Recovery from a back injury can be such a painfully (pun intended) long drawn out affair. It is all about taking things easy for such an interminably long period of time - especially when one is more used to running one's daily life at breakneck speed.

Recovery is then clearly for patient people - or patient patients if you like - and definitely not for impatient ones. Like me!

Recovery is about rejoicing and embracing all the little, minute improvements that you may experience on any given day ..... Ooh look, I can now walk up the stairs with no crutch!

Recovery is also about pacing yourself.... Just because you got can now walk up the stairs - ahem - crutch-less doesn't mean that you can suddenly go for a 30 minute walk! Be patient Jazzy.... be patient.

Recovery means that when when you feel a little better you can allow yourself  to do something you enjoyed doing in your pre-injury days. Like a simple and short trip to a popular local General Store, all by yourself. The General Store where, you know, where they sell stuff other than groceries.... like clothes for example! And recovering from a back injury means that you are limited in what you can wear so you might need new clothes. To make you more comfortable like, and to cheer yourself up!

Recovery means that although you may now be able to get to the shops all by yourself, for small groceries .... or clothes .... or even pretty little ballerina Christmas decorations!.... you also have to give a lot more thought to getting the items you desire from shelves, or rails, to checkout.... and then back to your car!

Recovery most definitely means totally re-defining the meaning of the word 'heavy' - even the tiniest item can cause overload and strain on your back. 

Recovery means being careful to avoid basket-carrying and trolley-pushing busy shoppers, and shop workers too, all of whom are far too busy to notice the careful shopper with her small basket and crutch! (It's actually quite scary - I may even have to develop a 'look' to give them!) I do appreciate the apologies but please try not to bump into me in the first place, I fear for my back you see......

Recovery offers the opportunity to meet some lovely, kind people. Kind enough to push your purchased items in their trolley to your car, which is a long way away from theirs... in the lashings of rain! Thank you kind, post-crutch user, shopping angel.....

Recovery means that I will also have a much kinder attitude to crutch-users when I am fully recovered. And I WILL be fully recovered. All in good time Jazzy, all in good time....

Recovery means having your ups and downs, your good and bad days and trying to remember that this is normal. And also remembering to keep the emphasis on the 'ups' and the 'good'.Things WILL get better Jazzy, they simply must....

Recovery is all about glimpsing that tiny flickering light of hope, gently burning down the very long tunnel and remaining positive.

Recovery is all about listening. To your medical practitioners, your body ....... and yourself. Your opinions count you know and you're so right to examine the possibilities that potential therapies may have to enhance your own recovery.

Recovery is therefore about being proactive. It shouldn't be all about the medications. Ask those questions, find those other complementary routes.....

Recovery means being very, very thankful that you never dropped your Health Insurance. It really is the 'security blanket' that advert professes it to be, no matter the provider. Shame on successive Governments for making this so.....

Recovery is about discovery. Like discovering all those hills that have suddenly popped up in nearby towns. I'm quite positive they weren't there in my - ahem - crutch-less days ......

Recovery is about solving confusing conundrums. Like keeping mobile, while also being sedentary. And thinking: it's all very well having a litter-picker to help pick up dropped items (I drop things, a lot) but what happens when the litter-picker itself falls down? What then, I ask you?!

Recovery is limiting. Especially on mid-term breaks and on being sedentary. What is one supposed to do then, eh? Well.... I guess there's baking and cooking for the home-cooked goodies loving teen on his Mid-term break - with his help of course ......

And there's a myriad of completed, semi-completed and barely started crochet and knitting projects - more of which anon - that I sincerely hope are completed in time........

Recovery is therefore all about hoping that one gets better .....  FAST.

Or else this Desperate Housewife is in serious danger of transforming into some kind of  a deranged, mutant Domestic Diva!!

And we really couldn't have that, now could we?!


Note: And finally, Recovery is about finding an outlet to release your thoughts and fears. It's very therapeutic and for me my blog is my main outlet. So, apologies for all my recent injury-related blog posts, it's all I seem to be able to blog about. But then ...... it's my blog, my rules :-) 


  1. Concentrate on that flame at the end of the tunnel Jazzy. You'll get there. It makes one think about old people with canes doesn't it? Wish you better soon xxx

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: Thank you, I really need to concentrate on that. And yes, the thoughts of old people and canes have sprung to my mind.... and have been just as quickly been banished. They have no right being there! That is NOT going to be me.... xx

  2. It must be very difficult having to slow down when you are so used to be busy/mobile. Your baking looks divine and I love that you had someone to help you. Blogging is definitely free therapy so share away, I like to keep up to date with what is happening in your life.

    1. @Bright Side of Life: Thanks, on all that you have said! I really don't want to bore people but it does feel great writing it down and, somewhat, letting it go. Or at the very least pushing me into positive action :-) xx

  3. I wish that I could speed up time for you! Your road to recovery certainly seems to have been a lot longer and more winding than expected xx

    1. @Looking for Blue Sky: I wish you could too! I was looking back at my previous posts and though I did predict a long road to recovery I really didn't expect it to be this long!
      Last week was a bad week, this week has started brighter :-) xx

  4. So sorry to hear you've had a back injury. Now rest up, and take it easy, as no matter how boring it is, it will ultimately mean that you are really fixed much faster! xx

    1. @BavarianSojourn: You are absolutely correct. Now to make myself do it.......
      Thanks for your supportive comment :-) xx

  5. You'll get there in fits and starts, but at the same time how very frustrating for you as I know this has been going on for quite a while now. Still, you can't put a price on a fully functioning back! X

    1. @Older Mum: A 'fully functioning back'..... I like that. it's priceless, in more ways than one! Thanks :-) xx


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