It was the early morning sound that we all dread. The trilling sound of an incoming phone call, loud and shrill.

I stood hand on heart while my husband ran downstairs to answer it.

He seemed cheerful enough in his responses to the person at the other end, but I knew that I was right in my assumptions of whom the call was from. He finished the call by saying he would pass on the message.

He then cheerfully informed me that my mother was being brought into hospital by ambulance. 'But, what's wrong with her?', I wanted to know. 'When was the ambulance called? How on earth could I do the school run and be at the hospital all at the same time?'

All these thoughts, and more, were tumbling through my mind as the panic inside rose higher and higher.

And then I woke up!

It was all a dream. A very, very realistic one. So much so that I pottered down the stairs to see if there was a missed call. Nope, all was well. This time. Thankfully.

But it could happen, at any time. Of that I am very aware.

I then fell back into a restless kind of sleep, for just a little while. I subsequently went downstairs to get a cup of tea only to find strange men in my kitchen. Unexpected strange men, and not of the nice variety either. They were taking things off my walls and out of my presses, explaining to me that they were here to 'finish the job ...... did your husband not tell you?.... we arranged it with him yesterday'.

Hmmmm..... it didn't seem quite right to me, not at all. I was very suspicious, so I left the house. I didn't go far but I did go quickly as I knew they were going to follow me. Oh, I was all fingers and thumbs trying to ring the local Garda Station, who's number I have saved on my phone for safety reasons. But no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't make the connection. I then strayed further away from the house, loudly bemoaning the fact to all and sundry that there was never a passing Garda car when you needed one.

Oh God, the strange men were catching up so I legged it over a road bridge that was leading to some kind of holiday camp over the road.

Then someone ran over my leg.

My bad leg.

'Oww' I yelled ..... to the back of a scuttling and very disgruntled Pretty Cat ..... as I woke up..... for the second time that morning!!

Yet again I was struck by how believable this dream was. How very possible it was that strange men could turn up in your house and play that line?

So convinced was I that I thought it was actually a pretty genius scheme!

Think about it....

Eventually, when I could finally shake the effects of these dreams from my mind, I concluded that although both were possibilities it was the former that was most likely.

Silly dreams or thoughts and fears playing on my mind?

Or........ visions?

I do hope not.


  1. Silly dreams can live with us for a long time. Thankfully time usually proves they were not visions. Scary post.I always hate going back to sleep after dreams like this.

    1. These dreams are still playing on my mind! The early morning time, when you're not as fully asleep as you might think you are,can be the worst time for dreaming. I hope this post didn't come between you and your sleep!

  2. I've a couple of dreams that still play around in my head. The 'what ifs'... Hate falling bavk asleep after them too. Glad your mama is okay and it was all just a horrible dream x

  3. I never seem to remember my dreams any more, and after reading this, I think I would prefer things to remain that way! Hope your dreams don't bother you for too long xx

  4. Probably not visions but concerns that are on your mind. Sleep well tonight. xxx

  5. @Kellie Kearney: Yes, it's very unsettling when you fall back asleep straight after. It's like you're dragged unwillingly back in there! Thanks. I'm relieved she was okay.

    @Looking for Blue Sky: Yes, that IS a good way to be! I can't remember the last time I remembered a dream as vividly as these two....

    @Midlife Singlemum: It would seem that was exactly what it was, thankfully!

    Thanks for your comments. I couldn't say it at the time but I did feel it was worries playing on mind especially since we were going away for a few days. I really worried that the phone call was an omen as it really could happen at any time. Thankfully it didn't this time! xx

  6. It is amazing what your subconscious can come up with when you have a lot on your mind. I hope your dreams have settled down.

  7. @Bright Side of Life: It sure is. They have settled a bit. I spoke to soon above though as the very next day I got the phone call I dreamed about......


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