'Slim with Tina January Kickstart' - My Journey, Part 1

My New Year started last Monday January 5th sensibly, I thought to myself, coinciding with back-to-school times; with me brimming over with determination to get my 2015 goals and wishes off to a good start.

Of course one of my goals is some dreaded weight loss, as I'm sure it is for many of you out there. Or at least I hope it is! Although I'm quite sure none of you attacked and demolished the wine rack, box of Roses chocolates and box of scrumptious Tayto crisps, over the Christmas period, with quite the recklessness and total abandonment that I did! 

And now it's pay back time.

Added to the Christmas guzzling is the damage done to my previous weight loss, courtesy of a back injury last July. Between medications. which included a lot of steroids and opiates, comfort eating - all those yummy hospital desserts coming back to haunt me! - and an inability to exercise properly, I have my work cut out for me.

I've been trying to pare things back since last October but, even though I have the tools from a previous weight loss programme to hand, I simply cannot do this alone.

For example, even though this week started so positively it kind of fell apart at the weekend. 

I am clear in my goals and motivation though, but I clearly need direction and external motivation to keep me on track. Perhaps I also need to go at this from a different angle? A more holistic approach maybe?

It was rather timely then, when I saw a blogger offer from Tina Murphy for her Slim with Tina January Kickstart programme! I jumped at the chance to take part!

Tina has received many plaudits for her very popular  Run With Tina programmes and has been a regular feature on Irish TV .

Now, I don't generally do well on diets that are based on planned meals, banned foods and wine bans and have no idea really, what a Slim With Tina January Kickstart programme entails!

I have received a couple of positive and encouraging emails from Tina so far and more info will follow, as our intensive four-week programme commences tomorrow, Monday January 12th. Yikes!! 

I have also received a complementary copy of her Slim With Tina book which has gotten some great reviews.

I have had a quick look through the book, and at Tina's website, and so far it seems to be a good, positive and holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle, with the added benefit of some weight loss.

This kickstart programme has kicked off already, with us keeping a food diary for the last few days. And mine makes for some scary reading I can tell you! I can see quite clearly when and why I go overboard. I can already see that stress and boredom play their part. As do the sleepless nights and dogged tiredness.

So how am I, while Slimming With Tina,  going to change all that?

It's bound to be an interesting few weeks ahead and while I'm a little nervous as I've no idea really what I'm letting myself in for, I may as well give it a go. Sure what have I to lose?

Except for hopefully a few pounds.

But perhaps I'll have more to gain than to lose. by gaining a healthier lifestyle, and some lovely sleep-filled nights, in the process?

Now that's something to aim for!

Pop back here over the next few weeks and I'll let you know how I'm doing!

But I'd best get going now, I have a bit of reading to do ;-)

Take care,

Disclosure:  I have received a complementary place on this kickstarting course and a complementary copy of Tina's 'Slim With Tina' book, and in return I have agreed to share my journey with you over the next few weeks. Which is a fun, if slightly revealing, prospect for me! As usual my review will be an honest one. Wish me luck now!


  1. A Kickstart Programme sounds like a great idea for giving a bit of extra motivation, I hope it goes well, and that you'll share a few tips! xx

  2. Everyone is going crazy over the Banting Diet here..... it was put together by Tim Noakes. Basically, lots of fat and cut back on the carbs and sugar. I wonder how it compares to Slim with Tina.


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