2014 Rewound.... and Fast Forward 2015 - Happy New Year!

It's one of my favourite times of the year - New Year's Eve. I know plenty of people who don't like it, in fact I usually ring it in alone. But I like it and I honour it every year, in my own positive way .... and am not afraid to open my hall door at midnight, glass of wine in hand - obviously,  and shout out a  'Happy New Year' to all and sundry - or to an empty street - before scuttling quickly back inside!

I actually find it exciting, to say goodbye to the year that's been, no matter how good or bad it was, and to welcome with open arms the new start that a New Year brings. It's refreshing I find .....

As I've explained before I don't do 'New Year's Resolutions', preferring to set myself goals instead. I've just re-read my New Year's post 2014, and my subsequent mentioned written list of goals and aspirations. I'd like to say that I did my list proud but I didn't really. Although in fairness a certain injury had a major effect and a whole five months of the year was wiped out as far as exercise and weight-control was concerned. I did okay on some of my goals though, in particular knitting and crochet which got a boost from said injury, and find that writing them down is very motivating and cathartic - and makes for a very humourous read-back twelve months later! And so, I will do the same for 2015 and I have similar goals in mind, but I will have to find new ways of achieving some of them!

As far as this blog is concerned I've had my ups and downs, and my very silent moments, when I could find nothing, neither in life nor in my head, to write about. Yet again a certain injury gave me an unexpected boost and material, enabling me to bore you all for months about my trials and tribulations!! I have yet to write that extended HSE/ A & E disaster post, although I did write this one, under the influence of severe pain and medications. Nothing has changed with A & E trips or MRI scan waits in this country, in fact it got worse as the year went on....

So, what did I find to write about in 2014 then? At this point feel free to skip on if you wish, this is more of a cathartic look-back and motivator going forward for myself, if I'm to continue blogging!

Well, the closing of the Irish Thomas Cook offices gave me the opportunity to share my trip to Bermuda in 1980 with you. I also took another nostalgic look-back at Parenting- Through the Swimming Years  and I wrote about Teenage Adventures and Coming of Age.  All the years we spend nurturing our water-winged toddlers/young children and how they suddenly grow up on us....

In February we sadly said goodbye to our gorgeous budgie Sunny, we still think of and talk about him. The plan was to get another one in the summer but, that pesky injury got in the way of our plans yet  again!

I told you all about our amazing Florida Holiday  -  so nice to have this all recorded in one place.

I tried to be funny when sharing some 'interesting' moments, like getting Lost in The Woods and about a certain 'treatment' I received !

Oh, and for an apparently 'silent blogger' I was quite gobby at times during 2014!

I told you all about the dangers of Pilates Classes - Top Tip: go to a class run by a Pilates-specific (or better still a Physiotherapist-Pilates trained) instructors.

I gobbed about the fate of Stay-at-Home-Parents and how little they're thought of at times, especially by successive Governments,  in The Perfect Family and In The Forgotten Worker. I firmly believe in every word I wrote....

I ranted about Water Charges and how I can see people cutting back on water usage to the extent that our whole nation becomes a Dirty Old Town. And on how much I believe peaceful protests to be the more appropriate way to go.

I fumed about the unfairness of circular 0030/2014 and it's effect on Inclusion of our Special Needs Children  and about Mental Health Awareness. The latter being very pertinent with regard to the recent Cork tragedy. It's not good enough to send patients home from hospital when they're well enough to be cared for by community care, when that care is not sufficiently available... for both the patient AND the family.This is sadly not the first tragedy of it's kind and this article from a mum, with whom I totally agree, is worth reading. We must give more to Mental Health Services in this country and help prevent such awful tragedies. Now there's a worthwhile goal for 2015.

And finally I raged about residential abuse in Care Home Concerns., another issue that can be a goal for 2015 : give the vulnerable a voice and ensure that it's heard.

Gosh, all this rewinding is making me all gobby again isn't it?! I'd best stop now.

And look forward to 2015 with positivity and determination. But I need some motivation too, something to aim my recovery at. To get dancing again.....

And look what I found. Hip Op eration - a dance crew from New Zealand aged from 67 to 95! They've even traveled to the Hip Hop championships in Las Vegas!

So I'll leave you with this video, feeling that there's plenty of hope for me yet!

You know where my dance brain is going with this, don't you?!

Thanks for joining me on my ramblings this year. May you find your positivity, determination and motivation for 2015, wherever you can, and may the brand New Year be all you want it to be.

Happy New Year!

Take care,


  1. All i want it to be is the perfect blessing. And may you finad all you want in 2015 too. Lots of love for another year. xxx

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Well then I hope that' s what happens for you... although I do think you are rather a nice blessing already :-)
      Love and wishes to you both for 2015 xxx

  2. Happy New Year Jazzy! Hope 2015 is good to you all! :) xx

    1. @BavarianSojourn: Thanks E! And to you and yours too :-) xx

  3. Happy New Year, Jazzy. I for one have loved all of your posts and look forward to further reading in 2015! I am having a bit of a chuckle visualizing you poking your head out of your front door and yelling "Happy New Year" :-) xx

    1. @Bright Side of Life: Ah, thank you! Hehehe... I cheated this year, no-one out the front so I shouted out the back door instead!! xx

  4. That video is really inspiring and Smiley loved it too and I just know that you will find a way to dance again very soon. Happy New Year xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: Glad you both enjoyed. It is very inspiring isn't it? I think there's room for a group of 55-66 yo's too ;-) xx

  5. Brilliant, love your round up, and boy what a lot you have had to say! All good stuff though :) Hope 2015 is a happy and healthier one for you ;) xx

    1. @Steph Curtis: Thanks Steph... once I start there's no shutting me up! xx


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