menu would have been wonderful back then.... as it was I had cook, freeze and transport dinners etc! Otherwise starvation and illness would have prevailed.
      Hope you get tp enjoy any kind of family holiday too :) xx

  2. It looks fantastic, and great advice on how to make the holiday better - and more interesting - by fitting it around your teenager's interests too! Glad you had a good time xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: Only way to do it! We learn as we go, don't we? In all things....xx

  3. That pool looks sooo inviting! Your photos are great! Your sentence about teenage tantrums on holiday made me laugh (sorry). Reminding me completely of me on a family trip to Greece aged 17 when I was far too grown up to be on holiday with my parents! Looking back, I was such a brat at times! :D xx

    1. @BavarianSojourn: Ah, thanks. To be honest these photos are the best of a bad lot...I really need to pay more attention to detail! when photo taking. I think we were all nightmares as teenagers, I was thinking of myself too when I was writing this! And I'm glad you laughed at the tantrum part....you were meant too :-) :-) !! xx


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