Tales From a Jazzy Life......

The long hazy days of summer 2013 have ended and life is slowly getting back to something that resembles normalcy.

It can take some time to adapt to the changing of routines. The earlier risings and the requisite organising of ones tasks and ones day.

Teen Boy is getting there.

I'm slowly getting my head into gear and following his lead!

Yes, things are getting back to normal and life goes on.

Jobs that were previously put on the back burner are being firmly placed on the well-intentioned to-do-lists. They may even get done. Soon.

Lovely Coffee mornings and catch-ups with friends are back on the agenda and some lazy shopping mornings too. In among the ever- growing to-do-lists, of course!

It was on one such shopping trip that I was very pleased to see a just re-opened HMV store. Oh, what a pleasure to go rummaging through actual, physical CDs and DVDs instead of inane browsing online. Akin to the book vs kindle debate, don't you think? And to finally have a Game shop - aka 'A Boy Shop' - in Dundrum Town Centre again is music to any Reluctant Teen's ears, and to his mum's too! So happy was I that  I had to treat myself to some of their Opening Day bargain priced musical treats....

Watching my teenage child's growing maturity is as - um - interesting as ever. As is being floored by his well thought out and - um - researched - arguments in a recent debate. 

Being treated to some nuggets  of Teen Wisdom was rather enlightening too. Did you know that teenagers have wonderful memory recall? Yes, they soak up everything and can remember it all - plucking facts from their brains at will, whenever they feel like it. Or so I'm told. This only lasts until the age of 20 though. Then it's all downhill from then on. Apparently. And when you get to 51 'mum...... then you forget everything....mum.!!

My usual argument in the vein of 'if I didn't have to remember everybody else's stuff I'd have less to forget so I'd remember more' always falls on deaf ears!

Perhaps parents of a certain age should start protecting their memory recall then? Further to my previous post I did some research of my own and came across the Alzheimer Society of Ireland's Forget-me-Not knots. 

So the next time anyone, either online or in real life, has any issue with my Candy Crush activity I will quite smugly inform them that I'm not merely crushing candies; I am tying one of my daily Alzheimer knots and partaking in a valuable brain gym activity. So there!

Oh yes, it's important to keep one's brain and body busy.

My efforts to knit hats for Caring Hats continues and are being squeezed into jam-packed days. I'm slowly getting there, with a little 'help' from some friends....

Unfortunately my efforts as regards being short-listed in Blog Awards Ireland 2013 were not as successful.

Not to worry though, I still have one very tenuous last chance with my 'Full Circle' post in the 'Best Blog Post' category! It's just a simple post, acknowledging a tiny moment in time that represented how far we've come on a particularly incredible journey. Although performing well, thanks to some loyal readers/friends, it does require a lot of votes in the next week to get into the top 10!

I don't like all this hassling people for votes, so this weekend will be my last attempt to get a boost up in the ratings. After that I shall bow out gracefully with my head held high and simply continue as normal!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, enjoy doing and would like to see me represented at these awards then please click on Jazzygal in this link, scroll to the end and hit 'vote'!

Many, many thanks :-)



  1. I know those teen memories and arguments well! It is funny how they can remember so much except for some of the things we want them to...

    And I am off to vote for you!

  2. @Shelly: Oh, so true. We can very conveniently forget chores that need doing, also at the drop of a hat!

    Thanks for your comment.... and your vote!

    xx Jazzy

  3. I voted for you but I see that I'll have to go back again next week to vote for Candi (Looking for Blue Sky) as well. What do you do when your two favourite Irish blogs are in competition?

  4. @Midlife Singlemum: Yes, it is a bit awkward alright! Some people are doing just that: voting for one Looking for Blue Sky one week then me the next!

    Thanks for your vote and your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. I have a wonderful memory... For ridiculous stuff! :D x

  6. you really made me smile with this
    This is exactly the cycle that DH and I go through as well
    There is also a reverse cycle of the projecta that will be never done
    "Jobs that were previously put on the back burner are being firmly placed on the well-intentioned to-do-lists. They may even get done. Soon."
    I will vote for u casue u r awesome

  7. @Bavarian Sojourn: I like that!

    @Floortime Lite Mama: Oh, I've no doubt that there are things that won't be done here too! Thanks so much for your vote!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. Just voted for you!!!! X And I really took on board what you are saying about keeping your brain active - does reading count as well? X

  9. @Older Mum: YAY!! Thank you so much! Yes, reading counts. As does writing your own novel ;-)

    Thanks fro commenting :-)

    xx Jazzy

  10. Hi Jazzy, I am also a coffee morning and catch up with friends girl (middle aged mum!).... and my to do list never gets done besides the grocery shop!! Keep playing your candy crush if it works for you, I am still stuck on suduko! Fingers, legs and toes crossed for the blog awards. xx

  11. You're in the top 20 best posts now, well done :)

  12. @Bright Side of Life: We're entitled to it at this stage of our lives aren't we? Although I am also quite active, at things I won't to do... gym, dance, walks etc! Thanks for your support!

    @Looking For Blue Sky: Yeah, I'm unlikely to make it to the top 10 due to the massive hike in votes from about 15th place on (I'd need 200 votes!) but I am thrilled to be in the top 20!! Thanks fro your support too :-)

    xx Jazzy

  13. Oh..I am so hardly ever online these days-I missed the voting! BUT-whether or not you win-your blog is an absolute winner! Love your boys words of wisdom-oddly enough my son has said the same things! Imagine that! :)) I am in awe that you can knit! Much less make a hat! Go you!

  14. @Kathleen: Ah, thanks Kathleen.... that means a lot to me :-) It's not too late to vote though ;-) Now, why does it not surprise me that your boy says the same things?!?!
    Yeah.... and I can crochet now too!!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy


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