Reasons To Be Cheerful 6/02/14

It is always good to take time out from our busy days and hectic lives, to look around and take note. To recognise and acknowledge the special things that can make us feel good. It can be the simplest sight, the smallest gesture or the greatest of views. Anything really, that just puts a smile on your face or even makes you belly-laugh!

This is a weekly blog hop that my friend takes part in most weeks and every week I swear I am going to join her. This is the week I'm finally going to share the things that have recently made me smile or given me a giggle.

Early Risings

Arising at 6.30 am and bustling the teen out the door, into the car and to the bus stop by 7.45 am, or to the school by 8.20 am. No, don't panic, it's not quite the early morning risings that bring such a smile to my face - I've not completely lost my marbles. It's the beautiful skies and the stunning sunrises I sometimes see that I wouldn't otherwise. I am so glad that I didn't miss the glorious hint of the sunrise that lit up the road ahead of me, on my return journey from a recent Monday morning school drop....

Heralding the beauty that awaited as I drove down my road, glancing to my left ....

It would have been such a shame to miss this glorious start to my day!

Pretty Cat and Budgie Boy

Oh these two never fail to bring a smile to my face, on any day of any week! Never more than the other day when the hilarious irony of the cat bird-hunting just outside the door, while the budgie played freely out of his cage just inside, really made me laugh!

Crushing Moments

Now, before I share this with you you really need to understand me a bit more. The other day I shared this photo that was doing the rounds on facebook and I wholeheratedly concur with it. I repeat - wholeheartedly!

Right, now that we've got that straight I'll tell you. However if you're a total non-Candy Crushing grown up you may skim to the next cheerful moment!

Here goes- My name is Jazzygal and I'm a Candy Crushing addict. In my defense it's my brain gym, albeit a brain gym that's been testing my patience for the past 2 months. That is the length of time that I've been stuck on level 245. A better, more mature person would have realised that life is far too short and would have gracefully walked away, head held high, without giving it another thought. But not me, oh no - not me. I, the stubborn and determined non-grown-up that I am would not give in. I just couldn't. I am the Candy Crusher, Candy Crush will not crush me. Ever. So I stuck with it, through thick and thin, through frustratingly close, tantrum-throwing moments with accompanying wails of  'that is sooooo not fair'. worthy of any wilful teenager!

And today it happened. Today I finally crushed level 245!!! I expected a massive fanfare on this earth shattering, momentous occasion, but all Candy Crush had to offer me was it's usual congratulatory salutations.

Never mind, I'll celebrate in my own, grown up style ;-) Whooopppp..... Yahoooo..... cheers!!

A Surprise Nomination.

Now this not only cheered me up but me laugh, out load! In fact you could say it made me laugh my (hot??!) ass off!! Let me explain. Blogging Awards are a wonderful thing to us bloggers but they can be a tad serious.

Enter Tattooed Mummy and her hilarious Alternative Blogging Awards, astutely picked up by my pal
Looking For Blue Sky who, being such a pal, thought she'd include me in her nominations. For - wait for it - Blogger With The Hottest Arse!!

How hilarious is that?!! Personally I think she must have been having a glass of wine at the time but who am I to argue!! I thank her for the nomination, but more importantly I thank her for the laugh!! I'm still laughing!

And no, I'm not posting a photo of my nominated (and fully clothed, I might add) ass here. For that you'll have to visit Blue Sky's blog!!  (If you like you can vote for us both at Tattooed Mummy's link above!)


I had cause to listen to this song a lot this week, aside from the regular airplay on radio and TV, and it's feel-good factor is infectious. So in order to share the Happy-ness I will leave you with this video ....




  1. I too am a candy crusher!! I love it!! I am stuck on level 270 at the moment, but through the levels, my children have often heard me shout 'YESSS' from the kitchen (while I'm cooking dinner obvs).

    It's lovely to see new people joining in the blog hop, I hope you come back xx

  2. Wonderful!! Not only reasons to be cheerful, but lots of reasons to laugh out loud too :))) Thanks for all the mentions and the best of luck with hottest ass award :)))) xx

  3. I love these! Your pics are gorgeous and delightful. I've never played the games as I am no good, but I understand and congratulations!

  4. @Joanna Henley: Yay! Another fellow Candy-Crusher, nice to meet you! We may have to set up a CCA club? Candy Crush Anonymous! I am so glad I am not alone in this! Thanks for visiting and I definitely intend returning :-)

    @Looking For Blue Sky: The biggest laugh I got this week was your nomination!!

    @Shelly: Thanks Shelly! Hope I gave you a laugh too :-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Awwww! Please post a photo of your candy-crushing ass!!! XXX

  6. welcome on board and with so much positivity! I look forward to more of these :-)
    and I agree with your growing up motto!

  7. Blogger twin powers activate! You wrote one-and I haven't even started! *sigh*...LOVE your reasons to be cheerful..especially candycrush! although I have not played-I am addicted to hidden object games-I too believe there ought to be more fanfare for achieving new levels-or finding all objects in under a minute without a hint! I turn fifty in May..I wholeheartedly agree with your meme. If we haven't grown up by now-really, whats the point? Thank you for such a joyful post-loved the photos...I too wake up at the crack of dawn...would I sound like a spoilsport for saying I'd rather let someone else have the pleasure of seeing the sunrise? :))

  8. @Jean: NO!!!!

    @Becky Willoughby: Thank you! I look forward to doing more :-)

    @kathleen: I thought of you when I posted this ahead of our time on Thursday night! Hope it helps spur you on ;-) No, not a spoilsport. I tell myself these things to make the early morning risings easier!! Besides, some mornings I'm back in bed with a cuppa and my book for 8 til about 9 am! And that's another reason to be cheerful, believe me!
    Ooh... Blue Sky, Midlife Singlemum and I will be DELIGHTED to welcome you to our #50Club in May!!

    Thanks for all your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  9. Congratulations on your candy crushing achievements!!!! And I wish I had the stamina to wake up earlier, it's a great start to the day, and a lovely time to appreciate the morning light. X

  10. @Older Mum: Don't worry. your Little A is quite young still.... but you're time WILL come!! And by then I'll be back duvet snuggling! Or maybe going for early mornings walks to soak up the glorious sunrise?!

    xx Jazzy

  11. Your whole post made me laugh Jazzygal! You even made an early morning rise sound positive and fun. The pictures are beautiful by the way. I am not a candy crusher as I just never find the time to play any of that stuff. I barely get time to fit my blogging in and I only have one son and am on a career break at the moment.

  12. Woohoo, Jazzy. Congrats for finally passing the Candy Crush level. My finger keeps hovering over the button to download the game but I can't quite bring myself to do it. Loved all your reasons and you certainly perked up my mood. Thanks xx

  13. Fabulous reasons they had me smiling all the way through, those sun rise photos are lovely. I have a love/hate relationship with Candy crush (shhh don't tell anyone!) :-D

  14. @fsmum: So glad I gave you a giggle!! We have a very similar life you and I, one son and on a creer break(although my career break has since morphed into early retirement!) I too find it hard to fit in the blogging. Candy Crush is usually reserved for school pick-up wits, or long queues ;-) Thanks so much for visiting!

    @Bright Side of Life: DON'T.DO.IT. - you must save yourself from the mania of this game! Glad this post helped cheer you up :-)

    @Lous Lake Views: It'll be our little secret ;-) Glad you enjoyed!

    Thanks so much for your comments... you all made me smile :-)

    xx Jazzy


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