Dungarvan: My Slices of Gold Coast Heaven

If you're a regular visitor to this blog then you'll know all about our little holiday haven, tucked away in a lovely, sun-blessed corner of Co Waterford. You'll also know that we have visited it very often throughout the years, and that it's seen us from toddler to teen-hood with our son.

As I never tire neither of this place, nor of the taking photographs of it, you'll also have been bored silly bombarded treated to my thoughts and accompanying scenic shots over the years!

And guess what? Following our most very recent trip you're now going to be bored bombarded treated to some more!

You see it was SO gorgeous down there again this year. Our room in the traditionally styled and very family oriented Gold Coast Hotel overlooked the harbour; and it had a balcony too for goodness sakes. I could have lived happily on this balcony - like, forever - just savouring these views from morning....

To the sun beginning it's decline.....

    Right through until the night spectacularly fell

From the extremely low tide, apparently caused by the recent solar eclipse and Spring equinox which was promptly followed by a full moon ......

    To watching the sea birds flock to shore for their evening tea on a very full tide.

Although these photographs were all taken from the comfort of our balcony we did actually leave the hotel room!

We had to make our traditional visit to the stunning Clonea Strand you see, which is only a skimming stones throw away from the Gold Coast harbour.

I got some beautiful shots of this glorious beach the last time we were here, but on the first day this time around the low-tide was a bit of a restriction. But it was still very beautiful......

With rock pools .....

Just made for exploring!

But  a sea fog was rolling in......

That completely obscured the beach by the following day. Honestly, the very large Clonea Strand virtually disappeared before my very eyes and you could barely see the hand in front of your face. 

However it didn't stop children and families from ignoring the 'never cast a clout 'till May be out' expression and going swimming, playing in the barely visible rock pools and making sand castles - and some fabulous sand art too.... 

 We also ventured into Dungarvan itself - to the delightful Indian Ocean Restaurant - where I was confounded as to how I'd never noted, in all the years that I've been coming here, that New York is not the only place on this earth where one might find a 'Flat-Iron Building'!!

We also spent sometime at the edge of Dungarvan Harbour .....

And we admired the quaint and very functional St Augustine's Church which was constructed in 1828 and reconstructed in 1870. Except for one little portion, obviously!

Then all too soon it was time to bade farewell once more to our glorious holiday haven

And to one of it's quaint hotels

But before we departed this golden shore, our holiday haven decided to grace us with a farewell all of it's very own; by presenting us with the most stunning sunset ever....

Farewell, oh glorious Gold Coast of Dungarvan.

Until next time.......

As I have mentioned above we stayed in the Gold Coast Hotel this time, as our usual hotel of choice The Clonea Strand Hotel only opens for the months of May to September. 

The decor may be considered dated in these family-run and family oriented hotels, the food traditional but very tasty and there may not be a flat screen TV in sight - but the staff are so lovely and we can highly recommend both of these Hotels for your family Staycation! 

These hotels are also a great base for Golf trips or for touring the surrounding areas of great beauty, and The Clonea Strand in particular is a great spot for weddings.

They also have a holiday houses and apartments to let - for easy, family holidays. Who needs a flat screen TV anyway? With a beach close to hand, a lovely harbour and sandy areas to explore, Golf for the golfers, Leisure Centres in both hotels to avail of and The Play Loft and small Bowling Alley to enjoy also! 

 There's something for everyone at The Clonea Strand/Gold Coast Hotels, making it your perfect family staycation venue.

Note: I was neither asked to nor paid for writing this. I wrote it because I adore this place and simply because I wanted to.


  1. Oh what incredibly beautiful photos! We are going to Wexford on holidays in a couple of weeks-can't wait!!- and really hoping to perhaps get as far as Dungarvan. Looks like a piece of heaven :-)

    1. @Emily: Thank you! It really is a beautiful spot. enjoy your well-deserved break and if you make it to Dungarvan do pop down to Clonea Strand beach! You'll see the the Clonea Strand Hotel as it's right at the beach. Don't be put off by it's dated look though, it's a lovely place to stay :-)

  2. What a gorgeous spot! I love your pictures throughout the day! You really do live in a beautiful part of the world! :)

    1. @BavarianSojourn: Thanks. It's a different beautiful to your beautiful part of the world! We're so lucky really, aren't we? :)

  3. Absolutely stunning: I've always loved the south east of Ireland and these photos remind me why once again: glad you have somewhere to escape to that you love so much xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: It is so lovely, and I'm lucky to be able to escape to it every so often :-) xx

  4. Speechless at the beauty of it all. I must, must, must get to Ireland someday.

    1. @Shelly: Yes, you really must!! And you must visit our glorious South East if you do make it over . Oh, and Dublin too, so that we can meet up :-)

  5. Clonea is the beach of my childhood, so many wonderful memories are tied up in this special place. My sister and I continue the tradition by bringing our children there each summer and for many day trips in between. Gorgeous pictures, can't wait to get back.
    BTW the pizzas in the Clonea Steand are fab and fish and chips on the beach from Gordon's taste like nothing else.

    1. @Elizabeth MacDonnell: Oh, you lucky thing growing up near Clonea Strand! I'm not surprised that you bring your children there every summer with your sister. yes, we have tasted those yummy pizzas! They serve them in the Gold Cost too, especially now that Clonea Strand Hotel is closed off-peak.
      I wouldn't know about anything from Gordon's as I've kinda boycotted him ever since he tried to poison my teenager when he was a baby with 'off' milk!! His attitude pi$$ed me right off!!
      Maybe we'll bump into you one summer ;-) xx

    2. Actually we only went there on holidays, my grandparents had two mobile homes in Bigges and moved down there from May to Sept and kept a seperate mobile for visitors ( clever ppl) My lasting memory is my grandad swimming the length of the beach every morning until the year before he died stage 78!
      OOOPS about Gordan's ( their food is very good...sushhhhh!)
      Would be so lovely to see you there someday x

    3. @Elizabeth MacDonnell: Ah, I see. They were indeed very clever people your grandparents! And wow on your grandad's daily swim! No better place to spend childhood summers. If I ever find we're down there in the summer months again (we tend to go off-peak) then I'll let you know! xx

  6. There's just something to be said about beautiful sunsets over the water. It really makes you fall in love with the Gold Coast doesn't it.

    1. @Michael Maloney: it sure does! Wherever in the world your 'Gold Coast' might be ;-)
      Thanks for commenting.


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