Christmas 'Reasons to be Cheerful' #R2BC ......

I've always loved Christmas and am lucky to have such a lovely store of Christmas memories, from childhood on. Not that the presents were huge when we were children - they really weren't - or that we had lots of money - we really didn't. We always appreciated what we got though, and the time we spent visiting all our relatives on Christmas morning. Getting to meet all my cousins at both Grandparent's houses was always such a special highlight.

Fast forward a hundred a few years or so and while the traditions may have changed, we are now creating memories for our own children. I have lovely memories of Christmases tinged with Santa magic for my son, but now that he's fifteen I do wonder how special his festive memory bank is? And I wonder if he'll remember this Christmas as being especially nice? Given that it was a bit of a Gypsy Christmas, insofar as the visiting we did and the lovely Christmas dinners - yes, plural - we had quite literally, handed to us on a plate!

Midnight Mass

For me, the festive feelings kicked off as usual with the great Irish tradition of 'Midnight Mass' on Christmas Eve.... at 8 pm! Although I was very uncomfortable sitting in the hard wooden pews this year it was still the usual, special part of our Christmas festivities. The packed church, nice singing and the usual sense of community was just right for the special, religious night, that it was. And all finished off nicely with the new tradition of a quick Christmas drink with friends.

The 'Private Visit'.

Christmas Day dawned gloriously, both weather and family wise, starting with a small family visit to my mother in her 'care home'. She was so nicely dressed in her new Christmas clothes that I had laid out for her. She and her fellow residents were also very well attended by smiling and polite staff who, having left their own families at home, faced a long shift that day. We were grateful to them, and to the fact that my mam was in such great form and enjoyed her Christmas dinner with such relish. She is quite the miracle. This was yet another Christmas we weren't supposed to have and, whatever is to come, I will have the lovely memories of this special visit for always.

Peace and Calm

Some Christmas Day winter sun made for such lovely views to instill some inner peace and calm on our travels that day....

Family Time

The family time continued with time spent with other close family members. Sumptuous and plentiful food was accompanied by both flowing wine and conversation and such lovely company. It really was the most enjoyable and relaxing way to spend both Christmas and St Stephen's Day.

Home Sweet Home

No matter how enjoyable the Christmas was - and it really was - there is nothing like finally coming home sweet home. To enjoy another lovely quick stroll and flop around in sweats to enjoy more food and some festive TV viewing.

And yes, there were some lovely presents, even if  the 'Santa' online order did go horribly wrong and has yet to arrive, but there's more to Christmas than all that.

I hope the teen festive memory bank is awash this year and that his patience is rewarded.

And wherever you are I do hope you had a lovely Jazzy Christmas too!

Note: I doubt there's an #RTBC blog hop this week, and if there is I can't find it! I'm going ahead with this anyway as I do feel cheerful..... and very grateful. 

UPDATE: I was so cheered by and grateful for my Christmas this year that I've been quite cheeky and tagged this post onto the New Year's #R2BC Linky over at Ojo's World!

I've already written my New Year's post and wish you all a positive 2015 with many, many reasons to be cheerful....

Take care,


  1. That sounds like a lovely convivial Christmas - but I hope that those hard pews did not do too much damage xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: I think I survived the pews! It really was a lovely Christmas, and it is definitely good to be home again. Where all our 'stuff' is ;-) xx

  2. Ok, I've learned something - I didn't know that Boxing Day was St Stephen's Day. I know that New Year's Eve is St Sylester's Day as the religious population try to use it as an excuse to make us not celebrate it. We do anyway - we all use the Gregorian calendar after all. Is there s saint for every day of the year?
    Sorry, I'm rambling. Lovely picture of you and your Mum. Merry Christmas, xxx

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: There you go.... you and my son both! We insist on calling it St Stephen's Day here in Ireland! With all the UK TV channels we have the term 'Boxing Day' does tend to creep in. And is very much frowned upon!!
      I do hope you continue your New Year's celebration, it is right that you do :-) xx

  3. Sounds like a really positive Christmas! Thanks for joining in - hope you come back this week :-)


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