Happy Mother's Day.......

A bunch of pretty flowers and a thoughtful card with an inspiring verse. It may not not seem like much but sometimes it is just enough. A perfect Mother's Day present, for someone who can't have much and is grateful for so little.

It was the verse that spoke to me the most (albeit a tad cheesily), that pulled at the heartstrings and said all I wanted to say....


I learned so much from you Mum
  When I was just a child
You taught me to respect myself
  And stopped me running wild.

You taught me to be patient
             To be strong in heart and mind
To be thoughtful and forgiving
     Understanding too and kind.

You taught me all these things Mum
Just by being you
By the way you live your life
                By the things you say and do.

You've been the light that guides me
   You've been the brightest star
If it wasn't for your love

  I never would have come this far.

So thank you from the heart Mum
  For your love and guidance too
No fortune could repay
   The debt I owe to you.

(from Loving thoughts by Carmen)


It was a good day to deliver the card and flowers. A day that saw her looking well, in wonderful form and knowing exactly who everyone was. A visit so precious that you hope it doesn't slip away with the sands of time. She may not be able to read the card, or to understand it's sentiments, but I know she'll carry both her Mother Day's cards around with her, in her infamous red handbag, for the weeks and months to come!

My Mam has been a wonderful Mother and thanks to her we are the people we are today.

If I do half as good a job with my boy I will be a very happy Mum indeed. Although, I may have to wait a very long time before I get a card like this. Or indeed any kind of card at all.

Mother's Day does not feature highly in the house of 'Hallmark Day' detractors and ASD-ness. It's a Sunday just like any other, when Gaming and Golfing trumps all. Or so it seems.

A Mum is many things you know; she is thoughtful and caring, worrying and fretting over issues of concern, all the while ensuring that her family is nourished, with both food and love.

She is also no fool and is always  resilient and well prepared.

And if Mother's Day doesn't come to the Mamma, then the Mamma will have to make it her own.

She can throw a bit of a strop - some revenge tantrumming maybe? - and gain herself a hastily picked bunch of tiny flowers from the garden in her favorite colour - yellow, just so you know; that currently sit prettily, in a very glamorous white egg cup!

And there is nothing wrong in pre-empting things by treating yourself to a little something from Marks and Spencers - a spot of Vichy products too perhaps? - in the week leading up to the day now, is there?

And a trip to a local restaurant on the day with your secret date of yore - who has grown up quite a bit since then - can't do any harm at all now, can it? The fact that they serve wine is just an added bonus.

Besides it's the unexpected showering of hugs, the impromptu moments of gratitude, the open and positive relationship you have, being trusted implicitly and being the one they turn to in their hour of need, on any day of any week, that makes it all worth while.

And the best gift of all today was seeing my mam in such good form.

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful Mums out there. 

I do hope that your day was special. Or that you found a way to make it special :-)



  1. Awww Val. I live with a Hallmark denier. But he does buy champagne.

  2. Sounds like you had a perfect Mother's Day regardless!

    We all have our own ways of enjoying things and that's for sure!

  3. I am so glad you mom was having a good day on such a day. Lovely post.

  4. @Lisamaree Dom: Lucky you! If I want Champagne, or Prosecco even, I must purchase it myself! Cheers ;-)

    @Clive: You know what? Yes, I did! That is so true... I hope you had a lovely Mother's day too :-)

    @mythoughtsonapage.com: Thank you. Theses days are so rare for her, and us, that it meant so much for yesterday in particular to have gone so well :-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Loved this post Jazzy... It sounds like your Mum had a lovely time, I hope you did too. Emma xx

  6. @Bavarian Sojourn: I did in the end! Thanks Emma, I hope you had a lovely day too :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. I'm so glad you had the day with you mother..and that it was lovely. "The impromptu moments of gratitude"..yes! I hope that you do get yourself those treats and that the rest of your day was equally as lovely. :))

  8. @Kathleen: They are wonderful moments aren't they?! And I got some today so all is well. And I'm already wearing my treats ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  9. Sounds like a good Mothers' Day, especially seeing your Mam in such good form. xxx

  10. So glad that you had a special day with your Mum, that's a memory to treasure xx

  11. Lovely post... beautiful poem.... so glad to read that your mum was on such great form, and that you had such a lovely time with her. X

  12. Loved that poem. Might put it on something to my own mum on another random day of the year! She loves soppy stuff! I'd be so touched if I got that on my card. My six year old made me a lovely card at school and although I had a lovely day, that was all I needed!

  13. Beautiful poem, am so pleased your mum had a good day, and you too (golf aside)

  14. @Midlife Singlemum: The best treat!

    @Looking For Blue Sky: It really is....

    @Older Mum: Thank you. Just to confirm, I didn't write the poem, it was in the card I bought. It said everything I wanted to say. That she'll never be able to read...

    @fsmum: Aww, that's lovely. At least you got a card!! I'm sure your mum will appreciate it :-)

    Thanks for all your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  15. @Jane: Thank you! And again, it is a lovely poem but I didn't write it.... 'Loving Thoughts by Carmen' :-)

    xx Jazzy

  16. Wow, that's a very beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing that. Actually I'm looking for inspiration in writing Mothers day messages for this coming mom' day and this truly inspires me. Thank you.

    Anne xxxx


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