Sunny in the Shade....

It's almost 4 years since a little ball of yellow fluffy feathers, tinged with white, flew into our lives.

They were best buddies from the beginning. His cute and gentle budgie-ness matching the pending teen boy's burgeoning tenderness.

                                                  Dodgy camera - precious memories

Sunny made himself quite at home and loved his cage, especially his swing. His favourite place to tuck himself in at night.

He enjoyed being out in the garden during the summer, listening to and mimicking the tweets of his birdie brethren. 

He also liked to share my daily lunch time 'Home and Away' treat with me, and always tweeted like mad during it. He could hear the background birds, possibly including other budgerigars, tweeting away gently. His home country calling to him perhaps?!

He liked to wander around eating paper, as you do, and really enjoyed helping with homework .....

Sunny was definitely 'Tweety Bird' to our 'Sylvester' Pretty Cat  and was always on alert. He wasn't afraid to peck back at her either! He even survived the deliberate toppling of his cage. Twice! Naughty Cat...

Then there was the time I helped him get his own back!

Sunny always recognised my voice when I entered the room or collected him on return from holidays. Something that was to come to mean a lot to me....

I noticed him making a strange noise recently and eventually concluded that he was mimicking a bird on our chimney.

Eventually I was very wrong....

One morning, almost 2 weeks ago, we came downstairs to find him lying on the cage floor, breathing his last. We had cared for him so well the day before and were intending to bring him to the vet. Sadly we were too late, as is often the case with poorly budgies. Even in his distress he  recognised my voice and desperately tried to respond. It was heartbreaking. The poor little thing...

 He was cradled and petted - prompting much disinfecting afterwards!- by the caring teen before and after our attempted emergency trip to the vet, which had to be aborted half way.

Our gorgeous Budgie-Boy Sunny had breathed his last.

We were very, very sad. We will never again hear his tweets, his little utterances of 'good boy' or 'budgie boy' or even 'dirty bum'!

 We will always remember him.

Death and dying are part of living.  Most certainly part of living with pets. We must learn to deal with it in our own way, as best we can.

A suitable box was procured and a burial place selected and dug. He was lovingly placed there, buried with another favourite toy. I was merely the assistant.

A subsequent Midterm trip to the Gardening Centre resulted in the purchase of  some very pretty flowers. We couldn't get the preferred yellow for our centre piece as its a shady spot.

                                                              Night Night Sunny......

In time the berries will be replaced with flowers, tinged with white, and they will be surrounded by yellow fluffy Primroses.

And it will always be Sunny in the Shade.



  1. That's a lovely post. We had a couple of budgies when I was growing up and they really are the sweetest little things. I love your 'sunny in the shade' spot for him. xx

  2. @Sadbh: Thanks Sadbh. We had budgies growing up too and I loved them. My boy really loved this one too, there may be a replacement in the not too distant future!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  3. I've never had birds of any kind even growing up, but I have had pets. It can be devastating when they go and I know people with pets find it difficult to understand- I love your special little spot you have for him though :) I hope your son hasn't taken it too hard xx

  4. @mum in meltdown: You get so attached to them, don't you! He was very upset but coping well. Part of life and I think we handled it well. He very musch wanted to be part of burying him.

    xx Jazzy

  5. That's such a lovely post, I can really feel how hard you are all feeling the loss of Sunny xx

  6. Ahh nice that you created a little remembrance area for sunny. Mich x

  7. @Looking for Blue Sky: Thanks, yes we really are missing him.

    @Michelle Twin Mum: Thank you, we are very pleased with it! It's at the front of the house so we see it every day :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. Oh, this is so sad. As I have discovered, the attachment to pets is so strong... and very heartbreaking when they pass on. I love his resting place, very pretty.

  9. What a lovely, lovely post. So sorry to hear about Sunny's demise; he clearly meant a lot to you all, and you clearly took such good care of him... bye bye Sunny, and love the remembrance area you have created. X

  10. Beautiful piece., and what a gorgeous way to remember a special pet XXX

  11. @Bright Side of Life: And we don't don't realise how strong until they're gone!

    @Older Mum: He sure did and thank you :-)

    @Jean: Thanks Jean :-)

    Thank you all for reading and appreciating :-)

    xx Jazzy

  12. what a beautiful bit of writing
    He sounds so special

  13. @Floortime Lite mama: He was, thank you :-)

    xx Jazzy


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