Mrs Mop and the Cat's Miaow

She sat there watching, through eyes half closed with mid-morning lethargy.

Meanwhile, I was rushing around manoeuvering a full and heavy clothes horse from inside to out, and getting bucket and mop in place for the floor washing that simply had to be done.

She never tried to give even a half hearted attempt to assist. So comfortable was she reclining on the sofa, satiated after a full breakfast and propped up with comfy cushions, as her whole day stretched lazily ahead of her.

She's been there, done that you see. She's had her family; gave birth to them, nourished and raised them until they were all ready to leave the nest. It's just her now, no responsibilities. Her life's work on this earth is complete. 

Time to relax.

Let someone else do all the running around, pulling their hair out for a change.

At least I imagined that must have been the thought that floated through her little head, as she snuggled even deeper into her fluffy cushion-land. Giving me the most dis-interested look. Ever....

But soon she just  couldn't help herself, it's in her nature you see. And while curiosity didn't quite kill her, it certainly did get the better of her, as the lure of the long-stranded mop sloshing across the floor swiftly became a temptation she just couldn't resist.

She just had to go investigate. From a discreet distance of course.

She followed me around from room to room, eyes round and brightly inquisitive, with paw tentatively reaching out every now and then to touch the strange long strands swiftly moving to and fro; only to withdraw a tad fearfully at the very last minute.

What fun! An early morning unexpected play time!

Washing floors may be fun to you, my dear Pretty Cat, but it is most definitely not anywhere on my fun-things-to-do list. It is a chore, dear Pretty Cat ...... a C.H.O.R.E.

However, she was great company and did add some amusement to this most menial of household tasks!

Of course, all this floor washing 'fun' can be quite exhausting you know. So after a little self-grooming cat's lick of her own and a nice snack - for her, not for me - it was back to business as usual for me.

And for her.......

Oh to be feline and free!



  1. So sweet! I would be tempted to attach little mop shoes so she could help next time? :) xx

  2. I know quite a few people who want to live life again as a cat :) This makes it very appealing xx

  3. What can I say? It's a cat's life.... I love cats, I've had a few of my own - hope to get another one sometime over the coming years! X

  4. @BavarianSojourn: Now that's a very good idea!

    @Looking for Blue Sky: I think I am now a convert to that way of thinking!

    @Older Mum: I never liked cats, until this one adopted us! Go on..... get one!!

    xx Jazzy

  5. I sometimes envy my cats! I think that yours wasn't merely playing-she was also know, to make sure that the job was well done! Sometimes I think that cats have this unique ability to hypnotize us...have you ever started to make a bed-and then stop-because you don't want to disturb your cat(who of course is sleeping in the middle of it!)? Or you don't fully sit down in a chair because the cat is sleeping in you only sit on half the chair as to not disturb them? Cats do seem to have quite the nice life! :))

  6. @kathleen: Oh yes! I do that all the time when she's on the bed! And when she takes over her usual spot on the sofa. It's a cat's life for sure :-)

    xx Jazzy


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