Irish Youth for Eurovision 2014 - As Gaeilge?

I've been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest for a very long time and religiously watch it most years.

I believe that Ireland, although having won it seven times, will never, ever win it again; as I discussed in my Jedward Mania blog post two years ago.

I have become particularly disillusioned with this annual song contest over the past few years, especially with regard to the bloc voting method used. The inclusion of national panels of judges into text-voting has done nothing to improve things, nor will it ever. The whiff of this year's bribery scandal and the corrective measure of naming of the judges on panels neither surprises me on one hand, nor re-assures me on the other.

In fact I think this competition is doomed, for certain European countries, as it continues down it's farcical, musical route.

This year, for the first time ever, I stated that not only would I never watch it again but that Ireland should never enter it again..... ever. And I meant it too.

But then the last week or two  came along and brought with it some performances and comments that got me thinking.

First up was Coláiste Lurgan/Seo Linn  with their very  infectious Irish version of Aviici's 'Wake me Up' on the Late Late Show.  I challenge you to watch this and not be caught up in it ....

This appearance on the Late Late Show was presumably as a result of their YouTube video which has received over 2 million hits.

Notice how smoothly  it was adapted for a stage/TV performance - relatively speaking?

Now here's an earlier YouTube video they made of  'When I'm Gone', otherwise known as 'The Cup Song' - or 'Amhrán na gCupán as Gaeilge  - from the movie Pitch Perfect ....

This is amazing too.

They have very cleverly brought Irish culture and language to mainstream, popular music, injected it with a huge dollop of energetic youth and made it so very cool. I would imagine that they've also made enrolling in The Gaeltacht , as Irish college is colloquially known as, very appealing too!

And it also seems to be catching on with regular secondary schools getting in on the act! Watch how the Santa Sabina Girls adapt 'Amhrán na gCupán'/'Up The Dubs'  for last weekends Dublin vs Mayo national final ....

Very effective video, given that Dublin won!! Up The Dubs indeed!  Baile Cliath Abú ....

I'm loving this trend.

Imagine if one of our very many songwriters were to work with someone like Seo Linn & co and were to write an original, catchy song in the same vein as the above songs, as gaeilge of course.

Then imagine adding elements of the Late Late Show performance above (musical instruments, Irish dancing and an energetic but choreographed chorus) and transporting it all to Eurovision 2014.

Costly perhaps but I'm sure substitutions could be made and no need to over-costume.

Let the raw talent and natural energy of the young performers shine through.

I can see it, really, I can.

We will never win but what better stage to showcase the talented, energetic youth of Ireland and our Irish culture to the rest of Europe and beyond than the Eurovision?

Making being and speaking Irish cool, on the world stage.

Remember, Riverdance was only an interval act - and that will be 20 years ago exactly next year ;-)

'Dhá cheann déag de phointe' anyone?



  1. Wow, very cool - I always enjoy discovering new music. But I can't believe it's been that long since Riverdance began!

  2. That's fabulous.I love when different things/ideas are integrated into popular culture. Riverdance made me laugh...but only because I was forced into Irish step dancing in grammar school-and it was taught by nuns in full habits...which are so not made for kicking your heels!

  3. @Tanya Savko: Yes me too, and new fusions also. I knew it was a long time ago but was still shocked when I saw 1994 pop up! An omen I reckon ;-)

    @Kathleen: Nuns in habits and wimples teaching Irish dancing creates both disturbing and hilarious images in my head!! Enough to put you off for life!

    I hated Irish because I had an Irish teacher who hated me. Therefore I had no grá for the Irish language. Now I look at what Seo Linn, Irish Colleges and regular secondary schools are doing and it's so cool...... and fun! I went to the Gaeltacht once....loved the fun but not the boring Irish colleges. This would have made it so much better :-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. I also LOVED the Coláiste Lurgan/Seo Linn version of Wake Me Up...even better than the original perhaps? Certainly it was much more 'alive' if you know what I mean. So yes I would love to see a group like that at Eurovision - even if the usual voting tactics prevented lots of votes, we could still be very proud of them xx

  5. @Looking for Blue Sky: Exactly. I wouldn't care about the vote. if it was as amazing as the Late Late , bearing in mind that The Eurovision would be a far bigger stage, and still got no votes it would show up the contest for what it truly is. And we could be very, very proud :-)

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. I think the last time I actually watched the Eurovision Song Competition was when Bucks Fizz won - it's like the Football World Cup all over again - we're never going to win again. From what I've heard about the block voting, it makes the whole thing a farce now... X

  7. Our coverage here has been quite amusing for years - first with Terry Wogan and now Graham Norton - very acerbically funny in regards to the blatant political voting (especially since the Eastern bloc came on board).

    I remember when Ireland seemed to win or nearly win it every year :) I think you're right - won't happen ever again because of what you talk about - but if you are going to enter then showcase true Irish music.

    I think the UK should pull out too - but that's more because we embarrass ourselves with our terrible entries. Embarrassing! :D


  8. @Older Mum; Oh, that was a very long time ago! I loved Bucks Fizz. I doubt if either of our countries will ever win again.

    @Beadzoid: I LOVE (our!!) Terry Wogan and Graham Norton's coverage!! We have had another Irish commentator here in Ireland of late - Marty Whelan - who is also quite funny but nothing beats Terry or Graham. There is much to-ing and fro-ing between stations with the remote control on Eurovision nights.
    I agree, neither of our countries will ever win again..... and thanks for your agreement with my 'Irish' angle ;-)

    Thank you both for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy


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