The Gift of Healthy Living this Christmas: Salubria The Health Game - A Review

I was only popping into my local branch of Bank of Ireland for a quick minute, just dropping off a letter is all. And I just happened to walk straight into Frances, one of the owners and creator/developers of what looked like a very interesting product that she had on display that day.

I was intrigued and I wanted to know more. I mean this is a card game that looks similar to Trivial Pursuit but all the questions are health related. I could immediately see how a certain teenager who is interested in talking about - but not necessarily in practising - healthy lifestyle choices might like this! I could see other possibilities too.

I bought a copy of  Salubria The Health Game there and then and I learned lots about this game, both from Frances herself and from their website.


'Salubria  is the unique question and answer card game that promotes the benefits of  healthy living - in an interactive and fun way.  Salubria is competitive,  it's very educational, and it could seriously improve your health!

Developed in Ireland with the help of leading health professionals, the game uses 200 researched and validated questions to communicate healthy living tips - covering 4 key areas of Fitness, Nutrition, Healthy Living and General Health Knowledge. This game has received many endorsements from high profile health professionals and some educational ones too.

Salubria is suitable for anyone between the ages of 10 years to 110 years! 

It is also a perfect product....

For Schools - as it is a unique educational tool.

For Families - as the perfect educational and gift. Firstly it's an old fashioned card game (no screens!) bringing all the family together. Secondly, unlike any other game, it provides healthy living tips in a simple, fun and educational manner.

For Business - as the healthy customer reward. Whether you're buying for customers, staff, Board members or business partners Salubria The Health Game is the healthy alternative, particularly at Christmas time.


While challenging family and friends to build on good habits and dump the bad ones - with Salubria's helpful hints to show you how.

This game has 200 researched questions covering the 4 key areas mentioned above with hundreds of possible answers and countless healthy living tips. You can read more about it here.

                                              Sample of Question and Answer Cards.

You can also check out the rules of play here.

Now, as my copy of the game is a stocking-filler for aforementioned teenager I have yet to play it. However, I can see from perusing the game rules above that there are different dynamics to it. Although you can play this game in pairs, I am reliably informed that that it's more fun when there are at least 4 players - as more dynamics come into play. There can also be 4 teams, i.e 2 or more on each team, and that's really fun..... the more the merrier!


Like I say, I can see the possibilities for my screenager (I really like that moniker...thank you Frances!) but I also immediately saw prospects for the classroom scenario too. Then I saw the educational endorsements :

In this scenario I see it not only as a health and fitness exercise but as an important socially interactive one too. And apparently, according to teachers involved with Salubria: 'learning through play reinforces the learning'.

I love that the cards also include 'Info Points' on each question, so that you're not only finding out the health facts but you gain some background knowledge too.

I also see this game as something a bored teenager or pre-teen, who likes facts but doesn't like reading too much, can flick through as if reading a book. Kind of like a health encyclopedia, delivered in nice healthy bite-size portions. Well, we are constantly being told to watch our children's portion sizes aren't we?!

Of course the compact size of this game makes it very portable and therefore, in my opinion, ideal as a traveling game: in the car, the airport, airplane, holiday apartment etc.

It will also fit very snuggly into a reasonably sized Christmas Stocking!

If interested, you can buy your copy online here (worldwide delivery, reasonable P&P charges apply) for Christmas and get a head start on kick-starting those healthy New Year Resolutions!

Or, you could win a copy by entering our fantastic Healthy Giveaway!

Yes, I have teamed up with the lovely Team Salubria and they have offered me a copy of their fun, educational, health game to give away to some lucky reader! 

To enter simply 'like' Salubria on Facebook, 'follow' Salubria on twitter and enter your name, and where you're from, in comments below. 

Entry to this Giveaway is open to all but unfortunately we can't guarantee delivery before Christmas to a winner from outside Ireland.

We will draw the name of the winner during next week and he/she will be contacted personally by the owners/developers of Salubria The Health Game.

Best of luck!


Note: Although I am now assisting Salubria with their Social Media campaign I have neither been paid for nor been asked to write this review. I offered to write this and it reflects my honest opinions and thoughts.


  1. It sounds great, Jazzy. Such a good idea to use a game format to spread the word about healthy eating etc. I need something like this for my first born as he thinks toast is perfect for breakfast, lunch and supper!!

  2. @Bright Side of Life: Oh yes, all our teenagers can learn that lesson! And that Rice Krispie buns, dripping in melted chocolate are really not the most healthy DAILY breakfast choice!

    Like/follow Salubria on facebook and twitter via links above and I'll enter you and your first-born into the Giveaway!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  3. I would LOVE my son to try this game: he certainly could do with a few more health tips :)

  4. @Looking for Blue Sky: Well, he's in with a chance with your entry!

    Thanks for entering.

    Three entrants so far, including a facebook entry. I will be offering this Giveaway on #irishbizparty tonight (Wednesday 18th) and will hold the draw at the end :-)

    xx Jazzy


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