The Very Patient Boy and his Dream Gaming Machine........

We all know the saying that 'good things come to those who wait' don't we? Well, I know a boy who has waited rather a long time for something that he really wanted.

Since last summer he has schemed and dreamed - and tormented regaled his parents - about building something very special for himself, and how he'd fund it.

He researched with constant trawls through Google and YouTube until he was quite satisfied that he'd sourced the exact, all singing-and-all-dancing, parts and components to build his very own Dream Gaming Machine. Custom made to suit his own very precise demands of course!

He then began to wear down convince his parents that this was indeed the best use of his resources and talents, and that at the tender age of fourteen he was very much up to the job. Oh, and Christmas was the best time of the year to do this. Besides, having a birthday so close to Christmas would help his finances somewhat! He really had got it all worked out and had put so much time and effort into it, how could we say no?! Words whispered like 'college' and 'Computer Science' also helped ;-)

And soon after the ordeal of placing a rather long 'Santa List' for this Dream Gaming Machine of his began. This involved researching the online site with the best deals on offer for each item of said list, and with the best transport costs too. After much head-scratching and nights spent on this task an order was finally placed with, who also offered free delivery!

And with this order the patience game began in earnest.

Although the order was placed just in time for a Christmas delivery as two items were out of stock, a fact not divulged when the order was placed, the dispatch was delayed. My constant interaction with the company, mainly through twitter, resulted in the rest of the order being delivered. Tip #1: if placing an order with this company, especially a long one, don't pay with PayPal as the whole order must be in stock for dispatch to occur.

And so Christmas and his birthday passed swiftly by, with no presents for the now fifteen year old.

However shortly after Christmas, and while he was still on school holidays, many boxes arrived, minus two items of course, and the great build began.

Online research is all very well and good, and YouTube videos are a wonderful visual, but the actuality of building something like this can be a little different, to say the least! And while he did sort out a lot of problems himself we also had some helpful advice from the son of a facebook friend (you know who you are) to whom I am most grateful. Of course I too was hovering as usual in the background, also available on demand. Peace was maintained and a patient demeanor encouraged, as I gently pushed the viewing of this build as an 'ongoing project'; as opposed to a 'let's build it NOW and just play' approach.

The excitement when those fans eventually turned and the power lights lit up was contagious! Hell, I even jumped for joy!

And then came the hugest disappointment of all..... Stoopid mum had clicked the wrong button on the order form and we had the wrong operating system. It took six weeks for (the main UK company) to accept a return of this item so that I could buy the correct one - I'm not that stoopid! - and for them to find it in their massive warehouse. My persistence prevailed, with constant Twitter DMs to the company and finally, with the February midterm break almost complete, the Dream Gaming Machine is up and running! Albeit with our old keyboard and mouse. His new ones, also all-singing-and-all-dancing and with accompanying bells and whistles, are winging their way to us as I type! Tip #2; It is not Dabs policy to accept a return of OS product keys. Building up a good rapport with their twitter customer service team is a good plan. We are now on first name terms! 

The boy was also very patient while awaiting the delivery of his delayed birthday present, the coolest gaming chair ever, from GT Omega Racing......!!

To build your own PC at the all-knowing yet tender age of fifteen is quite an achievement, and rather a massive learning curve too. Just think of all the knowledge he has accumulated during this process, without even realising it?

The delay taught that instant gratification is not the only game in town.

The PC case may have been lying idle but it was also available to open and examine, to ensure all parts were still working, to marvel at his creation, and to set the curious mind wondering at all the inter-linking components of this thing of great beauty and wonderment.

Building your own PC and taking time over the project can therefore open the mind to further interests. I could almost hear the brain cogs grinding as the mind of a gaming teenager switches from butchering adversaries (sorry, no other way to describe it) to thoughts like: 'I wonder how that Intel core processor works exactly?' And  then I can almost see new avenues open up on the career path ahead of him.....

And a series of Computer Coding classes from the Academy of Code should help open up those avenues even more.

As for me? Well, I can honestly say that I now know more about computers and how they're built than I will ever need to know. I swear, words like Corsair, MSI Motherboards, SSD and Graphic Cards - and their functions and capabilities - now trip merrily off my tongue these days, almost as easily as 'a glass of Pinot Grigio please'! 

And we both learned that all good things do come to those who wait.

And that patience is indeed a virtue!

Now, pass me that glass of Pinot Grigio please!!

I think I've earned it!


  1. Wow, this project is certainly a commitment in time and knowledge. A whole gaming and programming world has passed me by I'm afraid. Respect to your boy.

  2. @Midlife Singlemum: Huge commitment alright.... easier to be committed when it's a work of passion! That whole world has passed me by too but I'm living it through my boy now :)

  3. WOW Jazzy
    I am blown away
    Your kiddo is VERY smart

    1. @Floortime Lite Mama: Ah, thank you! He now says 'it's sooo easy'!! He's very proud of himself, and so he should be :-)

  4. This is just such a wonderful achievement: your son has come such a long way and he has proved that his future is very bright indeed xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: it really is a great achievement. Just shows how we can use their screen-based interests to hopefully enhance their future? That's what I'm hoping anyway.... xx

  5. Wow!! What an amazing achievement at such a young age. My daughter would get on famously with your son I expect, she is computer mad and speaks a language that neither I or my husband understand. Games consoles are not just games consoles in our house!
    Congratulations to your son :)

  6. @Simply Homemade: Thanks Nicola. I don't know what my boy is talking about a lot of the time but this process has certainly given me an education!

  7. What a great achievement, you must have been so proud, not just of what he managed to do, but his perseverance. My husbands nephew is now at college doing 'computers', but in his teens he too began to build computers. He offered to fix friends and neighbours and became good at it, but if he couldn't fix it he kept the computer for parts so rarely spent too much money (at least that is what he told his mom!)

    1. @mythoughtsonapage: Yes! His skill, perseverance and patience. It is not easy for an ASD kid to wait. For anything. I'm therefore also impressed with his maturity, of which I get fleeting glances now and again!
      I can SO see him being like your husband's nephew! He has his eye on our old dilapidated PC, just dying to take it apart!

  8. Despite the delay in it turning up, that is a HUGE achievement! I am certain I couldn't do half of that now, let alone at 15! :)

    1. @BavarianSojourn: Yeah, it really is, isn't it? I think after watching (and listening!) to him, and many YouTube videos, I could nearly do it myself! :-D

  9. What an amazing boy (and what a patient mammy). It's lucky he's your son and not mine tho...I thought motherboard was a swear word. Well done! XXX


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