Taking a Break......

It wasn't something I thought that I could easily do. In fact I never thought I'd see the day that I would actually do it.

But then it happened.

The day came and I simply didn't switch my laptop on.

I walked away from the interwebs, without a care in the world and didn't look back. For four whole days!

Now it wasn't a conscious decision, you understand, and it didn't happen all of a sudden. It just, kinda, developed. Over time. A by-product of extreme busy-ness, you  might say.

See, I got all caught up in the preparation of my son's state exams and took my supportive-mum role very seriously! Not that I had a choice really, the taxi-mum duties alone were time consuming, especially since he needed to come home at lunchtimes.

Like I say, I didn't plan it at all. I do love my online time, all that social media chatting and blogging. It's always fun and can sometimes be a distraction, or an outlet during busy or stressful times. I find though that when something big is happening in my life I'm either all about it........ or I clam up. I lose my social media voice. I have nothing to say. If I can't - or choose not to - speak about the huge elephant in my life then I say, nothing.

The Junior Cert was an 'elephant' of massive proportions and I didn't want to bore anyone else with it, and to be very honest I needed a break from it! It was so gigantic that there was nothing else for me to talk about.

I did try to keep up with online activities, at first. Although I self-muted I did scroll every day, keeping up with all the other things going on in my friend's lives and in the world in general. I awarded 'likes' here and comments there but then with no voice I just eventually, stopped. My silent laptop lay forlorn on the counter since last Thursday and my phone regained battery life from extreme under-use!

I did have lots of downtime in among the melee of  extreme busy-ness though, but as the sun was shining - as it always tends to at exam times - I spent it outdoors whenever possible. A walk in the park, a stroll on the beach or getting through this lot.....

As sedentary as this lot looks don't be fooled! The knitting and crocheting projects didn't always go to plan and those books seriously came between me and my sleep! Right page-turners they are with more twists and turns than the windiest windy road, soaring up hill and down dale, and going to the strangest corners imaginable! And I must thank my friend Bright Side of Life for introducing me to the Nicci French books. I'm hooked and the resulting insomniac nights are all your fault! Just kidding! 

Then I felt a little strange yesterday. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's the fact that only one lone exam remains to be sat, or it's the realisation that the long summer holidays - fraught with gaming disagreements - lies ahead, but I felt ...... bored? It seemed that lethargy and ennui had descended and a distinct feeling of couldn't-be-arsed-ness was definitely in the air.

My enjoyable downtime activities are not enough.

I need stimulation and conversations.

I need to be connected.

So yesterday I strolled lazily  by my neglected laptop, a couple of times it must be said, before finally switching it back on.

Nothing has changed, I found. The social media world has continued to turn perfectly fine in my absence, and I have found that I can survive very well without it. If I have to.

But it is very good to be back!

And now I look forward to re-connecting with your blogs to see what you've all been up to!

The resulting catch-up can be the nicest part of taking a break.....


  1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder of the interwebs too perhaps? I'd say it's very healthy to take a break like that, and welcome back xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: Yes, definitely. Sometimes a break is needed and makes you appreciate it, and able to participate, more. Thank you! xx

  2. Welcome back. Tbh, you weren't gone long enough for me to be worried about you. I think a few days off every so often is a wonderful thing. For some reason my fb account isn't available atm - they say it's site issues and to try later. Meanwhile I'm getting email notifications of fb activity so I know my friends are on it. I'm trying not to be paranoid - how silly is that? A couple of hours off fb and I'm getting paranoid about it.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Yes, four days seems very little doesn't it?! But it was a build of of being less involved day-by-day over two weeks before withdrawing completely. It's been two weeks since I blogged...and I was getting paranoid over being seen as neglectful. Of my own blog and others!! So I get your paranoia. I got those FB emails too. After four days it seems like they're ending out a search party for you!! xx

  3. Welcome back!
    I hope the JC wasn't too stressful on your son (and you of course too) I have it next year with my daughter, I'm dreading it!! She gets quite stressed and agitated with the normal ones...the state ones will be something else altogether!
    I think a social media break is probably no harm sometimes, we should all take a leaf from your book :)
    Nicola x

    1. @Simply Homemade: Thanks Nicola! I didn't realise you had a child of exam age! They all react so differently to the demands of state exams. It IS very stressful, a lot of pressure with assessments etc...particularly when they don't keep up with them! They will all be affected differently but they are only exams. A learning curve for the leaving Cert and school prepares them well.
      A break from social media can be so refreshing I find! xx

    2. So nice to have a break from the computer and social media, i dont think you realise how much you need it until it actually happens, i was the same when we went to France recently, felt like a new women afterwards. Welcome back 😃

  4. So good to have a break from social media although it is great to see you back. Hehehe, so glad you like the Nicci French books. Sorry for your lack of sleep but they are so worth it! :-) xx

    1. @Bright Side of Life: Oh yes, they are definitely worth it! I'm on the hunt for the 'Friday' book now, the latest one! xx

  5. Glad you are back! It is nice to take a break from all the online social stuff..I find that whenever I do-I come back to find that I haven't missed all that much..with the exception of my blogger friends! *sigh* Now I have to go look up Nicci French books....:) glad the exams are just about over! I hope that they all went well and that you all enjoy the lovely summer weather...

    1. @Kathleen: Oh do check them out! Yes, a social media break is always good I find. Thanks, am very relieved the exams are all over. Enjoy your summer too :-) xx


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