Teen Confessions?

I distractedly opened the door with mobile phone in hand, head in a tizzy and there they stood; two cold-callers selling their wares.

'The cheek, I'll soon run them'  I thought to myself.

But then I changed my mind, maybe this time I'd hear them out first? After all they were just wee girls, only about 10 years old and I didn't want to be known as 'the mean and nasty woman in number --.'

Actually, I was quite impressed and I asked them some questions about the array of baked goodies they had eagerly laid out before me on two plates, held with plastic-gloved hands. 'Very professional', I told them as I purchased some still-warm-from-the-oven chocolate brownies. Yum.

I'd previously noticed a local family of boys selling home-made lemonade from a stand outside their house, with a hand-made sign pointing the way to their goody-stand. Terribly quaint and so nice to see some old traditions still in existence.

In my opinion though the girls were the winners, they went one step further and hawked their goodies door-to-door, thereby assuring me that the future of  Mumpreneurs Inc is in good hands!

It's nice to see children occupying themselves in the summer holidays in such a creative and productive way - outdoors.

It would be even nicer to see some teenage boys similarly occupied. However, they're way too cool to hawk push lawnmowers or buckets and sponges around to cut grass or wash cars and earn their keep. No chance of that happening.... I did ask!

These incidences and a recent comment by a blogging pal got me thinking of my teenage summer holidays and how we occupied oursleves ..... and no, this is not a 'True Confessions of a Jazzy Teen' blog! Not really.... although I do remember keeping a diary ;-)

I do recall myself and my best friend hawking some baby clothes that her mam had made door-to-door, to the posh houses, and making some money. We made enough dosh most times to pop into the local pub - seriously - to buy a packet of crisps and peanuts each that we mixed all up together and munched as we casually strolled home. At night.

We'd hang out in her house mostly, where her cool older brother also lived.

We'd also hang out on the street with the other teenagers . ... and cool older brother and his friends too .There were other boys around also I think, shouldering their ultra-cool Boomboxes. Not that we really noticed or anything...... Ahem!

We'd walk to swimming classes in the local pool, were we all had a crush on the instructor whose nickname escapes me but contained the words 'chicken-legs'.??

There were plenty of girl/boy late evening chats on the road with lots of  'will ye tell yer friend (named) that my friend (named) fancies her?'......  followed by the well known, timeless, dating dance!

It could get quite confusing, as I found out to my absolute embarrassment one day when 'cool brother' suddenly stopped talking to me. Apparently I was two-timing him by 'going out' with someone else, which was news to me. I didn't even know I was his - *teen blush* - 'girfriend'! I guess I missed some of the dating steps that night......

We were only 14 or 15 and 'going out' involved not much more than holding hands and a quick peck! I was very shy, really. Honestly!

We didn't have summer camps then but we did have summer projects, which we joined at first and then helped out at later, taking the younger children out on trips etc., Well, the boys joined too, you see.

I also went to Irish College once - uggh - for three weeks. There were boys there too.

Most of our time was spent outdoors, hanging out.

With boys.

Which drills home the message- where there are teenage boys there are teenage girls; and vice versa.

Maybe an almost 14 year old screen-playing boy spending a lot of time indoors on his summer holidays is not such a bad idea after all?

But don't tell him I said that!



  1. Ahh, what fun memories! And you're right- where there are teen girls, teen boys can't be too far behind. I love that those kids were out working, earning their own money with homemade goods. Free enterprise still works!

  2. I think teenage girls have a lot going for them actually :)

  3. @Shelly: It was kinda fun looking back but I didn't share ALL my memories ;-)I really loved their entrepreneurship...long may it last.

    @looking for Blue Sky: Oh,I agree-sure weren't we teenage girls once?Albeit some time ago! But here's the thing -are you really ready for your almost teenage boy to be hanging out with..GIRLS??!

    (Secretly I look forward to it, the 'normalcy' of it but....I repeat:don't.tell.him.that!)

    Thanks for your comments:-)


  4. As I type this the kids are just gone off to our Summer Project that we run. We need more of them around here I think as they're a great way to encourage positive role models for the younger kids and the older teens to take more responsibility. When I was 14 I had a paper round every week that paid 0.5p per paper and then I made money washing cars. I'd love to see more entrepreneurship among our kids! Gas you saying about hanging around. Somebody was caught wandering the fields with a boy on her own last night, heart. crossways!

  5. @Wholesome Cook: I am exceedingly jealous!That is fantastic and you are right, we need more of them. they are notpresent in all areas, I think the Celtic Tiger era and the fact that in a lot of households both parents were working increased the need for summer camps.And people had the money for them Recession might be a good time to increase their availabliity? Fair play to you doing what you do and it really does have a lot to offer teens and yonger ones alike.

    Next year my boy will be 14 and a half. I will find him something, even a voluntary position!

    Oh dear, my heart is also crossways reading your last sentence!

    Thanks for commenting :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. @Jane: Thank you, it'll be our little secret!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting :-)

    x Jazzy

  7. I love that you have local children going around selling things - how enterprising, and no one can resist chocolate brownies! Yes, my teenage holidays were all about boys and sweets and hanging out at the local park and 'snogging'. Great post. X.

  8. Very enterprising girls... Loved your memories of your teenage years! My god-daughter has to go to Irish School in the summer hols. I don't think she loves it that much either! :D xx

  9. And there I was thinking that your doorstep was darkened by two middle aged men selling.... oh, I don't know... timeshare or something! Oh man, your post made me laugh AND I am so NOT going to tell you what I was up to at the age of 15!!! Awesome post. xx

  10. @Older Mum: I think it's great. Children sell their stuff outsidetheir houses too from time to time but no-one really buys. I thought the two girls showed such foresight in going door-to-door.
    Thank you...and thanks for giing me a new direction for this post, Blogging Pal ;-)

    @BavarianSojourn: Thank you! Oh, my sympathies to your god-daughter!

    @Bright Side of Life: Hehehe...That's what you were supposed to think! Oh go on, you have to tell us!!
    I should have made this a linky!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  11. Adore your musings
    I think this entrepreneur spirit is o good too

  12. @Floortime Lite Mama: Thank you! I do too....

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  13. I'm trying to remember what we did. We went swimming at the leisure centre, shopping at Brent Cross. When we were older we'd go to the West End. Sit in Regents Park and listen to the band, go boating, Covent Garden, go all round the Circle Line on the tube (whatever for, I'm wondering now?). We did go to summer camp for two weeks and later, as you did, we were the camp leaders. Lots of playing badminton in the garden and lounging on deck chairs burning our skin (oh hindsight, how I wish I knew you then.)LOL - it was all so long ago.

  14. @Midlife Singlemum: How I would have LOVED to saunter through the West End. At ANY age!! We used to go into town too, to window shop and buy cram buns. And YES to getting burned in the back garden! Was going to include these memories but they didn't concern boys so I didn't!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy


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