Golden Times

There is a lovely little corner of Ireland, tucked away down the sunny South East, near Dungarvan, With it's golden beach and picturesque harbour and it's two 'traditional' style hotels: The Clonea Strand and The Gold Coast.

We've been taking mini-breaks down there for many years now, ever since Teen Boy was a baby and we love it. Our boy has really grown up through our Clonea/Gold Coast years....

At this stage I almost consider this stunning location to be 'our' corner of the world and the hotels to be 'our' hotels.

A corner of the world that restores peace and equilibrium to your very soul. Or so it often seems to me.

The trip is always much anticipated as departure date approaches, the mere thought of it is like a soothing salve to the mind on any days that don't go to plan. One can cope with anything knowing that your corner of the world is beckoning.....

The peace starts descending and the smile spreading as soon as we get into the car. And all stresses melt away as soon as one toe dips into the Jacuzzi, which is our traditional first port of call on arrival. 

There have been many changes over the years: the road from Dublin to Waterford is phenomenal nowadays, meaning a quicker getaway to our holiday haven and the roads leading to Clonea Strand have also greatly improved.

The hotels themselves remain mostly untouched, however and no doubt are considered quite dated now. I've often thought that if I ever won the Lotto that I'd invest and revamp, while trying to keep the traditional, family ethos and good value. Maybe even let the Brennan Brothers from RTE's  'At Your Service' loose to do their thing!

These are very traditional styled hotels with homely fare served by lovely staff and they are a popular choice for many families. As far as I'm concerned the locations more than make up for anything perceived to be lacking.

Our favourite is The Clonea, as it's car park  leads to the beach and although we took the short drive to the beach to take these photos 'our' usual room also affords these stunning views....

However, the Gold Coast has it's own lovely views too, especially from the roomy family room we had this time...

It saddens me that due to the economic downturn the Clonea Strand now closes for the Winter months and won't open until May 2014.

I miss that hotel but really enjoyed our stay in the Gold Coast this week. A relaxing week yet full of activities such as father/son golf with shopping/walking for me and the leisure centre every day. Activities that wouldn't have happened had we stayed home on this mid-term school holiday.

I don't think we'll ever tire of our holiday haven.

Already looking forward to our next trip....



  1. What a lovely corner of the world it is. Your country is filled with so much beauty!

  2. Sounds like the kind of break that every family should get the chance to enjoy! Great pictures too, and very glad you had a good time :) xx

  3. Sounds lovely! I'm hoping that in better times we will be able to escape during holidays - until then we will continue to exploit our little corner of Wicklow

  4. @Shelly: Yes Shelly, it truly is. If we were guaranteed the weather we would all stay home. This year was the best summer we've had in many years and both these hotels were extremely busy, which just goes to show :-)

    @Looking for Blue Sky: Absolutely. In fact I think the Government should scrap both the new Property and Water taxes and encourage people to go stay in reasonably priced hotels.... restoring peace of body and mind as well as the economy! Thanks for your PicMonkey tutorial ;-)

    @Lisamaree Dom: Wherever your corner is let it be YOUR family tradition and make the most of it. Hopefully there will come a day when you can expand your gorgeous corner :-)

    Thanks so much for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. I must get to Ireland one day. It looks and sounds totally beautiful.

  6. Sounds like a lovely place to take a break and the views are stunning. Mich x

  7. @Midlife Singlemum: Yes, you must come over here!

    @Michelle Twin Mum: Thanks. It really is a lovely place and I'm thrilled that none of us have tired of it. It's still cool for an almost 14 year old :-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. How wonderful! We have had a similar family tradition for the past 13 years or so. There is a place on the coast where California turns into Oregon (the boys like to say they are standing with one foot in each state), and they have a cluster of bungalows with their own Jacuzzi and glorious views of the Pacific. We love it there, and even though the boys are 17 and 19 now, they still always ask when we're going back! The Ireland version sounds equally beautiful. We certainly need our getaways, don't we?!

  9. :Tanya Savko: Oh, your slice of Heaven sounds amazing! Getaways are what gets me through, love 'em and need em :-)

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy


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