What's On TV?

The short answer to my question above on this Bank Holiday weekend was: 'not a lot'!

It was so frustrating. It wasn't a normal weekend, it was a Bank Holiday weekend for goodness sakes - the weekend to herald the new month of June and the official start of summer. It seemed that both the weather gods and the TV moguls conspired to make it an ordinary weekend, reminiscent of a different season entirely.

The rain and hailstones lashed down at times and the winds howled. There was nowhere to go, even if you had somewhere in mind, so we were stuck indoors. With a teenager supposedly revising for his Junior Certificate and who was hovering on the brink of his head-cold transitioning into the-must-not-happen-again and very much dreaded sinusitis; which so far has thankfully been avoided!

There's nothing worth watching on TV these days it seems. Flicking through the endless amount of TV channels available is like looking through a full wardrobe and declaring that you've 'nothing to wear'! I have long since bemoaned the fact that there are no block-buster movies on TV of a weekend, especially on a Saturday night, with just mediocre very, very late movies shown on some channels. It's mainly a diet of competing and repetitive chat shows (although I do enjoy that Graham Norton!), a slew of omnibuses and repeats and a total stream of mindless reality TV shows. I mean I really couldn't care less about your Celebrity mother in a Big Brother House who's saying Yes to a Big Fat stoopid Dress and screaming 'Get Me Out Of Here'. I'm screaming get me out of this TV hell!

I will admit to loving the all-singing-and-dancing type reality shows though. I can't get enough of them, even though they are contrived and everybody just has to have a back story. I love being a sofa-judge and watching their journeys. I often bemoan the fact that John Player Tops of the Town is no more and I like that there's a platform of sorts for today's talent to at least get a viewing. And I do enjoy my Tuesday night TV viewing of 'Greys Anatomy' and 'The Good Wife' and am currently sampling the new 'CSI Cyber'.

The only thing that saved this weekend, TV-wise, for me was the Britain's Got Talent Final on Sunday night and the Network premier of  'Taken 2' on Monday night. Although the former turned out to deliver an alleged fraudulent winner and while I enjoyed the latter I was very restless throughout.

You see I can't just sit there just watching TV. I must be doing something else at the same time, be it scrolling on my phone or laptop or knitting/crocheting!

This restless and picky TV viewer needs to make some changes.

  • I need to relax!
  • I need to make more use of the record function on my UPC box. Record some late night movies for later viewing, for example. Their box set choices aren't exactly enticing.
  • I need to expand my viewing interests. I mean now that I've totally exhausted the endless repeats of 'Sex and the City' I've turned to 'Law and Order'! How desperate is that?!
  • I clearly need to get out more.
  • I need to get Netflix.

I intend to make these changes. Especially the last one.

As I publish this post I await the arrival of my Netflix kit which will see me join the worldwide Netflix #streamteam of bloggers!

I'm quite excited and am making a list of what I want to watch. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

The next TV blog post you see from me will be all about my Netflix #streamteam enjoyment!

I can't wait.....


  1. Or Amazon Prime... I don't think I would survive as an Expat without that! :D xx

    1. @BavarianSojourn: I have to admit to needing to google that! Not available in Ireland but I'm very glad it's available for you :-) xx

  2. I've been wtching The Great Interior Design Challenge on you Tube. But I could only find series 2. I think I need to upgrade my streaming.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: yes, you might want to join me!

  3. You will love Netflix it makes such a difference. I love watchign Tv as I do the housework, I carry my iPad room to room and have on all th seies! I work much harder! lol Mich x

    1. @Michelle Twin Mum: I always have TV on in the background too! I would get nothing done if I went room to room with a really good programme on though! Fair play to you. I'm really looking forward to it....as is my teen. xx

  4. I was reading an article the other day that opined that TV has never been better. Something that I don't agree with at all either! There are programmes that I would watch but they are never on when I have downtime, and when half the fun is tweeting about them, you want to watch them 'live', not later. So Netflix works well for me, and like Michelle, I watch it at other times too xx

    1. @Looking fr Blue Sky: Hmmmm..... dare I say that they're probably right as it's most probably an age thing??!! Although I do like a lot of newer programmes too, in fairness! And yes, I too love watching TV and tweeting 'live'. It's a lot of fun. And thanks for the recommendations on your post, they're on my list ;-) xx


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