Dear Son.....

I know you like History so I thought you might like to know some of the prominent world events on this day fifteen years ago: December 22nd 1999.

  • The world feared the forthcoming brand-new Millennium, terrified of the damage it would do to computers globally, branding it: Y2K. Something I know you find hopelessly hilarious today.

Oh yes, there was most definitely a shining light in that 24 hour period.

However, neither you nor I were really taking notice of these world events on this day back then.

We were most definitely otherwise engaged.

I had spent two days walking around hospital corridors and up and down any stairwell I could find, in a desperate attempt to get you to introduce yourself to the world. Well, at the very least to get you to introduce yourself to us, your parents!

But you had other ideas. A sign of things to come perhaps?! You were very comfortable where you were, thank you very much, but I however was not! You were getting bigger and bigger and leaning on things you really shouldn't. It was time to move out, Buster! Actually, I believed you were holding on for another nine days just to be a aluminium Millennium Baby, but I wanted to finally see your little face.... NOW!

And finally, after much ado and serious prodding and monitoring - I swear, there was more going into me than coming out that day! -the light shone that bit brighter in the world, as you came into it.

You were gorgeous. Perfect. With your little rosebud mouth in a perfect 'O', as you gazed all around you when you were finally placed into my arms. A neighbour was later to use the word 'exquisite' to describe you. He was absolutely right too and I should know, being your completely unbiased mother and all.

Now I'm sure that somewhere in this country there is an air and gas machine that was rendered completely useless, and an anesthesiologist who still has the indelible marks of my hands on his wrist from that day. Although I do recall him telling me that his were the last hands I should grab . Good advice really, given that he was mid-epidural-injecting at the time.

But none of that mattered now that you'd finally arrived, a whole ten days late and a few ounces heavier.

You've brightened our lives, given substance to our world and made us very, very proud since that day fifteen years ago. Now, if you'd just clean your room and 'get off that screen' without being incessantly nagged, all would be absolutely perfect! But you're a teenager and your resistance is to be expected :-) 

We've been on an incredible and inspiring journey with you in the last fifteen years son. we've watched you grow into the lovely, handsome young man that you are becoming.

I sense that you are now entering another, more maturing, chapter in your life and we very much look forward to travelling this road with you too.

It promises to be very exciting. Especially if your 'Santa List' and your plans with it come to fruition. This could actually be quite a defining Birthday and Christmas present this year and I really hope that it is.....

You are fifteen years old today, Dear Son, which makes  me fifteen years older. But we won't dwell on that, oh no, not for a tiny minute.

Instead I will simply wish you the happiest 15th Birthday and the Merriest Christmas ever.

May you have a lovely day and may all your dreams and wishes for the future come to pass.

Lots of Love Always,

Mum and Dad



  1. Such a gorgeous post! Hope he has had a lovely birthday! x

  2. @BavarianSojourn: Ah, thank you. He seems to have enjoyed it, even though his present wasn't ordered in time he was very happy with the voucher we made up heralding it's arrival! xx

  3. Ahh a lovely note to your son and I hope he had a great birthday. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. Mich x

    1. Thanks Mich! A very Happy Christmas to you all too :-) xx

  4. A lovely read and a very Happy Birthday to your son and best wishes for Christmas and the road ahead xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: Thanks! Fingers crossed that things arrive on time 'cos right now things are NOT looking good..... xx

  5. Love this post. Happy Birthday to your son and Merry Christmas to you all. I love the cake too. xxxx

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Thanks, glad you enjoyed. It's lovely to be able to mark occasions like this on a blog. This was my first successful Victoria Sponge... the photo was meant to include my handsome strapping boy but he didn't want me to share it. So you all get the tree instead!
      Merry Christmas to you and Miss A :-) xx

  6. Wonderful post! Happy birthday to your young man...I feel as though our kids have grown up together..different sides of the ocean..but so many similarities.Thank you for sharing your journey with us..I look forward to reading about the next adventures. xxoo

  7. Oops, sorry, am a bit late to the party! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy. Really enjoyed reading your post and looking at your fab image. xx

  8. @Kathleen: Thanks Kathleen. I feel the same way! We have been following each other's family journeys for the past 6 years.... and they grow so much in that time. I look forward to rading about your next steps too. xx

    @Bright Side of Life: Don't worry, you're never too late to give birthday greetings! Thanks, so proud of hi, I would have loved to show his teen image but I wasn't allowed to share it!

    xx Jazzy


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