The Rainy Day

After weeks of glorious sunshine, with days spent languishing lazily on the sun lounger - in between minor bouts of minimal mummy-jobs - yesterday dawned with dull, grey clouds and the pitter-patter of insistent raindrops.

I listen to the gushing rain falling all around then promptly declare today a 'screen-day', to such delight that sees me smothered in massive, animated and purposely exaggerated teenage hugs.

Nothing for it but to join in and swap my sun lounger for comfy couch, to lay with my page-turner of  a book, listening to the entrancing sound of musical raindrops.

I listen as it pings and bounces off garden pots and picnic tables and hear the tympanic resonations as it pounds ours and our neighbours slated and corrugated shed roofs.

I absorb the sound of the rain rebounding off the glass wall that is my patio door and the skylight windows above me - my windows to many sky delights.

Beyond the majestic, green tree-tops that rise behind our garden, a lone horse can be heard neighing - whether in delight or dissent one cannot be entirely sure.

I watch silently as the rain hits the ground outside, almost springing back up before it finally forms swirl puddles in any nook it finds.

I imagine that the grass looks greener with every raindrop that falls on each parched blade and can almost see the plants spring back with renewed energy that had been drained by the sun.

I watch our poor, almost dessicated tomato plants that adore the sun but also require watering and hope that this rainfall will re-energise and help it's flowering buds to crop.

It is a pleasant day despite because of the rain as we all relax in our own peaceful way......

I remain in my cocoon on one end of the couch, now alternating between some calming crochet and some not-so calming candy crushing, Pretty Cat is contented nestling in her cocoon at the other end while Teen Boy wallows in screen heaven in his haven upstairs.

All is good in our world ..... while outside the rain still persistently falls.

Although we personally know only too well the mayhem that persistent rain can cause I acknowledge how comforting the hypnotic sound is to a busy mind.

So now another day has dawned and although it's a dull day again today, there is nowt but intermittent misty rain to lay entranced to.

There is no excuse not to shake off the lingering lethargy, wrap up and get out there for a walk or cycle.

Just give me a minute first though to get up off my comfy couch........ it may take a while ;-)


NOTE: The page-turner I link to above is the brilliant thriller 'Red Ribbons' by Irish Author Louise Phillips. 


  1. I've just had one of those days of lethargy and it's only the first day of our holiday! I need to shake it off or we're going to waste the whole month.

  2. What a lovely day, and I felt I was right there with you- you described it so beautifully. Ahhh-

  3. @Midlife Singlemum: The lethargy although lovely to begin with still lingers. Definitely need to shake it off, the return of the sunshine might help? Also earlier nights and morning risings need to be re-instated. Pronto!

    @Shelly: Ah, thank you! Much appreciated.

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. Love this. Love the sound of the rain as you described. The lazy languid day. Beautiful!

  5. @Wholesome Cook: Thank you so much!
    Really appreaciate your positive comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Beautifully written! I too love the odd rainy day! :) xx

  7. @BavarianSojourn: Thank you. It was going to be a poem but then it changed direction! I've been paying for that lazy day ever since....

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx JAzzy

  8. Of course I'm enjoying the change in the weather - today there was warm sun and a cool breeze - perfect for me :) I even like a bit of rain - but definitely not too much xx

  9. I love this! Reading it definitely helped me to slow down a little on a hectic day.

  10. Well I think lazy days on the sofa with the TV and a good book are okay actually. You can feel like you have to be doing stuff over the summer holidays all the time... it's nice to have the rain as an excuse to self indulge in 'quieter persuits'. X.

  11. @Looking for Blue Sky: A happy medium is the thin. Although I do enjoy a heatwave I also like the calming effect of the rainfall....

    @Tanya Savko: Glad you enjoyed!

    @Older Mum: That is so very true and I was quite aware that the rainy day was knid of giving me permission to do nothing. Mad, innit?!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy


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