Easter Fun in Dublin

As another school break beckoned my thoughts quickly turned to activity ideas to occupy my way-too-cool teenager for this Easter holiday. A mix of taking it easy, some study, some fun days out and catching up with family and friends were top of my agenda. But where to go? What to do?

I was delighted to be one of the Dublin-based bloggers - from the amazing Irish Parenting Bloggers Group - to be approached by Travelodge to share our tips for fun things to do this Easter in Dublin. Some great ideas there then, suitable for both young and teenage children and all budgets. My tip was Viking Splash Tours and it was the subject of one of my first ever blog posts

We needed to come up with something different for one of our days out though, for two cool teenagers. So yet again..... what to do?

Enter a competition win on twitter - yes, it IS possible to win a prize on Social Media! - and we had ourselves a little Dublin Road Train Tour to sort out one of our meet-ups. This is a one-hour historical tour of Dublin in a rather cute Road Train vehicle, that tourists love to take photos of!

It starts at The National Museum, Merrion Square and takes in lots of interesting Dublin sights and shares some equally interesting facts. Especially about Georgian Dublin and why the windows get smaller at the top - to make the town houses of the rich gentry look bigger, apparently. And how Leinster House has two different facades; the town facade on one side and the country one on the other. How it is in fact a 'two-faced building'. Which would seem to be perfectly suited, as some might say, to the 'two-faced politicians' in residence. Or so our recorded guide informed us, and I was certainly not going to argue with his astute observation!

It was an enjoyable tour of Dublin in this colourful and admittedly child-like train that some teenagers may think uncool; they did enjoy the facts though! 

The vehicle is a bit squeaky at times which can make the recorded guide difficult to hear; a problem easily remedied I should think. We did think it was a pity there was only one stop-off,  at the Guinness Storehouse, as we would have loved to stop to do a quick tour of Dublin Castle which is on our to-do list. It was enjoyable though and I thank Dublin Road Train Tours and DublinCityfm/LiveDrive for the tickets. 

We finished off our day with a quick, and free, trip into the amazing Natural History Museum , which appears in the Travelodge link above and always has something to interest all children of all ages. Fascinating, if  a tad disturbing to any adults of a squeamish nature! Of course all that factual touring means a substantial food-stop for the active teens so we took them to the relatively nearby Luigi Malone's which has some amazing lunch time deals. And some very interesting newspaper cuttings and advertisements of days gone by adorning their walls. Worth a trip.

You know, we've been slowly but surely getting around to visit all the amazing historical and fun places of interest in Dublin over the years. It really is a great city we live in and there are certainly more places for us to explore in the years to come. I have plans for some more family fun days out and if we run out of ideas, or have a new city to explore, we can always visit  Travelodge for some more suggestions :-) 



  1. Great tips! Has been years since I've been to Dublin, would love to go again soon! :)

  2. That looks like great fun, and is a reminder that I really should enter more social media competitions! Especially from Live Drive as I'm a regular listener... xx

  3. @Bavarian Sojourn: Well if you do check out the Travelogde tips! There's loads here in Dublin that I think your family would enjoy :-)

    @Looking for Blue Sky: Yes do! Although I suspect the reason I won was because there were very few entries!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. What a blast! I do so hope we get to Dublin one day, and when we do, I shall remember this post!

  5. @Shelly: If you ever make it I'll show you around!

    xx Jazzy

  6. I love Dublin..... I've been a couple of times now - some lovely parks and markets (and not to mention, pubs!). X


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