Exercise With Caution....

I really enjoyed our fun holiday abroad this year and, as usual, having tired slightly of all the over-eating, I was looking forward to eating more healthily and getting back to my gym on my return. For a while at least, I knew the novelty would soon wear off but those excess holiday pounds needed shedding! And quickly.

You can imagine my surprise when I subsequently found that my beloved Curves gym that I'd been attending for over 6 years had closed down overnight. What now I thought? This gym was so easy to fit into my day, I could just pop in every morning for 30 minutes and be home before a certain Teen Boy even opened a sleep-laden eye.

I've been looking for an alternative ever since. Luckily my Teen Boy brought me on some interesting hikes, with more planned and lots of stories to share with you anon. But then he went on his scout holiday and I was left to my own devices. Solo walks are quite acceptable and even enjoyable but I needed something else. I toyed around with some dance work-out DVDs at home which were fun, but had no motivation that comes with a live instructor and real class members.

Then I discovered that my local gym has Pilates classes. As an ex-dancer Pilates really appeals to me and I'd attended classes some years back too. Besides. Curves had kept me quite fit and I'd also ended every session with some dance-like stretching exercises of my own that's maintained some of my flexibility from my dancing days. Yes, Pilates is perfect for me I thought and off I sashayed to my first class. I mean, Pilates is highly thought of and is even recommended by Physiotherapists. What could go wrong? 

The first class went well, leaving me with expected day-after muscle soreness, demonstrating how hard I'd worked and how effective this class is for core strength. And it was good to have others to work out with, others standards to motivate you. Or make you push yourself harder than you should?

However it was the second class that caused all the problems. Although it got off to a very positive start. I loved it. The instructor was great, initially,  and spent time explaining correct positioning and how to engage your core muscles, which the previous instructor hadn't done. These are crucial concepts for Pilates. However neither instructor bothered to ask the class who was new, or to go around the class checking everyone's positions. This is also crucial for a successful Pilates class. 

Although I enjoyed the class I haven't enjoyed the days since. Being in constant pain and unable to walk properly will do that to you. The problem revealed itself just before bed time the day after the class when pain shot up my leg and, forgive me, into my ass! Funny yet not so. Not when you inch down the stairs during the night crying with the pain!

It's been 5 days now and sometimes the pain is excruciating. That's despite a trip to the doctors to receive an injection and being on regular opiate medications ever since! 

To say I've been feeling quite miserable wouldn't be lying. But I got a lovely surprise visit today from my very good friend Looking For Blue Sky who together with the fabulous Smiley made up this cheery and thoughtful present, that really brightened my day:

                                                       Thank you Blue Sky :-)

Of course I also have my Teen Boy with his comic updates to amuse me and the news that my little blog has been nominated in Best Personal Blog category in The Blog Awards Ireland 2104 to also cheer me up! My thanks to the person who nominated me as this really was some cheery news in a painful week.

Tomorrow will be another trip to the doctor methinks, I may even see the inside of a hospital yet.

And all because of Pilates, a highly recommended form of exercise!

For what it's worth here's my advice on attending a Pilates class, and on how to survive being laid up:

* It is my opinion that gym instructors are trained in many forms of exercise of which Pilates is just one. If you're attending a gym run class tread carefully, and choose one that at least streams it's classes.

*Preferably attend a class run by an instructor who is Pilates specific. These classes are more expensive but more safely run, in my opinion.

*Remember, just because you're fit and flexible for one form of exercise doesn't mean you are for another.

*If you find yourself stretched out and drugged up on the sofa for days on end then accept that your house will be a tip. You may also want to:

*Put the local takeaway on speed dial.

*Teach your teen to make his own goddamn lunchs and snacks.

*Ensure they know how to iron their own clothes. You may need to draw a map to show where the equipment is stored.

*Ensure that you are not the only one in the house who knows how to correctly load and use the dish washer. Everyone should know where the dishwasher tablets are, which compartment they go into and where the power switch is. Jeez...

And now you must forgive me for this hastily written post, from the strangest sitting position ever. All grammar and spelling errors are purely the courtesy of  opiates.

And now I must go and take some more, and tuck into the chocolates and toffees :-)


  1. Hope you enjoy the choccies and feel better very soon xx

    1. Thanks Blue Sky, your visit really cheered me up, made my day. You are a good friend :-) xx

  2. So sorry to hear that! I haven't been around in a while, and I pop in right when you're in pain! At least you have chocolate : ) And I hope you mend soon!

    1. And a good time to pop in and cheer me up with your visit! I look forward to catching up on your blog too, now that you're back. And yes, TG for chocolate, especially as I can't have wine!! xx

  3. Gosh, so sorry to read the pilates id not go well. I had near the same thing 2 years ago with a large pilates class and my neck has hurt ever since. prior to that I went to a really good pilates studio with 1:1 tutor but I gave it up due tot he cost, now I realised you get what you pay for! Hope you are feeling better soon. Mich x

    1. Yes, that's exactly it and precisely my point. I made the 1:1 point on one of my facebook threads too. The thing is the first few classes of Pilates should be on positioning and on engaging your core muscles alone. That is an art in itself and is a crucial concept to master before you go any further. That's why I believe it's not suitable to run in a gym, unless they treat it like swimming lessons and stream the classes. They also need to keep numbers low.

      Thanks for your comment, makes me wonder how many other peole have been affected in this manner? xx

  4. Thaks to everyone for their comments and well wishes here and on facebook. I especially value the conversations this has stared on my facebook threads. I must do some more investigating.... xx

  5. Oh my goodness...what a pain in the...um..well...you know. I do hope that you are feeling much better...:)

    1. Yeah, total pain in the ass! Unfortunately the 2nd visit to the doc diagnosed a disc problem and nerve impingement .... I await an MRI! Exercise is very, very bad for you. I'm going to stay on my couch eating chocolate!! xx

  6. Oh No, I avoided this article as it had the word exercise in it. Sorry I didn't realize you were in pain until I read Blue Sky's post about her visit with you. And then your post today about needing an Ambulance. I will read that and then comment there. xxxxx


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