The Wanderer

When all is said and done, after years of nurturing it happens with alarming speed in the end; and the untying of the tightly wound apron strings occurs in the blink of an eye.

One minute your snuggly boy-child is tight by your side, hanging on every word that flows from your mouth.

Then suddenly, your confident Teen Boy has fled the cotton-filled, protective nest and has taken flight.

Off he flies - by boat it must be said - to wander the hills and dales of the Lake District in the UK for a whole week, eagerly awaiting the exciting adventures to come, with his Scout Troupe. A whole long seven days away from home....

Without so much as a look back or a text home....

We're too busy it seems, having fun hiking, kayaking etc; and sampling such delights as sleeping outdoors and eating backwoods style. Eating food they cook themselves and would no doubt turn their nose up at if served at home.

But that's okay, in fact it's more than okay.

I'm perfectly happy to work on the premise that teens are way too cool to be bothered texting their poor ole' mums when having fun away from home, and that 'no news is good news.' ( I hope.)

On the home front it has taken some adjustment to get used to a noticeably quieter house, with an empty sitting room I can use whenever I damn well please!

As the days rolled by I worried less and kept busy.

This trip is an opportunity for the boy to spread his wings and soar, to find himself.

It's also a gilt-edged invitation for the parents to re-locate the couple buried within the chaotic delightful parenting years.

Thanks to snippets of news on facebook I was able to keep abreast of events lake-side.

I know that my Teen Boy hiked 11kms of the stunning Lake District:

               There's my tired boy, far right!

And that he enjoyed a spot of sailing, no less:

Meanwhile, we spent a couple of days in the bustling medieval Irish city of Kilkenny, admiring the views of the castle and the River Nore:

And having a fun night in Matt the Millers, the only pub not playing diddlyi music. Such a laugh watching all the 'young wans' and listening to After Dark, a great cover band. I swear I've never seen a pub as full on a Monday night that wasn't Christmas Eve....

All the time wondering what Teen Boy was doing. Was he having fun? Laughing around a campfire as they had a bivouac outside or in the common room of the lodge maybe? Did he have a mad time at the water fight? Did he love the caving and rock climbing?

All will be revealed on Saturday when the wanderer returns, all tired, maybe a tad cranky and no doubt loaded with dirty laundry.

I wonder will it be my Teen Boy that returns, or will it be the young man-child that I know is hovering beneath the surface?

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Now it's my turn to be excited :-)



  1. What a fabulous post - both your sentiments and the achievement of him enjoying a first holiday on his own with his mates.

    Love the reference to diddlyi music in Irish pubs. A friend once toured Ireland and went to those diddlyi evenings. He said that after two drinks every piece sounded the exactly the same.

    I sudden'y remembered that we had a boy in primary school called Geoffrey Kilkenny. Reading this makes me sad that they'd swapped that beautiful historical Irish city for a council house in Harrow. (Of course the surname may come from generations back but you know what I mean.)

  2. @Midlife Singlemum: Aw, thank you. Really appreciate that comment. So many emotions running through my mind this week but ultimately I'm happy and so very proud of him that he went and that he did so willingly :-)

    Your friend is right, heard one you've heard 'em all! really not my style of music yet I know I should be prouder of our history. I am, but in other ways!

    Yes, I get you. Kilkenny i a FABULOUS fashionable city, any visitor to ireland should include it in their intinerary.

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  3. You should be so so proud :) And great that you got to have some time to yourselves too, what a fab week for it :) xx

  4. @looking for Blue Sky: I am feeling quite proud alright, both of him and myself for letting go! And i got a one word jokey text this evening :-)

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. I definitely chuckled at food they "would no doubt turn their nose up at if served at home" - hilarious and so true! We were also blessed to have a wonderful Scouting experience for Nigel. Glad that Teen Boy appears to be having fun and that you're enjoying a little time to yourself! xoxo

  6. @Tanya Savko: Isn't it just! I'm going to attempt serving the same sometime and see what happens! I am hoping that no news IS good news and that it was a good experience for him. I'll find out in approximately 2 hours time!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. I hope your son had a fantastic time and did lots of exciting things. My girls have been away in Cyprus and it did seem quiet but it was nice to use the tv remote :-)

  8. @Rachel: We've just collected him and yes, it seems he had a wonderful time and loved all the activities! Wow, Cyprus... what a great opportunity.In our house it's the sitting room TV we gained, since it wasn't being used for Xbox!

    Thanks for visiting and for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  9. Oh brilliant.... and what an adventure for you too, to have your boy away for the week - Love, love, love The Lake District - one of my favourite places EVER! I hope your boy had a marvelous time, certainly the weather for it!. X.

  10. Your boy is having some awesome experiences!

  11. Did he have an amazing time, I bet he did. Not been over for a while, was thinking of you and wanted to say hi. Mich x

  12. @Older Mum: it was indeed an adventure! Was so weird to be on our own in the house.He had a fantastic time, such an amazing experience for him and he loved the Lake District.

    @Kristy @Loveandblasphemy: He sure is.

    @Michele Twin Mum: Yes he did, he'll definitely go away with them again. Thanks so much of thinking of me, very kind of you. Will drop by yours soon and see how things are with you:-)

    Thanks for all your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy


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