Mia Tui Me - Again....... Meet 'Luca'!

I really do love those Mia Tui bags. So much so that I told you all about the first two bags I received back in January 2013. These are stylish, organiser bags and are ideal for a busy person who seems to live their daily life out of their handbags. Like me!

How I cherish my Grace and Amelia bags, and I really have put both of them through their paces in the past two years. They are still in good condition today too, and if ever they are not I shall be replacing them pronto I value them that much.

However, more recently I found carrying bags while on a crutch rather difficult. so I adjusted the strap on my Grace bag in order to distribute the weight a bit better and to leave my hands free, for safety reasons. It did help but I felt I needed something else....

Something more like a backpack type bag perhaps?

Not a 'here-I-am-going-on-a-hike'  type backpack, even though clearly I wasn't - being on a crutch and all. A more discreet and stylish bag was my wish.

Enter Luca - the answer to all my essential requirements ....

It really is yet another stylish and extremely well made bag from Mia Tui. It's designed for all occasions from office use to going on walkabouts, and is really handy for those trips when you need to keep your hands free. Luca is ideal as a laptop bag and makes a great man-bag too. But it's also suitable for all reasons and genders - maybe you're pushing a buggy, hiking through the woods..... or struggling on a crutch!

I love the red inner lining, which is also on the insides of the padded back-straps .....

As you can see there are three separate compartments, including a padded laptop pocket. There's also a small zipped pocket at the front. The Luca bag has the usual Mia Tui insulated water-bottle holder, clips for keys, phone/pen holders and one clear removable PVC bag.

Although a little awkward for Christmas shopping as you have to take the bag off your bag every time you need your purse, which was a lot! The Luca bag was really useful during my recent crutch-using days and will certainly get more usage in the future. 

My Luca bag now takes pride of place in my little Mia Tui family....

           From L to R: 'Luca' for walkabouts, 'Amelia' for traveling and show rehearsals, 
                         'Grace' for everyday, a handy, wrist-carrying purse and finally 
                   'Lottie' for when I only need a small bag.

You can tell I'm addicted, can't you?!

If you're interested in purchasing a Luca bag, or any bag from the extensive Mia Tui range then you'd best hot-foot it over to their website pronto. 

There's a sale on, you see, and if you spend stg£45 you get a FREE Poppy bag! 

Tip: P&P is stg£9.99 no matter how big, small or how many items you order so make the most of it! Maybe make a joint order with a friend?

That Poppy bag really does looks very stylish, doesn't it? And very tempting too.....

I think it would fit very nicely into my little Mia Tui family, don't you?!

Take care,

Disclosure: I received the Luca bag free-for-review when placing a recent order. However my review here is an honest one, as always.


  1. Mazal tov on the new arrival to you r lovely Mia Tui family. I love these bags.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Why thank you! They are fantastic, aren't they? I'd be lost without mine.....

  2. Oh, I've been tempted to buy one if these for ages!! Great review!

  3. I got a Luca because I do like going for the occasional walk to get out of the house. Sometimes quite long walks too! And I like to have everything I might need with me and it's amazing what can be fitted in a Luca... make up, tablet, warm clothes, drinks, chocolate, plus all the usual stuff and it's so comfy to carry. I'd recommend everyone to get one too.

    So glad you like yours Jazzy xx


  4. Stunning bags. If I wasn't so loyal to my Orla Kiely bags, then I would be sure to invest in a Mia Tui. :)

    1. @Bright Side of Life: Well, as Orla Kiely is Irish then that's perfectly ok ;-) xx


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