Accentuate the Positive.......

Although correctly spelled , as opposed to the original phonetic form, the words of this old Bing Crosby crooned classic, are words we should all try to live our lives by. Some days it's easy to appreciate the little things in life, while others it's simply impossible to even see the glorious sun gleaming in the perfect azure blue sky, right before our very eyes.

If you've been following my blog recently then you'll know it's been an especially difficult and painful few weeks. I should never have mentioned the 'shining light of hope...' offered by the first Nerve Block I received in a recent post , because ultimately it didn't work and the second Nerve Block.... well, the less said about that the better. I simply couldn't bear it.

So instead I've decided to eliminate the negative, by accentuating the positive and to share all the things for which I've been recently grateful for, or that have simply made me laugh! Be warned though, this could be quite a loonngg post!


Forget about visits to family members who suddenly find themselves hospitalised, there are far more important ways to show you care, you know.

Like the family member who, in the blink of an eye, brought my son home to be enveloped in the fun world of older cousins, man-caves and dogs who loved to bring said fourteen year old out wandering the local grounds! Sorry Aunty M, but you may have just landed yourself an annual visitor!! And then she sends him home with lovely flowers, just for me!

Then there are the other two family members who, on two separate occasions, responded to my 999-drop-everything-emergency call, direct from my hospital bed - 'EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY chocolate and 7up supplies are dangerously low. RESTOCK.... I  repeat: RESTOCK....STAT... Move it, PEOPLE, MOVE.... (okay I know, I watch waay too much Grey's Anatomy!)

There's also my other lovely family member who, not only ensured that my mother was visited on my behalf, but on two occasions brought her similarly aged son over to hang out with mine so that my husband could go to work. And while she was there, on her off work days, she secretly morphed into a cleaning fairy and did some discreet tidying up too, hoping her efforts would remain hidden. Sorry cuz, you're busted!  

Even the older generation got into the act and my fourteen year old boy got to spend some quality time with his eighty-two year old Granddad... and his canine companion. Precious moments that may not oft be repeated.

It is wonderful to have family to turn to, even though they don't all live nearby, at such unexpected times of need and I thank you all. I also thank a kindly neighbour, who is practically family, for all her help too.

And of course I cannot forget my two 'boys' left at home holding the fort, supporting me and amusing me in their own unique and hilarious ways!


We all have such very busy lives so I gave the same edict to friends as I gave to family: visits are not expected, only if you happen to be in the area. Instead I suggested how lovely the odd text or phone call would be. Admittedly I didn't realise how long I'd be in hospital when I issued this edict but I have been spoiled with daily texts and phone calls! Sure I don't have time for visitors, I'm far too busy making and answering texts and phone calls, and ensuring that my extremely temperamental iPhone is fully charged at all times to cope with the demand!!

Now, I do have to point out that there are friends and then there are true friends. The latter are the type of friends who will readily agree to your every demand - you are in hospital in extreme pain after all - and the lengths they will go to ensure that you get just a teeny bit of happiness into your bed-ridden days is unbelievable. I mean, they just simply mention in passing that they're looking forward to a glass of wine that night and all I have to ask is that when they they're done, that they have just one more glass, just for me as I can't have any. And just like that, with no twisting of arms or promises of handing over any future lotto winnings, and they readily agree! And not only that, they promise faithfully that whomever else they're sharing this companionable night cap with will do likewise!

Sure I'm getting sozzled most nights, with ne'er a drop passing my lips!! 


Now, this new flying kite friend of mine causes quite a stir, and noise too of a breezy evening it must be said. He is quite the celebrity and flies right outside my room every day. He soars through the skies with the greatest of ease, with flights of fancy, swoops of delight and all sorts of tricks - just for me! But it would be rude to keep him all to myself so I invite all inquisitive passersby to 'come on in and have a proper look!' It's quite hilarious!

He has no name yet though, any ideas?!


As I've said family and friends have been, and continue to be, amazing but I especially appreciate the many comments, personal messages and interactions - some in response to my updates/tweets and some completely unprompted - that I have received on these online forums. I am totally overwhelmed and appreciative. Some of you I have known for a few years but have never met you, yet you take time out of your day to contact me to see how I am, or to offer to deliver me chocolate in my hour of need! Me, a relative stranger! Thank you. And thank you to the very special friend, you know who you are, who even loaned me his tablet - technological tablet people, not medical. Jeez!

Facebook and Twitter aren't for everyone, in fact some don't get it all and never will. I understand that. Personally I have been supported, entertained and quite simply laughed my head off in the past few weeks but maybe you have not been quite as enamoured by my online engagement? If that's you then just remember that Facebook and twitter are a bit like TV - you can always just 'switch station' - i.e. mute or block me. I won't be in the least offended! Sure I probably won't even notice, I'll be off in the corner giggling too much at some comment or other!

But you should also remember that facebook and twitter are also a bit like Vegas.... what's said on facebook/twitter STAYS on facebook/twitter! And it most certainly does not get repeated to those who are not on it and 'don't get it' !! 
Got it? Good ;-)


First off I have to say that the general nursing, caring, kitchen staff, Doctors etc here are so lovely and caring. There have been things that I haven't been happy about but I am always listened to.
I am extremely lucky to be in hospital and will be forever grateful that this hospital - yes it's Private so I am also eternally grateful for Health Insurance - accepted me into their care. The comparative  'care' offered by the public A&E had such dangerous consequences it's worryingly scary. But this is a positive post so just look at these desserts!! How could anyone not even feel slightly happy on a bad day seeing such delights as this coming their way each day....


This needs no explaining but this is what I can look out out at everyday.
Except, I do have to give a special mention to the loveliest hospital porter that has ever graced the grounds of a hospital, ever. The one who kindly surprised me one day, when wheeling me back from some x-ray or some treatment or other - who the hell can remember at this stage- by going straight past my room and taking me to the nearby glass enclosed stairwell, to just sit there awhile and admire this Sandymount Beach panorama.....


 1) This was admittedly in my pre-painful, hospital-pallor era - only just now, in all fairness - when I was recently getting a facial and the nicest beautician in the whole wide world very kindly told me that I had 'young skin'! I might  just type that into a pretty picture and hang it up. Everywhere!

2) Then there was the very kind female radiologist who was setting me up for a chest x-ray last week and asked the usual question she's obliged to ask..... 'are you wearing a bra, dear', when I responded in the negative she replied: 'wow, I wouldn't have guessed.... it's a compliment that I even had to ask'! Well, I guess as a woman in my fifties it is good to know that not everything is heading as far southwards as I may have thought! And you have to admit, it certainly beats being asked, yet again, if there's any chance you're pregnant or when was your last period!!

But this is the winner....

3) My kindly consultant when trying to re-assure me the other day, that my liver ultrasound reveals that everything is returning to normal after recent med changes. 'really, you have nothing to worry about..... you have a lovely liver'!!!!!

Well, there's really nothing else I can add to that, is there?!

Except - and I really can't resist this - 'My Lovely Liver': a potential Eurovision Winner??!!

Opiate Disclaimer: As you know at this stage I am most definitely unwell, so all my recent posts are brought to you with difficulty (and take forever to do). All grammatical, spelling and syntax errors are brought to you courtesy of controlled medical substances and pain. This disclaimer is also being extended to comments I make on your blogs, or on any Social Media Forums, anywhere. Why? Because while controlled substances relieve pain they also seem to act as truth drugs, and definitely induce brain farts....  


  1. What a lovely post, and all the more so because I know you are writing still in pain. You do have wonderful family and friends and... erhm... deserts. Wishing you better soon xxx.

    1. @Midlife Singlemum: I do, don't I!! Im very, very lucky. A d just started Physiotherapy today so the real road to recovery is finally starting :-)

  2. Truly lovely, my friend, and all the more so with what you are going through. I do hope and pray you are back to your old self soon!

  3. Hang in there. All that positivity can be tiring, but hopefully you will be out and pain free asap. Thank goodness for family, friends and of course the internet!

  4. @Shelly: I am working hard on it Shelly and positivity is so important... it's half the battle really. Totally.... I'd be lost without the lot of them! Thanks for your good wishes.

    Thanks too for all the good wishes and thoughts and 'likes' etc on this post on facebook etc.
    I especially want to thank a friend who made such a kind comment on my writing style in this post. Thanks C... you made my day!

    My positivity continues, fueled by all the physio exercises and walks I've been given for the past three days. My physio doesn't know what's hit her... a patient whose smile gets bigger the more exercises she gives her??!!

    xx Jazzy

  5. Mmmmm yummy desserts.... Days of lying in bed.... Family being nice to you... Compliments you say?! How did you injure yourself again?! Can anyone do that?! Seriously, hope you are improving xx

  6. It almost sounds attractive...but definitely not at the price that you paid to be in there :( On the other hand I hope you're writing the lyrics to My Lovely Liver with all that spare time you have right now, Ireland needs a new winner! xx

  7. @Steph Curtis: Well to be honest, as nice and all as it is I'd rather not be here! But if you'd really like to join me just go to a badly taught Pilates class!! I'm slowly getting better.... thanks :-)

    @Looking for Blue Sky: That is very, very true,. And it's a price I fear I will be paying for a long time to come! Hahaha.... and the best time to that is now, not because of the free time but because of the Morphine!!! It could be hilarious!!

    Thanks for your comments :-) xx


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