The Calm Between Two Storms.....

It was such a stormy night here in Ireland last night as Storm Rachel battered our country.  It is still, almost 24 hours later, very windy outside. Storm Rachel is quite the raging storm.

This morning, we on the more protected East side of the country woke up to a bright and sunny day, albeit with some stormy wild winds still howling.

And it seemed that a 'storm' abounded both outdoors and in .....

But the indoors version was just the usual 'storm' of getting a teenager out of bed and out the door to school on time. As I'm sure occurs in a lot of houses! All tall and testosterone-y, with bustling limbs going up and down the stairs many times - like it was a prescribed morning exercise - eventually getting out the door, all weighed down with a heavy book-filled bag. Phew. This is a daily 'storm', fueled by my inability to tell the time precisely (not correctly .... p.r.e.c.i.s.e.l.y). In my defense there are five time pieces - including my watch and phone - in my small kitchen, all proudly declaring a precise time of their own choosing. And yes, you guessed it, none of them are in agreement. In order to resolve this contentious issue I will be having a conversation with the talking clock soon ..... and 'he' better know his seconds from his minutes. P.r.e.c.i.s.e.l.y.

However, this 'storm' abated the minute I waved 'toodles' at the back end of a swiftly departing bus, while the outside one was gathering even more momentum.

But, deceivingly it was such a lovely sunny morning. And as I drove away from my village - after lots of calming tea with toast and comforting scrambled egg - I could see the slivers of winter sunbeams dancing through the old tall trees just ahead of me. They teasingly beckoned me forward, to come see the winter sunshine show in its full glory.... Just up ahead ... Keep driving... You're nearly there...

I could feel the calm and joy descend, embracing  me as I approached the bend in the road ahead. And as the road straightened out in front of me, the glorious winter sun appeared in all it's brilliance .......

It really was magnificent, it made my day all the brighter and spurned me on to spend a little time outdoors.

Which is exactly what I did by taking a bit of  a stroll along a very blustery Bray Seafront, buffeted with massive gusts of wind that saw the sea spray from the crashing waves cast about like birds spreading seeds.....

A  lovely morning, a perfect antidote to whatever ails you.

And while Storm Rachel's anger has abated somewhat, after quite a stormy afternoon, she's still flaffing about with her howling winds, refusing to leave our shores.

And all indoors is far, far quieter......

Take care,


  1. I love dramatic winter storms as long as they are outside and I am inside... for the duration. Have a good and dry weekend. xx

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Agreed, when the rain is pelting down. But when the sun is shining like this , and although the wind was howling it was a relative calm before the storm got going again, it was fabulous to get out and enjoy it a little. I definitely stayed indoors form early afternoon!! Brrrr...... xx

  2. Lovely photos. You were braver than me, I went to the beach but didn't get out of the car x

  3. The calm after the storm is wonderful! But I do like a storm on the beach too xx

  4. I think we got the tail end of Rachel last week. Unbelievable winds, quite scary at times! So pleased she has left your shores and things in general are calm and peaceful! Lovely photos! :) xx

  5. Lovely post and gorgeous photos! And, eh, now I want toast and scrambled eggs

  6. Beautiful. I so miss living by the sea! Sunny winter days are probably my favourites. Glad to hear the inside storm abated - sounds like me, a complete inability to be anything but 'on the verge of being late' every day on the way out of the door... I need help! :D

  7. @Magnum Lady: I probably shouldn't have been walking in those blustery conditions either! And I didn't get too far, far too windy for me!

    @Looking For Blue Sky: Oh yes, it was invigorating to feel the storm at the beach.... and to enjoy the calm after the one indoors ;-)

    @Bavarian Sojourn: Sounds like you got it too alright, very scary winds! Everything a lot calmer here now..... on all fronts!

    @Office Mum: Thank you. The scrambled eggs really were yummy, and comforting :-)

    @Steph Curtis: Oh gosh, I SO know that feeling! It's like I always say.... I just want to leave the house, how difficult can it be? I say this even when it's only myself that I have to get going! Always so many things to remember to bring....

    Thanks for all your comments :-) xx

  8. Isn't it just the best, living near the sea? Lovely pictures, Jazzy. Am yearning to visit Ireland again.

    1. @Bright Side of Life: It's fabulous... stony beach or not! I really love it and hope to see you over here again soon :-)
      My photos are nothing like your wonders and are only taken with my phone. I really should start bringing my camera with me.... xx


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