Captivating Solitude

I sit in solitude 
In mind and space 

Surrounded by blue hues 
of sea and sky 

And the glinting of a brilliant sun. 

Thoughts slowly ripple through my mind 
Like the gentle lapping of the trickling waves 

The horizon glimmers on glassy sea 
It lies far away, 
Way beyond my reach and imagination

The calming sea sounds wash over me
Cleansing my mind from stresses

I breathe deeply, gently
Calm and warmth embraces

The mind and soul cleared

Alone in my thoughts 
And with these sounds

I am almost kidnapped 
by this solitude and beauty

Sounds of life intrude

A siren seeps through the bliss 
An airplane soars overhead

The needs of the day
That lies ahead are calling

 So I reluctantly escape
These captivating clutches

Assuaged in the knowledge 

That it is I who leaves 
And not this place    


  1. Beautiful poem and image, and your new blog design fits it perfectly xx

  2. @Looking for Blue Sky: Thanks so much. It was supposed to be a brisk walk I was on but I was kidnapped by this perfect moment! The new blog design happened by accident. I was only window-shopping really! xx

  3. I really enjoyed reading your poem. Way to go for your photograph, looks great.

    1. @Bright Side of Life: Thank you. It is a very simple photograph as I wanted it to portray what I was seeing... the hues of blue as the sea almost blended with the sky. Very difficult to find the right words to portray the beauty of this stunning moment though! xx

  4. The sea has everything - solitude, wonder, hope, anticiation, beauty, motion, .... I love your picture and your poem.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Thank you. And I love the words that use to describe the sea. So apt, and exactly what I witnessed that day.......xx


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