'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'- the 'Must-Stream' New Netflix Comedy Show!

I was like a child on Christmas morning last Wednesday, as I got ready to head to Dublin Airport for my flight to London for the preview of  Netflix 's new  'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' show.  I'd had barely any sleep I was that excited to be invited to this event, that had the added attraction of an overnight stay for me in the delightfully opulent 5 star Soho Hotel - a prize I'd won with this blog post on Looking for Blue Sky's blog! 

The launch was organised by Netflix, and the wonderful team at Nicola Watkins Public Relations, to provide some cherished 'me time' for the #unbreakablemums on their Netflix Streamteam. It was also an opportunity to see this new show, the latest addition to the incredible library of Netflix content, before its official launch on Friday 6th March. 

The event itself was so very well done, with an intimate feel allowing us #unbreakablemums to get to know each other better, to simply socialise, while we casually queued to get nails polished and shoulders massaged. With cocktails in hand and a constant stream of delicious foodie nibbles being served by very friendly and attentive staff. You should know that the staff at the Soho Hotel know how to make seriously good cocktails, especially Bellinis!

That's me with the lovely Kate Takes 5 on top left 
and some of the Irish #unbreakablemums bottom left!

Soon it was time to move to the screening room to see the main event. I have to say, this screening room was a delightful mix of coziness and relaxation as we all settled down, with more cocktails and foodie nibbles being served, to await the viewing of the first three episodes of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' A trip to the local cinema will never be the same again! 

Maybe it was the cocktails but we did all giggle at various parts throughout. It was like a ripple-giggle effect that you sometimes get at a good comedy movie. You know, when someone sees the gag coming and can't hold the chuckle back, or when different audience members find different moments funny.

The show is all about Kimmy and some other women who are held in an underground bunker for fifteen years, believing that the world has ended due to their 'dumbness'! The show begins with their release and Kimmy played by Ellie Kemper, being unbreakable, decides to completely break-away and to make a new life for herself in New York.

She is a zany character, as is her gay, hero-costumed roomie - who eventually leads his similarly-costumed friends, who are all working Times Square, to revolt against their scamming costume-hire guy!

 Kimmy eventually gets herself a job working for a neurotic and impulsive employer, well-played by Jane Krakowski, who is mum to her off-the-rails and sexually active (so she claims!) 15 year old daughter, and a similarly-headed pick-pocketing younger son, played by the #KimmySchmidt tweet-favouriting, and hero-bashing, Tanner Flood!

To me 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' is a comedy show with zany, off-the-wall humour, interspersed with some rapid one-liners and blink-and-you'd-miss-them moments. Like the fleeting re-appearance of the stray horse... I'll say no more for fear of the dreaded spoiler-alert! But some of us did agree later that it's a show that every time you watch it you might see something you missed the first time.

And that's why I think this show could be a real success.

It could even become - dare I say it - cult viewing?!

Just before I arrived in London I read this Time magazine article which labels this show as a 'must-stream comedy'. It also explains how NBC 'pre-cancelled' this show when there was no air-space available to schedule it, selling it to Netflix for streaming instead.

There are undoubtedly some who will not enjoy a comedy show such as this, but for those of us who enjoy some easy-watching show, or movie, that also makes us laugh at the end of a hard day, then this one does precisely that!

I also hope, for the cast, crew and production team, that NBC's loss will be Netflix's gain, and that this show will be a highly-rated addition to their incredible streaming content. And that they'll film another season!

And of course the beauty of Netflix is that even if you have missed the launch of this zany comedy show on Friday 6th March you can watch it any time you want!

So, get streaming and enjoy!

*Note: All 'Kimmy' photos appear with kind permission of Netflix.


  1. Lovely reminder of a lovely time. Thank you for the link. Lets do it again sometime!

    1. @Kate Gunn: Oh yes, let's! It was really lovely to meet you.

  2. Sounds like such a great day Val, congrats on the win :)

    1. @Simply Homemade: Thanks so much Nicola, it was a wonderful day and great to finally meet these #unbreakablemums - none of whom I'd met before!

  3. So happy that you won and had a great time --- and the show is pretty good too! xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: Thanks... it is pretty good isn't it? I want to see what happens next! And to see what happened to the girls who were in the bunker with her! Does she ever meet them again?!

  4. Ah you lucky woman. What a blast to head off to London and have a great time... a wonderful *me time* experience. Will look out for the show, although we don't have Netflix.

  5. @Bright Side of Life: Ah, it was just wonderful. I'm still living off the memory of it!

  6. I followed you on the day, and night envying you every moment. Hotel looked fab too. Congrats on your win, I only just followed the link to read it. Well done.
    It all sounds great, including unbreakable.

  7. I'm so glad you had a ball! Sounds like my kind of show XXX


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